Five Suspects Escape from Kasempa Prison

Five prisoners have escaped from lawful custody in Kasempa District of North Western Province in unclear circumstances.

Provincial Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila has confirmed the development stating that police have since launched a man hunt to re-arrest the escapees.

He has explained that the escapees eluded police after forcing their way off the grill door to the cells they were locked in.

Namachila who could not name the suspects for fear of jeopardizing investigations and the ongoing search said the lock system to the cells was faulty.

He said one of the escapees was charged with murder while four others are charged with assault and occasioning bodily harm.

“Yes the incident happened last week and we have launched a man hunt to bring escapees to book, the lock system was faulty and the inmates took advantage of that to force their way out, we wish to appeal to the public to report any information that would lead to the arrest of the five,” he stated.

Last week 17 suspects escaped from police custody in Mansa, Luapula Province after overpowering two police officers on duty.


  1. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    We pray that the security wings will perform their professional skills to trace the escapes soon.

  2. HOMMIE 24

    No they didnt force their way out they freely walked out anything u can expect when u leave the doors wide open. Funds were given to replace the faulty lock system but u greedly chewed the money now u want us to do the job for u.. No sir

  3. Mark

    Police do your job make sure those criminals re arrested

  4. let them go

    Let them go, there deliverance has come: to be rescued

  5. Jonathan

    Do your work police make sure you catch those criminal

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