Mwense Headman Stoned to Death on Witchcraft Allegations

LUSAKA, 24TH SEPTEMBER,  2018 – A 66 year old village headman in Mwense District has been murdered on suspicion that he was practicing witchcraft. This occurred on 21st September, 2018 at about 1900 hours at Bundebunde village, Chief Lukwesa of Mwense District.

The victim identified as Goodface Kabungo, also known as Headman Bundebunde had his house set on fire by a mob and after running out of the house which was on fire was chased and stoned by the villagers.

He sustained multiple injuries and died around 22:00 hours at Munushi Clinic and the body is in the Mortuary at Mwense District Hospital.

One person whose identity has been withheld has since been arrested as investigations continue.

As Police, we are appealing to members of the public to desist from taking the Law into their own hands as doing so is criminal.  We warn all those that took part in the criminal act that they will not be spared but dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the law. We further call on all those with information that will be helpful in apprehending those who participated in the criminal act to report to any nearest Police.




  1. My husband

    Too bad chief!

  2. Chimuka siamatika

    Yeeeee PA zed mbo lyf we r only hurting one another we r now becoming 🦁 lion check de color which is on flag which color represent blood n u still want to shad blood 🇿🇲

  3. Marson

    It is sad to see that the witchcraft myth still influences peoples actions. Wake up Zambia!

  4. Mark

    Too bad

  5. banda

    Naiwe ukakota aba indoshi

  6. Edwin k

    He usd 2 say it when he was alive.he usd 2say,”teine wakwangalilako,bengi natantulisha!”(Iam not 2 play wth many I hav terminated)
    Te apa lelo naiwe bakutantulisha Bundebunde.!to bad, kaa?

  7. fuck dee

    The one who arrested those people is the worst stupid dog.why do you fear Chinese people imwe bakoswe?

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