Inferno Sweeps Through Kitwe Lodge

An inferno has swept through part of Dazzi Lodge in Kitwe’s Chachacha Township destroying property worth thousands of money.

A check on the scene found a team of fire officers from the Kitwe City Council putting out the fire.

The fire is alleged to have started from the grass thatched bar but was put off before it could spread to other parts of the business premises.

An eye witness said the fire started around 19:30hrs sweeping through the grass thatched bar.

“We just saw smoke coming out from the bar side, immediately we alerted the brigade who also responded quickly, they did a good job and managed to put out the fire in no time,” one of the witnesses said.

However, the cause of the fire has not yet been established.


  1. mwansa

    This is bad
    When did this incident happen
    Big thankx to the ones who put out the fire on time despite some properties to be destroyed

  2. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Too bad indeed. Thanks so much to the Fire management team for responding so quickly.

  3. Mr. K

    What would have happened if wheelbarrows were not there? You know what would have happed

    • Big Bully

      Overpriced wheel borrows๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ justifying a need….

  4. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    Thanks to Kitwe city council fire team for putting off the fire on time & for preventing the part of lodge establishment. Keep it up professional fire man with the latest tools & machinery on hand. My condolence goes to the directors of Dazzi hospitality venture for such a loss of a bar.

  5. Maclin

    We thank God for protecting the people in the lodge …I hope and thrust that no one as died ….my condolences to the own of the lodge .

  6. Kaswango

    Many thanks to the fire fighters for putting out fire in tym,God bless u all

  7. Lameck

    It was a bud disaster but the fire management controled the matter thanks

  8. Eric Chekoloko

    Where is Cha cha cha township?

  9. Skynet p51

    Good job my fellow firemen,use the barrow fire tenders wiselly en take care of them.

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