Kitwe Man Murders Brother After Quarrel

A 48 year old man of Kitwe’s Twatasha Township has allegedly murdered his 31 year old younger brother after a quarrel.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed the incident identifying the deceased as Benson Kondolo of house number 1000 Twatasha Township.

She said the incident happened when two who stay in the same house had a quarrel which later led to a fight.

Katanga said the allegations are that the younger brother had insulted his elder brother identified as Lewis Kondolo.

“The two brothers stay at the same house, and the deceased insulted the elder which angered him. Their other brother separated them and that’s how they both left. Again the elder brother started beating the deceased after repeated insults, then the following morning, the younger brother was found dead in the house,” she stated.

Katanga added that police who rushed to the scene of the crime found the dead body of the deceased in his bed in a pool of blood.

“There were also pieces of blood stained planks with nails found at the scene, allegedly used in the murder. Police inspected the body and found two deep cuts on the right upper arm,” Katanga added.

She said the body of the deceased has since been deposited in Kitwe Teaching hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

Katanga said the suspect is currently on the run and a man has been launched while a docket has been opened and investigations instituted.


  1. Clifford Mwiinde

    That’s your work ba Police, you need to work very hard on these cases coz inwardays kaya kwamene tiyenda. People are just too much killing themselves.Ingilai nangovu mwane twimipopwela bakapokola.

  2. Gode

    Commen That is too bad he must be put in prison.

  3. Benson Kalaba, Solwezi.

    Ala kukwatafye imisuula as a elder brother,then u ll loose nothing.

  4. Gift

    Don’t even keep him for so long in hams of the police just kill him as well he deserve to be kill foolish guy

  5. Dickson chita

    Napapata lyose kuleufwafye ilyashi lyakwipaana eyeeeeeeeee …Zambia is a Christian nation but now is a killer country

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    But where doese the police got that information while the suspect is on run? anyway, if it is true then the dead person acted foolishly.But naimwe ma neighbours munalikuti?

  7. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    Follow copperbelt residents, let’s pray hard and ask God to come through for these premature deaths and killings being witnessed on our land, mainly in kitwe almost every fortnite .
    Let’s not put the blame on the police and government of the day. These are spiritual attacks which needs all of us to participate in chain prayers on 24 / 7 as l was taught by Rev Pukuta Mwanza , when he was called names by some politians by than from Pukuta to cloth mwanza because of the divine good inpact he had on nation prayers and fasting as well
    Let’s not wait for brother Sunday Siyangwa to becoming for over night prayers in kitwe from lusaka every friday.
    Residence clergymen of copperbelt may we put our ranks ,titles & posh machines aside and seek the face of God in truth as king David did. The blood is speaking on copperbelt land let’s help our Government of the day for pray answers every thing. Let’s activite God’s Altar on copperbelt land, churches, offices & homes as well in Jesus’ name. It looks like our don’t have our spiritual watch men to watch over our copperbelt, part from depending on the government security wings. God has blessed our land with alot of precious minerals, let’s remove the crying blood.
    Zambia is a Christian nation.

  8. eliot

    Honestly @ 48 still @ family house,he must be a fool.Ba P.I.G re-inforce your hard working policemen in uniform to track down this animal before many lives could be lost.

    • BK

      For sure, @48 his friends are counting how many years are remaining to get 55yrs benefits and he is still fighting with a boy of yesterday. Chipumbu saana ayi.

  9. clamma cykjack

    never leave him apolice,deal with him accordingly.

  10. Makeni boy

    Cain and Abel.(it all started in the Bible)

  11. amos

    doyourjob ba kapokola

  12. Stan buga

    And I quote it has been deposited in the mortuary, when is it going to be withdrawn? Too bad for the old lazy brothers to stay in the same house in relation to the ages.

  13. Samuel ck shayshah

    Eeeeeeeeeye! How is it a christian nation has now turn into killing nation? Let us give careful thought to our ways like what God said to prophet hagai. We are living in the last days and all the things in the bible are happening. This is not the isue of the police and the gorvnment only but it is for all, and it need not only physically help but spiritually help as the powerful help. Thank u emmanuel and others who have sugested to drive our ways into prayers.

  14. Memory

    Police plz do something ….pipo nowadays are been killed like chikens ….

  15. blues

    Riotous behavior, car wash murder and shootout as well as family murder, all these incidents have taken on the Copperbelt specifically Kitwe within a space of four days. What is has gone wrong needs no speculation, but careful analysis and quick action to arrest the situation.

  16. Max Mubanga

    Pa zed yalikaba

  17. chot_lee

    Mr, Bruno, how can a dead person acted foolish

  18. John Phiri

    Poverty is multifaceted. This is another dimension of poverty. How can these elderly men be staying under the same roof? So this is the house for their parents. I can’t leave ni nyumba ya ba mudala iyi. They even marry and begin to produce children.

  19. kenny

    kill him also he deserve it

  20. Mutapila Robert

    These are signs of the end time , Zambians let’s open our eyes and minds to accommodate Christ in our lives . killing in Zambia has become like a game ….. Of which in back down the years Zambia was the most peaceful country , why ..why..why this time in our country people are killing each other like animals .please Zambians let’s seek the face of God for his intervention because i can see a very bad demons of killing in the nation may our Jehovah Almighty God help our nation in Jesu’s name.

  21. Phwishi

    If found guilty,sentence that shameless he-goat to death

  22. Vic

    This is confusing….a 23 year old has murdered his 31 year old younger brother…mmmmm

  23. the voice of reason

    Manslaughter at best but could even be something else that killed him . cuts on the arm seem a far fetched cause of death. Watching this space

  24. Gada M

    The world is surely coming to an end. Please ba ZP arrest that man

  25. cHiPatAboY

    It’s a shame at there age to be staying at the parents house. ‘A Jemusi a Jemusi muligone muligada monga munalemela kale’. Anyway no matter how fast you run the law will sure catch up with you foolish man.

  26. Christopher

    What a sad development

  27. Evans M

    This is heart breaking, I happen to know the deceased , he was a friend of mine. I can’t imagine why someone would do such a thing. Something which could have been easily handled through talking leads to a loss of life.

  28. ben

    another dead body will b find

  29. caference lwaambi

    Very sorry hsrp

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