President Lungu Off to New York

President Edgar Lungu is off to New York where he will join other Heads of State for the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

The Head of State left at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, around 2030 hours.

He was seen off by Vice President Inonge Wina, Justice Minister Given Lubinda, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and top government officials.

President Lungu will lead the Zambian delegation to the UN and will hold a number of discussions with other Heads of State.

As tasked by the African Union President Lungu will coordinate discussions on ending early child marriages.

The AU is impressed with the strides Zambia is making in eliminating early child marriages and wants President Lungu to share with the world, some of the successes.

President Lungu will also attend a welcome dinner to be hosted by host and US President Donald Trump for all visiting heads of state on Monday evening in New York.

President Lungu is expected to arrive tomorrow, Sunday, September 23, 2018.

In the President’s delegation, Foreign Affairs Minister, Joseph Malanji, Health Minister, Chitalu Chilufya, Gender Minister, Elizabeth Phiri.


  1. Vumbwe

    Uyo nayeve mboys avuta nama development, any keep on working hard lungu..HH will hugg the transformer.

  2. Gift

    Apologies Wer you are going so that America starts giving Zambian donor aid


    Go ahead Dr of development(ECL)

  4. Mr. K

    The most aggressive president on development after Dr kaunda

  5. Mr Peace

    Congratulations Elizabeth Phiri.U really deserve that position.We wish u Mr presdo with you team a progressive trip.Blrssings.



  6. mabanga

    may the Lord go before you ,and you traveling mercies

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Movements without vision

  8. Clamma Cykjack

    Go & Appologise To The European Countries For Misusing Donor Funds.

  9. My husband

    Please ,don’t talk about corruption there

  10. suplex city

    Trump will deal with them.

  11. Sansakuwa

    Zambia Shall be free Blah! Blah! Uzamuziba Yes.

  12. M.N

    May the lord god of jacob, lsaac & Abraham guide you & lead you on this trip.

  13. Clet's

    Go well Mr. And the team at large.

  14. JAMAN

    Jah bless you all, Amen&Amen.

  15. Miguel

    Barotseland is waiting answers from that summit,

  16. Hanizyy

    Please give us more so that 2021 in wabuze nipati

  17. Mzee

    Edgar in a hurry to develop this country. This development is unprecedented in Zambia. Zoonda uzalema
    Travel well Mr President.

  18. Zoonda uzalema

    We wish you all the best mr president

  19. Albright

    Have a safe journey your Excellency.

  20. Collins

    Prepare answers for the money u ve stollen. We all know that ur the archetecturer of all the stollen money. Lungu watusebanya.

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      He is not a thief. You are jealous of him. PF and Lungu will develop this country. If you don’t want to stay here, go somewhere.

  21. jones Mulenga

    Good comments from those who fears God .the devil is not happy ,traveling Mercy be on your ways ,big brains because knowledge is not intelligent unless imagination that is the wisdom of a good leadership, God blessing be upon your team AMEN.

  22. Sanny Diego

    Talk sensible things and please don’t ask for more money because we Zambians are tired of being sacrificial lambs in paying your unplanned nkongole ataa!

  23. Naomi mwaba

    All the best ba Presido we love you

  24. Special Mushobwe

    Wishing you the very best Mr President. We as namwala resident we are complaining over your leadership together with some people you asherd in offices. We worked for you and you should reconsider us after displament we fought after your victory in 2016 general election in namwala here. We your help and your presence

    • Special Mushobwe

      You were voted by people, so people should be free to make interactions with you. They is to much restrictions in governing system to share views and suggestions with you and some people you asherd in offices as ministers and DCs.,

  25. Trywell

    Man of Action

  26. Mr dundumwenze

    But this guy awe mwandini empty container lndeed

  27. gift

    That fool were is he going

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      It’s you who is a fool and not the president. You need to have respect. Jealous.

  28. Kampyongo

    Alitemwa ukwenda umuguyz uyu!

  29. Abel kafumbula

    Flight well Mr president may God continue blessing you in everything which you do on Jesus Name Amen

  30. ne

    travel safely our president

  31. Teeth teeth

    Please Mr President,don’t embarrass us there,try your best not to sleep

  32. Never mind

    Too many entourage some should remain don’t waste tax payer’s money carelessly.

  33. Never mind

    Too many entourage some should remain don’t waste tax payer’s money carelessly, please copy from Tanzania only fe

  34. One zed

    Best travels and best meeting with president Trump’s representatives,tell them about Zambia for them to know the truth than they lies they read on social media.atlist you have that chance to do something to convince them over the negativity published by haters.

  35. Asiff

    Even thieves and robbers ask God to help them execute their activities without being caught So help them Lord to enrich themselves while we the poor continue in our rags and gnashing our teeth.HH is a rich man but he doesn’t wish you the poor to remain in perpetual poverty. I don’t understand why some people are always blaming HH for their misery.ECL won’t even give you those old pairs of shoes and clothes he used to wear in Chawama.Ask Kaiza or Amos.

  36. Joseph Muhau

    Am in love with what Mr President His Excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu is bringing to our country Zambia.
    May God bless your works to be a success.

  37. Musatanyoko chinyo

    Elizabeth phiri don’t start flying the people of kanyama want development of which you have done nothing, just watch out no vote for you in 2021bakabwalala

  38. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    I wish you you all the best my president. Forget about these people who are misleading the public. They are fool of jealous.

  39. Jones Simukoko

    It is an important meeting for all countries and ECL can not afford to miss it…only dull people are condenming the trip.

  40. Wongani

    Zambians wait and see agreement our govt wil sign wth usa and west 2 fund developmtal project roads,airports and rail. If the agreement does not equal china fundin of project then better we tak chinese has serious partern.

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