Police Shoot Dead Car Wash Employee in Water Connection Rift

A Police Officer in Kitwe has allegedly shot dead a car washer in Kitwe’s Buchi Township sparking a riot.

The incident happened when police were called in to help halt confusion that arose after Nkana Water and Sewerage Company attempted to close down an illegal connection at one of the car washes along Kazembe Road.

It is alleged that car wash dealers in the area have taken advantage of the water pipes which they have punctured and use as a source of water.

However, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company was conducting an operation to close down illegal connections, a move that has angered car wash dealers.

The car washers fought running battles with residents who joined before police were called to arrest the situation.

The situation got worse with the presence of police in full riot gear which led to residents and car washers to block the road and burnt tyres.

With the situation getting tense, one of the police officers attempted to fire a warning shot but the bullet landed on one of the protestors who died on the spot.

The incident got worse as residents charged at police while the deceased body has been deposited in Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary.


  1. Kkk11

    the truth is, the some man who was shot told the palice that, let me change clothes I go home or we go together I show u the recipt, when the man was busy changing the police told the man
    that u re Westing my time he shot him two bulets .
    first one in the chest sec in the stormak ………………..

  2. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    May his soul rest in peace.

  3. Sichimba felix

    Surely how can a normal police officer shoot a person just because of an illegal connection,Zambians is this government going to protect us from this huge inflow of Chinese if we try to protest

  4. mpandamano

    that stupid police officer should jailed for life. he is an idiot.

  5. Kedrick siame

    Mamama as a Zambian we are start killing each other who direct him and where he got those rights police is it to kill the people or to protect let him face the low.

  6. Rich

    Comment the police officer was negligent in his duties he must be arrested for life imprisonment

  7. k army

    Too bad BA Kitwe tefintu BA kanyangu balazo

  8. bless

    where are we going?

  9. Chimuka siamatika

    Pliz ba police 👮 how can u shoot mwana wabantu Wat an idiotic police officer r u dere to protect us o to kill pipo chimalyongo u will face de law stupid man banyamboli imwe wapaya two bullets sure yeeeee WATS going on PA zed shame on u

  10. Anthony chitefu

    God help us

  11. pa zed che

    Uhhhhhmmm our government at christian nation kuti

  12. MR.2021

    Uyo police officer n’chito isile chabe, because bamapusa aba bantu ngati bakugwila, haaaahhh apo basecha nosecha…. To the dead one:” rest in peace”.

  13. Disanje

    He has committed murder so let him go to prison. Life imprisonment

  14. Gk

    We are in eraqy

  15. Nazo Nazo

    Was the car washer armed,they should have just arrested the washer and charge him for illegal connection not to shoot him,abana they are suffering too much that’s why they resort to violence,what measures has nkana water put in place to help these youths,My advice to Imisepela is TUICEFYE NOKUTALUKA KU MIBELE YA FYONGO,INSTEAD LETS PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING WE DO.M.H.S.R.I.P.

  16. Morgan Mubanga

    Very sad I was on the scene…

  17. Kapambwe.E

    Is this police & the community or against the community? That officer ws triger happy let him face the law

  18. D MAN


  19. muntungwa

    It is the poverty and suffering people are going through that is causing all this mayhem. please create jobs for our young ones. May his soul rest in peace.

  20. Zedian

    Typical of a Police state.Peace is not just the absence of conflict.It is also the presence of Justice before the law.Our ZP has been failing in the arena of respecting human rights,in the Kitwe shooting the deceased was shot dead and denied the right to a fair trial, the right to be heard ,the right to life etc.Zambia Police claims to be a service but in practical reality it is a force operating above the laws of Zambia.

    • Siwale john

      The offender has a right to life,that’s why there is a law.police officers shouldn’t take law on their hand. Let him also face laws. And Youths don’t enged in such scandals its shemf to police officers, your duty is to protect us and not to destroy us please.

  21. Mrs mumba

    Mwebantu it was an accident error is to human especially we are in the last days ubunkalwe mubantu . people are doing things which they can’t even handle.

  22. Henrich

    It is very sad and shame to our country a youth to die in that situation he was passing through tough and hard life to find food for the family during that process he died now who is going to help the family becouse the man is the head of the house


    Nankwe police bamushute

  24. Class Monitor

    Zambians, workup, don’t allow dictatorship to manifest its roots in zis country, why we have started behaving like Congolese? Our current leadership is leading us like adopted children, no concerns for our good mother Zambia

  25. Mubiana Lubinda

    This is not the first time we have heard of ashooting by trigger happy cops. There many of such cases and the cops involved have always gone freely. Our system is weak. We are not protected .That cop who shot the car washer must be arrested and jailed.

  26. Biloko

    Police have become used to killing unarmed innocent citizens to get promoted. No one is safe including those benefiting from from this madness passing for maintaining law and order.God bless our land being turned into a battle zone by up starts who do not appreciate democracy.

    • Kondowefred

      He must be arrested coz its not fair at all,Rest eternal peace.

  27. dora siliya

    Foolish police man ,arrest it

  28. MAINZA

    How can it be an error whilst they intended to kill

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