Wina Leads Hundreds in Putting to Rest SA Accident Victims

Acting President Inonge Wina led hundreds of mourners at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus in putting to rest Zambians who died in a road traffic accident in South Africa.

And Wina says the Zambian government will never walk away from the plight of Zambians in life or death and at home or abroad.

She also wished those that sustained injuries a quick recovery.

Eleven Zambians died in Mokapane, Limpopo Province in South Africa in a road accident involving Royal Bus Services.

And Wina has praised Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba and his staff for the prompt response and effective coordination of the entire episode.

The Zambian acting President also thanked President Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa and the Limpopo provincial government  for the  help rendered to the both the deceased and those admitted to hospitals.

She said that government would ensure that continued help to the family was rendered until peace is restored after the loss of their beloved ones.

Wina said that President Edgar Lungu was affected by the tragedy and sent his deepest condolences to the bereaved families and the entire nation.


  1. Hop kido

    Sad development indeed !

  2. muntungwa

    May the departed souls rest in eternal peace.

  3. Milla

    Sad new

  4. Milla

    Sad news

  5. Chosen

    May your souls rest in peace


    Rip my condolences

  7. vov

    This is very sad.

  8. Kolwe

    Sad development


    Sad news indeed


    May souls of the departed rest in peace

  11. David

    May your souls rest in peace

  12. Barotseland the Great Nation

    Rip my condolences

  13. bravo

    May such an accident not occur again and deeply condolence to the deacesed families

  14. mwana wa nyirenda

    National mourning yes,nw ho abt da compasation

  15. mwana wa nyirenda

    Dot let them die in vain

  16. clamma cykjack

    indeed so sad

  17. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Sad development indeed

  18. Zulu

    May your soul rest in peace

  19. mr Masautso

    May the souls of our beloved sisters and brothers rest in peace

  20. Benson Kalaba, Solwezi.

    May their sauls rest in peace

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  22. Maclin

    Rip….may the lord be with the left family’s members. …my condolences

  23. Gerald siachisandu

    Indeed we are mourning may there souls rest in peace

  24. Musele Fordson

    May the departed souls rest in internal peace. My appeal to public transport owners is that, during long transit plz make sure you put two drivers in each bus and late them be given a full day rest before making a return plz plz

  25. Tuli Bantu

    My condolences, may the departed souls rest in peace and may the good Lord be with the believed families

  26. Saulos banda

    Very unfortunate

  27. Jayd

    My condolences, did all those people who died Catholic church members? We have to think about other denominations

  28. Ronald Chiwila chimanya

    Rest in peace

  29. Dokota

    Much as this is a sad moment for the country, and especially for close relatives and friends to the departed, there was no need to turn it into a national event. The departed were not on national duty when the unfortunate tragedy struck and that’s why there was no justification for the government to give them an official funeral. This is a fact and people might not like it but money has been spent that shouldn’t have been used this way.

  30. Elly fundiwa

    Heartfelt condolences to the families

  31. Beauty

    May the families left behind run to God for comfort.it’s really a loss.rest in peace our dear friends.each of u ran yr race.

  32. Lawrence chisanga

    Sad news

  33. Teddy mwila

    May the good lord strengthen the families of the deseased.sad,rip


    May all the soul’s rest in peace

  35. Patrick Mvula

    Death cant be easy because life is hard,we will meet up there may all your souls rest in peace

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