Nshakulaumfya Ifyabupuba, President Lungu Tells Off Critics

President Edgar Lungu took on his critics as he stepped into the Copperbelt Province declaring that he would stay focussed on his job.

Speaking on arrival at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola, President Lungu said that he was alive to the fact that Zambians only appreciated their leaders once they were gone.

He said that some people were always on his neck to distract him from delivering to the Zambian people.

The Head of State said some people have focused in painting government black as a way of preparing for 2021 elections which he said will not work because government has continued to perform as per aspirations of the people.

“There are people whose agenda is to detract government from working for the enhancement of the welfare of the people, to stop government from working for development, I want to take this opportunity to say “nshakulaumfwa ifyabupuba” (I will not be listening to nonsense), President Lungu said.

President Lungu has further indicated that his action to fire some ministers has nothing to do with the criticism from his opponents which he said was full of malice.

He said certain decisions are made because there is need and not necessarily that someone has spoken about it.

“When things are wrong, we have a responsibility of owning up and telling our people things are not okay and not to shy away, they are blaming us when we are doing the right things, I am saying this because Zambians don’t appreciate. What Dr Kaunda did they don’t appreciate, they only appreciated after Dr Kaunda left, what Dr Chiluba did they don’t appreciate, they only appreciate after he left, the same goes for President Levy Mwanawasa they never appreciated him when he was in office but when he left they even mourned,” he said.

β€œThey have said the same about President Rupiah Banda and they have said the same about Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata. I have learnt my lessons from these great sons of this country that when you are serving as President they won’t give you space, they will keep detracting you and if you are not strong you fall and when you fall they are happy but I assure you that I am not falling, ofcourse my name is ‘Chagwa’ naliwa kale ine nalima nokwima (I have fallen before and I am up already) and I am not falling again.”


President Lungu said is on the Copperbelt to launch the US $ 449 Million, Kafulafuta Water Supply System Project.


  1. Don't ever tourch money for the poor coz the anger of God will be upon this nation.fast and repent


    • Jim jam

      The President needs very good advisors it seems he is stressed

  2. Handsome

    What killed your friends, it will also find you. Do the right things my friend we can’t seat and listen to your stories.

  3. Masau chirwa kauta gumba

    Our president! Don’t be a talkative person because u’ll forget to do the right thing 4 the zambian people.oppositions can’t appreciate the govt of today because they wanted to be them ruling which rejected by the voters.so whatever they say just ignore and continue working 4 the zambian citizen. And we are behind u

  4. CMZEE

    So you compare yourself with big people like Dr Kaunda and Mr Mwanawasa? You think we are happy with this Taxes of yours?Bushe ba Mwanawasa balishibe ati balafwa? One day it will be you coz people are not happy with this fake government of yours. Twachula

  5. japhan

    Choose the right words Mr.president,those are checks and balances.

  6. Okay

    Thinks Mr LUNGU ,that’s a good leader.

    • Chipata dweller

      You have unfinished business with the ministry of general education

  7. b lusale

    Comment leave the head of state and China alone if think you can develop a nation minus a help from another country then never envy for the position of presidency because country is not like companies that you can easily control

  8. Mr kay

    shame on you and even though you left no one will appreciate you,people are suffering bcoz of you God who punish you.

  9. Mulenga kelvin

    Firing some ministers?,how many have you fired sir so far for corruption?,only one since you said you would not hesitate to fire ministers found wanting,

  10. jah

    Big mr CMZEE u are right how can Mr—start comparing with the late Mwanawansa who did is part with tax may is soul last in peace ad we shall not stop apriciating is work.

  11. Muumpa Litete

    The corrupted government can succeed.

  12. Joseph

    The worst president in histroy of zambia.

  13. bkb

    to tell you the truth this is not self we are going to suffer if you don’t know, we can only appriciate when you are doing the right things to people of this great nation those you are coppering Mr President Mr kk Mr sata and Mr mwanawasa they was great MEN’s

  14. One zed

    Just work Mr President and do your duties and never listen to detracters, will remember your good work,it’s good you know how we zambians are.

  15. Wisdom Chengo

    Pa zed yalikaba big man
    Batasha palya umuntu apyimo
    Just pay a deaf ear to criticism and do your best…..

  16. James Lungu

    Like To Me I Will Give Respect And Vote In 2021 To U If The Minimum Wage U Have Promissed To Us Succeeded,unlike Fyaupuba

  17. James Lungu

    Fight 4 Minimum Wage We Are Waiting

    • Umuntu

      Which will be swallowed up by taxes. Careful man. Listen man with these taxes in place, only politically inclined pf will survive and we shall continue wallowing in poverty.

  18. Cize

    Love your enemy don’t insult them do good and no one will complain

  19. Wongani

    Social cash transfer pipo never allow 2 continue include opposition parties felt it was a campaignin tool but are defending it a sign of acceptin

  20. kedrick siame

    Mr president so you are insulting us look mwanawasa did a good job we where behind about farming he did, tax and he was balance dollar and kwacha, who z happy about your rolling it’s mean that is also corrupt one.

  21. Zambia FK

    EDGAR is the best and most intelligent president Zambia has ever produced.

    Thanks Mr. President continue working until 2026.

  22. Maggie

    That is our able president. We are behind you sir and keep it up. People should learn to appreciate the good they are seeing and not criticizing always.

  23. Mr. K

    Suffering talk. No gvt in the world will buy you ur under wear let the president work for you your campaign started after the death of president data and you were very happy for him to die you thought time had come for u rule Zambians rejected u this time you have even gone to the extent of insulting ba mayo ba inonge wina pf will have 88% of the vote in 2021 under president lungu

  24. Kaswango

    Let them talk while you ,you’re working

  25. Mr Peace

    Obama wapa Zed.Dont worry about these noise makers.Its one thing to be in office and another thing to be making noise while failing to get there.

  26. ken

    all those against u are not only opposition,but oppressed people,if u put them in office today they wil famble,

  27. Zambian

    Mr k talk about ur one vote do not include Zambian MU VAUPUBA your leaders best is not good enough for people to start singing praise. Critics make us better people in what ever we do there is still room to improve. Advise your masters to read JAMES 1vs 19

  28. leon

    One does not command for praisal when uk is demanding a refund

  29. Mako

    May the God show you the way sir.

  30. Tuli Bantu

    Comparing mwanawasa and him why, mwanawasa was a great man, he balanced the dollar to kwacha and if you can afford to balance the kwacha and dollar then you are a man, mwanawasa brought free education that even poor people were able to educate their children, in your leadership school is very expensive that poor people can’t afford to educate their children, in some villages people are suffering but you are busy enjoying their votes in plot one, you are busy building some hospitals but there is no medicine in the hospitals and people are dying, ati development ,and the bursary is only for daughters and son’s of the ministers not for villagers why?can you see what is happening in your government ka!!!!!.

  31. FGM

    The negative comments should be treated as mare checks and balances. They merely expose points that need to be worked on quickly. Nothing more!!

    • Umuntu

      Anano saana Iwe,. People think negative comments is for blaming, no, it’s to help the president work on areas that people are crying for. That’s what helped the great leader who balanced up dollar like no man’s business, he gained investor trusts, that’s what our president should aim to achieve at the moment. Imagine once Zambia was ranked B+ we miss those great days us lovers of our nation Zambia

  32. Phwishi

    What hav u done 2 de Zambian pipo so far?absolutily nothing apart frm enriching yourself with money meant 4 de Zambian poor.

  33. Mr Kennedy

    Close your ears Mr president you are my choice for 2021 , pipo will never appreciate they always appreciate ngakali mwitobo, go go lungu

  34. Chris Botha

    Mulenga Kelvin don’t you know that even Kambwili was fired due to his corrupt being. Anyhow us we are working for the people of Zambia wait and see how we shall sweep 2021. We are here to develop Zambia unlike you who think creatin was done in one day. Even the most high God he created everything but not in one day it took God six day to form , create and give life to the void surface of the earth and everything came to be then he rested on the seventh day. So stop yuppying

  35. Mtl

    It’s unfortunately that Zambian leadership is based on personal gain not for the benefit of our country Zambia. Honestly we have lost track

    • Umuntu

      100% mtl, it’s a shame now that people are joining politics to enrich themselves. Zambians let’s wakeup before it is too late!!! , We can create a president we want if we blame the wrongs together but if ba kandile surrounding him keeps on telling him at “all is well ba able bodied leader” then our president who 99.9% is traveling won’t know what is happening or our crys.

  36. Mr Kennedy MUKUPA

    People of Zambia less try to move not pamo napamo umwana ushenda atasha banina ukunaya ubwali, its not about Zambia African countries at all, give my President time apart from Lungu who else can we put there? Twakana ifikochikala mu town he Ngombe less just support him he will do wonders viva Lungu 2021 nidununa chabe

  37. Stephen Mwanza

    Garte men don’t west time in talking that’s the work for women just do your job you did not put yourself into power but the same Zambian people whom you say don’t appreciate are the ones who gave you that power you have to day and tomorrow you can loss it just do your job been a leader is not something sample just expect anything from Zambian people when their are not happy and they don’t appreciate when their are not appreciated by putting you into power Zambian people just want good work from you.

  38. Kellys Kay

    Kulabombafye my president yalishibikwa till 2030

  39. kelvin divine bwalya

    ba president jst do the right thing ama tax yacilamo remember that tebonse ababomba mu zambia so reduce ama tax please

  40. J S


  41. reginald sibajene

    I think you need some special assistance mudala. Because you as a president nothing is going on right direction . We have experiance sufering since u came in that ofice . Zambias are sufering because of u . I wonder y and whats next for you

  42. The greatest leader ever..ECL

    Just work sir….even 2021 is yours

  43. Self nyokozi

    Respect is needed, do not use those words idiot. Koswe mumpoto

  44. Edward

    You are a good leader Sir
    ..but to be honesty should work at your corruption…. You and your ministers are too corrupt as wise you are the best President that Zambia has has so far

    • Tinta nyambe

      Sir we love you, but work at reducing corruption in your government.

  45. Vincent Chola

    I wish you all the best Mr President, just be courageous.. Remember when Moses was leading the children of Israel in the wildness, he was courageous..its God that giveth you that office you’re in, do your best to pliz God, people don’t appreciate sometimes…God bless the people of Zambia ,this is my Prayer. Amen

  46. Lad

    Wat ur talking abt Mr chagwa is not necessary, u are falling to talk about service recruitments,ZAF,Zambia army,ZNS.and u are saying u will not listen kufyaupuba?tefyabupuba bakateka.apakomaila nondo ninshi pali ubulema

  47. Razor

    That’s why pipo day the president is arrogant. Please learn to listen to your pipo and get some good advice so that you leave a better legacy. Like this pipo will be saying you were the worst president zambia ever had once you leave office because of not listening.

  48. menomeno

    Let him be courageous in stealing

  49. SAMUEL Muchindu

    It is very true that we have a tendency of not appreciating the ruling party but let’s be realistic here, what good have you done since the time you were elected huh. All we have seen is taxes Chinese people owning land which should be owned by zambians. So frank speaking sit down and make us appreciate you whether dead or alive.

  50. Silent

    Mxm these people are thieves mxm and the sad part is we the zambian people are paying the price. Oh Lord please save us from these corrupt leaders.

  51. jones Mulenga

    Why insults are you =in ur brains?


    Yah yah bad idea Mr president ofcourse u r right with your words but to compare thee to kk,Patrick chiluba its a big mistake all these weere guud fighters for corruption…corruption was there but not of today even snakes….chameleon bees flies are so scared to other things Mr president u r right…maybe try to check in records of Sata immediately wen he entered office wat he did to corrupt men’s ndeibukisha he fire ministers and other officials who so corrupt especially. So maybe try to follow his formulae maybe it will help us who know that corruption has not come today even intimes of Jesus corrupt men e.g like those of yours men’s there were there but men’s of today are more mweeeeee do u know dat soldiers who were guiding the tomb of Jesus after our Lord rise from dead they saw and they were the first witness they went and was corrupted by the king but u can’t imagine that there were corruption u see but today aweeeeeee CHABE CHABE u know we forget one things things we’re doing Will follow us to the Grave yard and they will be our tombstone maybe u don’t know but dats not my prayer to wish try to change for u to see HEAVEN

  53. homohabilis

    God save us from the sins of our leaders

  54. @Ge Ne Ral@facebook.Com

    My Ecl is working very we as the president.

    “abantu abengi batasha nga wafwa or u step down.

    Fxck Politics

  55. Chipushi chablack

    Imwe balungu teti futi tawakalinganepo na bamwawasa uve brought fi ma taxes ulemona ifwe twakulakokota ifimeno fyobe? So u mean us people who voted u to be on that sit we are now useless? Lolela walafwa naiwe chipushi

  56. Wembwawe

    Fuck u kanshi

  57. Monday Chanda

    Lungu is the worst president this country has ever had. He is corrupt, incompetent, without leadership skills, and arrogant. He should resign while there is still time.

  58. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Well spoken Mr President. Some people are jealous of you. God bless you and endevers. Continue working hard my president.

  59. never mind

    jumping splashing water doesn’t necessarily mean that one is swimming……there is a bigger difference between being at work and working……only those who knw hw to swim can tell who is swimming and who is not…..you ar making a lot of noise with your splashes by constructing roads at the expense of other sectors of the economy and fools thinks you’re swimming…..mwanawasa used to construct but wisely-meaning with calculated steps-and the world could see he was swimming-kwacha could favourably compete with dollar with single digit inflation rate.but you,even the deaf can hear the world crying of poverty for our voices are louder than ever before not even in sauna era did pool so loud…..you could hear our voices but you’ve choose not to listen……enjoy your jumping but don’t forget to jump carefully ‘coz one you will jump out the pool and it will be for gud.


    Anyway Its True Me ,am Corrupt & Weak 2021 I Will not Stand In Fear Of Being Embrassed By Voters.

    • Akumawa

      Panyo pako chikala y can’t I stand by coming 2021 unless ur foolish kachema

  61. clamma cykjack

    Just Leave Office,u Ar Doing Nothing Full Of Trips To Accummulate More Tax Payers Money.

  62. Nk

    When you are exposed of your corrupt behavior let’s learn to change and not hiding behind a defensive mechanism then we shall not change pipo responsible of social cash transfer have become millionaires like hell.while the people that should be given money are walloping in abject poverty it’s a shame,GOd we serve will punish you one day,even those supporting ecl are fellow lazoes,abantu balecula you think kwangala,those supporting akwibileni pamo but the GOD the we serve is a true God for he said I will hear the voice of the poor.

  63. Bc

    You cadres who are in full support of the wrong things kwateni ama break pads pa kanwa,bakandile imwe can’t you see that things are wrong in Zambia,don’t just think about building mansions for yourselves also think about the suffering majority Zambians who are failing to have three meals a day,to be selfish is cowardice, mulekwata uluse mwilasapota sapota fye pakuti mukakonkanyepo naimwe ukulyamo,muzamuziba mulungu our GOD we serve is alive and we have left the battle with him since we can not take on you physically but spiritually you will fall imwe ba PF

  64. Innocent mudenda

    Don’t think those who are telling you that you are strong are building you! Your assumption does not convince pain of citizens of this country.rejoicing on the already saved table will never make you feel for your people’s suffer.comparing yourself with heroes of this country does not change anything.we have learnt a lesson from our own mistakes Mr. you better be ready for your pension if at all there is any.

  65. Never mind

    Zambian politics very pathetic

  66. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Peaple are suffering and you are talking nonsense. Come 2021 we need another man.No one knows were zambia is beading to big SHAME

    • Mark

      Who is responsible for your suffering what did you do for this nation

  67. Mark

    Imwe bamutasha Kali kwitobo mufwaya umuntu amicitila finshi pakuti mukatashe lyonsefye tulecula mulecula finshi ubunangani bwenu ifwe tuculilemo ng amulet into kanga ati ulya akesa wamya ifintu sorry my friend takawamye less alikupela ama body parts ayakumanina yabomfye not ukulacitafye complain at I tulecula ukaye pacongo ukamone ifyo abantu balecula by spoonfeeding mwatemwa one day mukalosha

  68. jacob phiri

    never blame anyone becaus im enjoying fools at 40

  69. mwelwa general

    the president wil always be the president

  70. Teshakuno

    Concentrate and take positive criticisms. As long as you are holding that office koseni.

  71. short nigga mems

    Some of the people who are commenting are his relatives who are enjoying his money Zambians are suffering

  72. travel

    Umuntu muntu

  73. Mr. K

    Mr k is not a relative of his excellency so it means all those sending messages of hate against the president are relatives of hichilema so now I know Zambians will kick him out with donor his donor supporters they will go crashing with him in cow crawls with wet cow dungs

  74. zedoc

    Nga mwakulaishiba shani ati fyabupuba ngatamulefyunfwa? How will you know something is idiotic if you are not able to listen to it? Better to say, nshakulasukako ku fyabupuba or I will not answer back to anything idiotic.

  75. Hanizyy

    Nimwamene walasa people don’t appreciat when you are with theme so just keep working hader ok

  76. patrick chikufya

    we are a product of our culture guyz in one way or another,yu are telling me if a child in his childhood,always used to gwagu each time he is sent to the market,wat makes yu think he will not apply gwagu when he is given a certain position.Guyz every country gets a leader it deserves yu are a product of the community,even if they put me or you we will also gwagu….

  77. Alfred

    Some black people are foolish,if you’re doing well yourself then it’s fine you don’t consider others,just to be honest our president is giving out money instead of paying back the loans,Chinese people are now police officers of Zambia were are we going,we respect foreigns than ourselves,LUNGU IS NOT A PRESIDENT MATERIAL come on zambians wake up before he gives zambia as a surety to China.

  78. Mml

    Mmmmmmmm hhhhy njki hyr ssdd huufdh πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜―πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸŸοΌ‹πŸ”οΌ‹πŸ¦

  79. Kabanshi


  80. momo

    When you comment use I and not we,don’t include others because some are interested in and some are not, so look to your family and comment according to the way you are living. Just wanted clarify to some of you.


    U will only appreciate me wen am gone not right nw u can’t

  82. Ama klae

    We respect u coz outa nowhere God chose u for us…. Jx do wat u are doing n don’t pay attention to nonsense

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