UPND East Members Rebel against Provincial Chair

CONFUSION has erupted in the UPND in Eastern Province with party members calling for the immediate removal of its provincial chairperson Paul Thole for failing to organize the party among other reasons.

This came to light during a press briefing at Kum’mawa lodge on Monday which attracted some UPND members from all parts of the province.

Provincial trustee Moses Daniel Chimkule Nyirenda said the party was not performing well during elections in the province due to poor party mobilization and inept provincial executive which only becomes active when national leaders especially the president and his vice visit the province.

Nyirenda said the provincial leadership uses divide and rule kind of leadership where only a few party members who toll their line are preferred over others.

“The provincial leadership does not accommodate divergent and progressive ideas like the think tank for the province came up with a strategic plan that would help make major in-roads in the province;

unfortunately this progressive document which even the other senior members of the National Executive Committee such as the national mobilization chairperson and the deputy secretary general were privy to and highly recommended it, surprisingly, here in the province it was rejected with impunity by the provincial committee,” he said.

Nyirenda accused the provincial committee of frustrating some prominent members who have been supporting it over the years such as former vice provincial chairperson Alexander Miti who defected to PF last month.

He said Thole’s leadership had failed to take advantage of the PF’s failures in the province to strengthen the party.

Nyirenda said the party had remained stagnant despite having a vehicle which could help in networking and mobilization.

He refuted claims that they were rebels and that they had no any plans of joining the PF.

Former Ngozi ward councilor in Nyimba district Paul Daka said Thole was a stumbling block to the growth of the party.

Daka accused Thole of being intolerant to divergent views.

He urged part members not to be intimidated by should not rest until Thole is removed.

Chipata district deputy youth chairperson Cephas Mandauka appealed to HH to hear their cry.

Mandauka said the UPND will not go anywhere with Thole at the helm of the party in the province.

Another youth Saviour Lungu said Thole should be replaced by Monday next week.

Several youths displayed placards denouncing Thole.

But Thole said the meeting was illegal adding that the people who were speaking were just being used.

He said he was elected by the electoral college adding that those who were responsible for evaluating him should evaluate him and take appropriate action.


  1. Mr. K

    Defect remember our pipo in namwala beaten their goods stollen houses torched eventually kicked out from the provinçe all by upñd

  2. One zed

    Confusion everywhere nikusila manje ukhu(the end is near) I can’t see the light at the end of a tunnel,I see a bad end the opposition is slowly going into Oblivion.wake up 2021 is near you will be a shame,muzapuba pf is getting stronger and more stronger every single day. 2021 they may be no crying coz before we are done counting it will be already over 50+1vote in favor of the sitting government.

  3. Bk

    Don’t victimise people who were voted in the positions. The likes of Hh staged a coup deta and overthrew Sikota wins.I pity easterners .have you read the constitution of your party UPNd?please read don’t follow blindly. Part of reads Only A Tonga shall be the President of the party.If lying I’m try to challenge hh you will see.Ask the Cousin to Mazoka he will tell you.By the way do you know that your brothers were beaten in Namwala for supporting of.Some of your brothers were warned in Choma and mazabuka that they will carry their houses to eastern if upnd wins.that is why God can’t allow the party founded on bitterness to win besides the leader is s Manson. You will try to gather but the Almighty will always scatter until……….

  4. Pays flow

    Mmmmmmmmmmh tiyene nazoooooo

  5. Razor

    Better if majority don’t want you then you just go yourself instead of being forced out.

  6. clamma cykjack

    Upnd Wake Up, Insteady Of Mobilising The Party You Are Busy Making Noise.We Want Change In 2021,people Are Suffering Under This Government,Go & Wittness In Villages.

  7. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Upnd for ever go go HH we love you

  8. Clifford Mwiinde

    These are just changes it doesn’t mean that UPND is going down, Noooo. Weather u like it or not 2021 HH will

  9. Tuli Bantu

    That is what you are saying? what of those people who were beaten in Lusaka who were found putting on upnd t-shirts and were beaten to death, and was beaten by pf members is that good ba pf ? and what about the human Set’s they were cutting, and why are you targeting upnd only, is that the only opposition party in this country? is it because you know that upnd is a threat to pf, and one day you will not manage to rig some votes, and stop saying God can’t allow it, which God? maybe with a small god, coz the Bible say their are so many gods, for you to know that this is not from the most high God is that see how people are crying in this country, you are too segregative Mr k, if you were going to be a President you can divide the country and don’t look at one side of the coin, to say the truth am not a Tonga by tribe but I have seen your comments most of the time you are a national divider.

  10. Kaswango

    When somebody become useless he/her doesn’t know, but others see it very clearly,this is what is happening in upnd

  11. bayoka


  12. Luther

    Bk shut up and mind ur businesses. Stop fueling nonsense

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