Another UPND Councillor Resigns in North Western Province

Another UPND councillor has resigned in North Western Province further depleting their numbers in the region.

Dengwe Ward Councillor Japhet Kapumba resigned his elective position adding to the growing number of councillors ditching the opposition political party.

Kapumba has crossed over to the ruling Patriotic Front with his decision coming on the back of the resignation of Tumvwanganai Ward councillor Kyapalushi Kapatamoyo recently.

Kapumba in his resignation letter to the Council Secretary has indicated that he has been advised by his electorates to join the ruling party.

He said it is only through working with the government of the day that people in his ward will realise the much needed development.

Kapumba has further hit back at his former political party UPND for allegedly not having a clear agenda to develop the country.

“I write to your office on the subject matter above, with immediate effect I resign from the position of Councillor for UPND Kasempa Constituency, Dengwe Ward,” he said.

“The Community I serve, who voted for me have advised that I resign and join the ruling Patriotic Front to foster development. I feel the UPND and its leadership has no clear agenda for the development of this country hence the need to join the party which has the heart for all Zambians.”

And receiving the defector, Patriotic Front North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo said UPND will continue to lose its councillors to the PF because the party does not know how to motivate and look after its people.

He said the UPND will soon remain a shell as more councillors including ordinary members are fast joining the PF which he said has become attractive.


  1. Coll hans

    When u realise that u are a fake person,plz as early as possible, leave our part.we people who are determined

  2. philosopher Isocrates

    That’s what politics all about.l et the part remain with morally upright people who has brain to build the future and able to redeem the destroyed country by those with full of selfishness,griedy,corruption,imoral, and lack of respect for the rule of law.

  3. pf

    Very stupidity man

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    PF is a growing party.

  5. UPND

    One one or two votes doesn’t make a country.people with brain will remain intact and focused than those hungry lions who doesn’t think of the future generations.in Zambia education doesn’t value but ignorance value slot.UPND is the part for educated people that can redeem ignorance.not until we value education we shall remain underdeveloped and dependant on dinar or orphans only eating remains from developed countries.let those with no capacity to think of tomorrow go to PF and leave the part peacefully tomorrow will never be yesterday dear .


    That good to realise you wrong

  7. Skynet p51

    Educated? GBM!

  8. Mr. K

    We have been telling u. Upnd is only on the lips of foolish pipo southern province. MPs have let the pipo who voted for them down they don’t work with the gvt how do u expect development? The are getting salaries for nothing wake up upnd is dead defect and join pf for development

  9. Lad

    Mr k mind your tongue,who told u UPND is only for foolish pipo of southern province? Who said they are called foolish!don’t bring anarchy for nothing.be matured

  10. Lolo

    Continue with “let them leave ” coz that is what we call in Bemba “sleeping “

  11. One zed

    What’s the signal when people are leaving? It’s intells something is wrong somewhere,so please wake up upnd,pf is swallowing you bit by bit and remember it’s the grass root defecting,you are headed for Oblivion soon.allow your councilor’s and MP’s to work with the government of the day and Forster for development for a better Zambia, time for policticing is long gone.

  12. clamma cykjact

    another pig bought by pf!these defections are not genuine,

  13. Mushala

    Foolish boy wait for 2021,you I’ll see .HH president 2021

    • UPND

      Don’t worry,he is from north west,people that side are not educated, they r very disorganized people, full of selfish,

  14. thanks

    we want more upnd members in 2021.


    Kabiyeni, leaving the part with a fake reason, time will come when all what you have been given will finish then you will realize and that will be the when my President HH will be in the state. Tabatukana oko ufumine
    People who are seeing what is happening can’t worry

  16. Cool man

    So u think you hv done a great thing?

  17. Chill

    Kabiyeni, leaving the part with a fake reason, time will come when all what you have been given will finish then you will realize and that will be the when my President HH will be in the state. Tabatukana oko ufumine
    People who are seeing what is happening can’t worry

  18. Tule

    Atase…Stupid reasons

    • GBM

      by 2021 HH will remain with moooooooooooooooo moooooooooooooooooo cattle kikikikikiki



    • Dsf

      Let us remember were we came from in ton we say nkoya kakubota a nkozila kakubota or utatukili ciwena mubili kucillimumeenda so let us not criticise each other, politics are just like grass.

    • Dsf

      Let us remember were we came from in ton we say nkoya kakubota a nkozila kakubota or utatukili ciwena mubili kucillimumeenda so let us not criticise each other, politics are just like grass. So u who have left the the part it is not people who said u should resign but it is just that u have failed to work and u enjoy corruption

  20. Tuli Bantu

    Mr k you are a fool, you said mps for pf are developing? Which development, Vincent is a pf member of Parliament but why in chipangali constituency their no development? he doesn’t even go there he only get salary for nothing, isn’t in the same pf, you are a great lier, full of tribalism in your mind and your tongue is corrupted I don’t know how much does this pf pay you, kaya bamakudyesela bans bako kaya, other wise you are a fool, soon you will come to your normal sences.

  21. short nigga mems

    Ataba njala chikala look at him silly man

  22. chidyamakanda

    You were suppose to remain as you were, coz time is over! Pipo to decide soon. Don’t you have eyes to see!!!

  23. Wongani

    A true leader give what he or she promised the pipo bcoz developmtal funds is 4 every party elected by the pipo. Upnd policy 4 pipo 2 wait that when they see is a dream and pipo vote 4 them. Upnd has faild show who the develop zambia usin cdf but i hav made lik cdf is pf money yet not. A normal Leader who want his pipo 2 improve has 2 deliever what he or she promise them. North-west province was once hold hostage by promisin them unfulfilld things 2 win them but now are hav see the truth and it is time 2 leave UPND

  24. Mwale.net

    Soon it wil change from UPND 2 UPPF(United Party for Partriotic Front)

  25. Zambia vs Guinea

    We should spend money on developing those constituencies Not on By – Elections. Anyway maybe that’s the only way one can feed his family… I doubt…..

  26. CMZEE

    Shame upon you Japhet Kapumba, Wakosama biingi.What are these people giving you? You have forgotten that this province is for UPND? Although you resign we don’t care you are just nothing and you are blind coz you don’t know wre you are going. Lazy men never succeed.

  27. Mtn

    Just go you are not serious, so you want by -election.


    Yes UA welcome Mr KAPUMBA n free to join us n live KACHEMA alone n cry like,moooooooo!!!!!

  29. Moses

    As a democractic nation each of us is at liberty to join a political paty of his or her choice. Those who remain in a party ,it is their choice to remain. Do not insult anyone. What do you benefit from those insults your mouth produces? Shame Zambians shame! Some of opposition members always criticize. They don’t tell what should be to correct a mistake they have seen, that is their manifesto. And those criticised should realise the mistake and adjust. When shall we change Zambians?

  30. reginald sibajene

    Museka seka emufuma lilalila. Wait for 2021 . HH is going to wina mark my words . These defections you are seeing is a bad signal dear they just want to get information from your party . This is why the upnd party is always aware of what the pf they are upto on them. The problem of pf cadres is that there is too much ignorance and ilitracy in pf think bane before u open your stinking mouth.

  31. kedrick siame

    Plesase brothers and sisters let us be together as one Zambia one nation, not people pointing other tribe that’s not good to say this types of tribe is fool, is there a theme of one Zambia one nation please stop this.

  32. Jimmy

    Don’t even use abusive language,it’s one Zambian one nation.remember if God hasn’t choose you,you can try by all means,you can’t succeed.to be a president it’s not an easy thing,please my fellow Zambian let’s respect one another.Zambian is a Christian nation,how can you expect God to choose you,with full of insults.you should change God Love you all

  33. cgj

    iwe jakson kungo tombanoko[wabalya banyoho, is t motivation wen u diviate money meant 4 poor zambians to buy mathafuking councilors? shame matope yaban’ginenwe

  34. Tasila lungu

    Sign of not knowing what you are doing!


    MR K!
    Basakuyofye BANSANYA aba.
    NGATI bakuyofya wolola kuli ine NIBARUKWANEPO CHABE.


    Dr K!
    Ngenapo FUTI pa net niwone ZINA YAKO MWAMENE uzayishapulila mwana wa nzelu iwe.Good evening to you sir thank you.

  37. Dcm

    You guys it’s one Zambia one nation

  38. Pilato Muliokela

    Akafele ukoo!! Mwati enze follower vazoona? These GUYZ there just after money, WE THE BEST SUPPORTERS OF UPND” come in 2021 when we overwhelme this land in ruling

  39. Mr M

    Zambia is still so far from civilization. Such stupid and foolish sentiments from people that call themselves educated. Na chizungu che ni kuwaya waya. Yaba! Britain come back and recolonize Zambia…

  40. jah

    How can someone advise u to do wrongthing,u thing in pf u are goin to make it or want to built ahouse?,just go ad caltivete usee if pf are going to provide fertilizer with u.

  41. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Kkkkkk njala yaononga bantu nzelu valepela kusebenza bwino.Getout with you idiocy you will xoon regreat

  42. Braston Chisopa

    Every person has got the right to join any political party of his/her choice. Kapumba has followed Unity, Peace, Cordination, Respect, language, love, and development at large etc.
    your decision isnt a mistake Mr kapumba.

  43. Agm

    UPND please be calm just wait 2021 is near pf will kiki like a boo in 2021 upnd 70% votes!

  44. Wisdom cooks.

    Why insulting him you pipo? Let him be with his choice

  45. One Bright

    People are talking about iliteracy and ignorance.If i may ask,who is the most educated person in Zambia?

  46. EDGAR

    HH is a rich man n y can’t he also buy PF MPs or councillors to be dere members bt I think niwakaso che n to b a president our country can’t developed


    Yes I love it n I nid den more n I want HH also to resign n join my PF n stand as a councillor candidate in kasempa constituency in dengwe ward

  48. muke

    I see no reason of these defections happening in northwestern coz still Upndwill still win da by- eelections pf plizuse dat money develop da country Dan waiwaisting it on buying useless counselors

  49. THE DEMONIC CHILD (who uses the bible for toilet papers)

    Imwe mwebalefuma mu upnd nokuya mu pf mukanyongelwa pamo amatole na Edigar changa lungu

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