Tasila’s Community Spirit Elates Chief Madzimawe

President Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila has continued breaking new grounds with Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni people elated by her supporting rural communities with safe drinking water.

Tasila paid a courtesy call on the traditional leader during her tour of Eastern Province where she is inspecting and commissioning boreholes.

After Tasila’s visit the traditional leader turned to her facebook page and posted the following statement.

Tinali kubauza…destination Mtenguleni is not by accident but selflessness and inclusiveness, will attract not only the noble, elite but the first family.

Thank you mama Tasila Lungu for your bigger heart …others of your type would have just decided to quietly enjoy the comfort of Plot One…if at all there’s any…But you just followed your heart of serving Mankind as a civic leader and also beyond your constituency, by supporting Rural communities with safe drinking water…my chiefdom included and your other works towards uplifting the welfare of children to have a normal childhood and future.

Continue touching lives positively as not only the sky for such people like yourself should be the limit…God continue blessing you as you in turn continue blessing others .

My Chiefdom should now become a small State House as only the past two months we saw the First Lady visiting us ,the President visiting us twice and now since it’s a safest destination, the First Daughter…we are highly honoured and get encouraged to work had in the areas of gender equality and education, water and sanitation.

Zikomo mama continue with your good works .We became ODF in 2014/2015 as a chiefdom.

Her Delegation was accompanied by our own District Administration Officer for Chipata Mr Kapembwa Sikazwe.

Tasila has sunk 100 boreholes in different locations in Eastern Province as part of her countrywide community work.

He grand multi-sports facility in the heart of Kuku Compound is one her signature projects under her various partnerships.


  1. japhan

    First good deeds coming from a child of a president in Zambia,the past presidents children? Awe we the people were nothing.

    • Stanley Jr Mtonga II

      Imagine sure we are not trying to please her but we are saying the truth God bless u sister Tasila

      • Wilfred

        Remember the the kK family selfless so I don’t know from which age group yu you are from

        • Habeenzu

          What did KK’s children do for the community apart from killing other people’s children. Kambarange killed an ex-girlfriend after he was dumped and Panji killed a rival when he was in the Army. Masuzyo was a womanizer in Kitwe and we all know what killed him. You think we were born yesterday.

  2. ERTP.

    Well done Tasila. That’s the spirit.

  3. mbewe bvh

    She is the best councillor we always crying to her when we have problem. We need such kind readers in our country. Thank u miss Tasira lungu God u mum.

  4. Chris Botha

    Tasila is exceptional, unique, vibrant and a daughter of pride to not only HE President Lungu but Zambia entirely! She is a role model since independence she is the only Child frm State house who has always remembered where she has come from this being the Zambian comunity as a whole. Keep up the same and even more the pace of helping your country mother Zambia

  5. EP

    that’s good work madam tasila

  6. One zed

    Thanks for the good works mama tasila we wish you all the best and always put God first and you will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.



      • Jacob Mulikita

        I feel bad at the insult of Cosmas Mukuka

      • Mark

        Mukuka grow up such is evil don’t be an idiot on good things

      • Happy soul


  7. kedrick siame

    That’s a spirit GOD bless you to help people in our undeveloped country, from state house to go through in villages in Zambia daughter’s president i like that sis.

  8. nshilimubemba

    That is outstanding keep it up , your heart is good God will reward you.

  9. Mr Peace

    TL,there is just more in u than we can imagine.U’r always different.Not even these old old ministers who have been in government since MMD to date can think about the vulnerable citizens like that,instead others are stealing donated money for the vulnarable.I only hope there is total transparency in all you are doing.Keep it up and God bless you.

  10. Shaka

    The mukula money is working, atleast we appreciate.

  11. Yaaba

    Iyoo ilyashi 👈kulolehsafye

  12. Chris Botha

    Were is ZICTA that we still have people insulting others. This perso posing as Cosmas Mukuka must just be sorted out we do not need such people in society.

    • Ann

      I concur with you myvfellow Zambian, honestly how does a sane person make such a comment?? He must be a fool and let Zicta follow up this matter.

  13. timothy

    let those people like the mukukaz…..carry on with there canal and shallow minds…..they are your stepping stone madam,may God increase you in everything. as u luv people, people also luv u in return….. u ve the heart a mother….. do more by Gods grace. Amen

  14. Grace

    First and most am humbled by the noble works of Tasila.good example to all.Secondly that person posing as Cosmo using vulgar language is a curse to society.God will surly take charge.

  15. Vincent Chola

    Tasira God

  16. Jaguar

    Mmmmm Leave Mukuka Alone Enu Atu,,,,,,da Owner Of Water Z God Nt Tasila,,whats da fuckin boreholes??? if the Almighty God Wants He Wil Dry Them All. think twice

  17. Andycool

    Well done madam

  18. Lad

    Cosmas mukuka plz show maturity in your postings no one is interested in listening to your insults.we need matured contributions. Tasila well done

  19. Razor

    Give me also free money I also make even 500 boreholes for you.

    • Amagenge

      There are lots of people who have the so called free money and the chew it without sharing. Some die with donated money. She just has the heart for the people.

  20. The scientist


  21. jones Mulenga

    God is de greatest madam continue, your hard work .insult’s are steeping stones in your life,God bless you Tasila.

  22. enos smart phiri

    God bless u tasila lungu

  23. A west

    Never mind them sweetheart keep on working greatly for our well being of mother, Zambia


    Thanx madam Tasira!
    And to tell you madam,inshita imbi ukesabapo KATEKA wachino chalo panty imiwombele yakwe if we bena zambia natutasha sana.

  25. clamma cykjack

    thanks tasila,your father should learn from you,not just triping out,in & warming the sit in the office.

  26. Jms


  27. HOMMIE 24

    she’s using stollen taxpayers money frome her father’s account. if she likes she can do more by building u houses. shes not jst an ordinary poor zambian like she’s the president’s doughter she’can move mountains in this country

  28. martin chiyesu

    Tasila u are naturally good keep it up mama.

  29. Rk

    Good work.extend it to other parts of the country like shangombo.

  30. Henry zulu

    Always starting my/your/our day with God is a way to succees because it allows everyone make judgements with both eyes and the brains. Some of us fail our communities in everything even small donations we cannot remember that we are what we think.

  31. Chitoshi Remmy

    Thanks for your help Madam

  32. Mulenga

    I like the spirit you have ,bravos

  33. Chalo

    It’s stolen tax payers money. Come on guys keep your ears and eyes open. Have you investigate her wealth the houses she has acquired one of them in kalundu. I can’t expect a councillor to acquire such wealth…….. think people wake up we are still sleeping…..

  34. Chingumbe

    Mama Tasila touches our hearts with her selfles marvelous works for our communities! This is who we are as Zambians! We are known for our good works from our good hearts! Mama Tasila is reminding all of us to care for each other regardless of what position we occupy! Mama Tasila, your good works shall never be in vain!

  35. Patrick km

    I think cosmo mukuka is not normal in his brains.please take him to church so tha pastors they put him ni players. And not only that tasila she’s woman he should give her respect has his mother. Thank you

  36. lloyd

    Learn to give credit were its due. She is doing great. Its very disappointing to hear useless pipo like mukuka and jaguar making fools out of themselves in the name freedom of expression.

  37. Greenwell

    That is so humane of you Tasila

  38. jones Mulenga

    Some pipo are born naturally like that that is why the devil was throne on earth because of de same behavior ,may the Lord for give them for their bad language they have.Think Big gents

  39. Maclin

    Well done sister ….may our lord richly bless you

  40. Wiseman Banda

    What is the suspect real name of President ECL ? Tasila is it also your real sur- name or what causes you people you not trusted , you may be looking very honest while you’re a weist Chuck

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