Musukwa Orders Stop to Black Mountain Mining Activities

The politics around the infamous Black Mountain took a new twist with Mines Minister Richard Musukwa ordering a stop to all mining operations taking place at the slag dump.

Musukwa who toured the Black Mountain in the company of Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe and his Permanent Secretary Paul Chanda said he was disappointed that benching of the slag dump had started without an approved mining plan.

He wondered why the Director of Mines Safety allowed benching of the slag to go ahead when his ministry has not approved any mining plan.

Musukwa maintained that all operations be brought to a halt so that there is responsibility whenever an accident occurs.

“This is a national matter that has attached national interest so we must be able to operate at that platform. I have not seen the mine plan and I do not need to see the operations. I don’t want to see these machines working because I don’t have the mine plan can you stop the machines, all the machines that are working need to stop until I see a mine plan approved by my technical team,” Musukwa ordered.

He said government had set up conditions before allowing operations to resume at the black mountain.

Musukwa told the group of small scale miners under Chapamo Mineral Resources to take their time and ensure everything is done to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

But Chapamo Mineral Resources Managing Director Kelvin Tembo said a mine plan has already been submitted to the Zambia Environmental Management Agency.

Chapamo Mineral Resources were found lowering the slag dump to allow for the comeback of full operations.


  1. Black m

    Iwe ka Musukwa,uichindike ,emotulila, waunfwa?

  2. Kaswango

    No guyz we know its your working place but follow the procedure that so,eee job naitama but konkenifye

  3. Never mind

    Safety is good all the time just follow the procedure.

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