Police Arrest Cop who Shot Car Wash Dealer in Kitwe…22 Caged for Riotous Behaviour

Police in Kitwe have detained a police officer who shot a car wash dealer in the riot that happened in Buchi Township on Monday.

And 22 people have been arrested for engaging in riotous behaviour that left one person dead following a fracas.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga said the incident happened after riotous people charged at Police.

She said the incident happened after Nkana Water and Sewerage Company who were carrying out operations on its infrastructure called for reinforcement after confusion arose with car wash dealers.

Katanga said the residents charged at police with various objects among them stones and sticks while blocking Kazembe and Chingola roads.

“The police officer cocked the gun by pointing in the air unfortunately one of the stones that was thrown by the irate residents caught the cylinder of the firearm and in the process that’s how the firearm went off,” Katanga said.

She has further noted that of the 22 riotous detained include 17 males and 5 females between the ages of 18 to 45 years.

Katanga said two police officer identified as Francis Sinkamba, 53, and Jack Singongo,48, both of Riverside Police station were injured in the police

She said the 42 year old Police officer involved in the shooting has since been detained pending investigations.

The deceased has been identified as Topman Mwila, 22, of house Number 423 Buchi Township.


  1. CMZEE

    Eyeeeeeee,,mwebantu 22 people arrested, the Prison is going to be full. Arrest them coz it’s written even in the Bible that if someone does long he or she must be punished. Kkkkkkkkkk, bamangeni bwana.

  2. Joseph Jackson Banda

    madam Katanga say the Truth? that Cop has killed don’t because of stones know twakana ? me my self I was shoot by a Cop by the name of Constable.matongo were is he up to now 10 year’s this is how u work

  3. Dawnz

    if anyone does long???? please check your English.

    • manchizo

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Ivi vizungu, at “long” just write in your local language


    Civilians if you take the law in your own hands you will see sharp tooth of ZP on behalf of the government.
    AN ADVISOR IS NOT A WITCH CRAFT,A WITCH CRAFT IS A PERSON WHO WANTS TO BE EQUALTO YOU.Without police crime was going to be our food.

    • chola nsama

      Comment you police officers you take advantage of people you think all are ignorant and luck of knowledge, if you really really are what you are saying the world by now would have been a better place, corruption is your daily bread.



  6. Mr. K

    The fire arms for police officers are meant to defend themselves when they are attacked so don’t arm them since it is an offense to defend themselves

  7. Dickson chita

    Mmmhhhhh Kitwe sure

  8. One zed

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  9. Joseph

    too bad

  10. boy dee the rapper

    don’t twist the story madam ! we all know what happened ! these your officers they abuse the authority in many cases and they think they own the country and no one should correct them .
    the officer shot topman mwila intentionally it’s not by mistake awee !! he must be charged with murder and carry the blood of the deceased in his hands , apart from that caution your officers on how to handle matters like instead of the throwing teargas even in the schools where small children are learning my nephew was almost killed because of the incompetence and insesible act of your officers .teach them how to handle matters

  11. banks

    Commenti don’t know where we heading to

  12. clamma cykjack

    if police officers are really working under the law,they must jail both the murderer & those 22 full stop

  13. Brian Chiyesu Zulu Jr

    Well done to the department

  14. amos

    he was protecting himself from tokota

  15. Barotseland

    Keep it up ZP officers people think been Police Service should take take officers for granted. Keep on with your work without fear or favour .

  16. able

    Kitwe kitwe kitwe yabaa kitwe always has issues nichani .

  17. Mk

    I think there was resistance from the residents to have water supply disconnected. That’s why nkana water had asked for police escort. Dear country men and women, let’s not take the law into our own hands bcoz bad things are the result

  18. Chipata boy

    Cop must face the law according mmmmmmmh ba nyanya

  19. Razor

    This whole unfortunate incident and loss of life would not have been there in the first place if those car wash dealers were following the law and paying their bills.

  20. ba reporter

    Too bad

  21. Santos

    Welcome to zambia

  22. Rifle'$

    I v failed to understand how the gun fired it’s not clear shed more light on that

  23. cHiPatAboY

    If you came to Zambia and never visited Kitwe then you’ve never been to Zambia. “Welcome to Zitwe”.

  24. mukuka

    why were the officers carrying riffles loaded with real bullets as if they were going to comprehend armed criminals in the first place???why not carry guns loaded with rubber bullets on that occasion???it’s a pity that someone had to be shot because he couldn’t pay water bills..wondering where this nation we call a Christian nation is going..

  25. Denkete

    First and foremost, the explanation by Katanga to justify the shooting is crap, and only the gullibles can accept that rubbish of an explanation. The police officer who pulled the trigger MUST be delt with squarely. Human life is sanctity and MUST be protected at all costs. Secondly, Kitwe residents especially those who live in Buchi, Chimwemwe, Mulenga and Kapoto Compounds, are so myopic when it comes to making decisions. They don’t mind the repercussions of their actions. Dig deeper and jail the culprits.

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