China Influence Forces EU to unveil Africa Plan

The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has proposed a new alliance with Africa to deepen economic relations and boost investment and jobs.

The proposal could help create up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next five years alone, Mr Juncker said.

The vision involves what he calls a “continent-to-continent” free-trade agreement.

It is part of the European Union plan to deepen ties with Africa to counter the growing influence of China.

On the one hand, European Union leaders are still preoccupied by the challenge of uncontrolled immigration and its political consequences.

Hence the call from Jean-Claude Juncker for 10,000 more guards to prevent Africans, and others migrants, from crossing Europe’s borders.

And with more guards, more old-fashioned aid money too, to support weak and impoverished African states and to encourage their citizens to stay at home, rather than joining those heading to Europe.

African migrants have been making treacherous journeys across the Mediterranean to reach Europe

But increasingly, Europe is emulating China’s approach to Africa – focusing on trade, and on partnerships – not conflicts and charity.

“We have to stop seeing this relationship through the sole prism of development aid,” Mr Juncker acknowledged.

Right now, the EU imports as much from Switzerland as from the entire African continent.

Facilitate African students to study at European universities

Help Africa to improve the climate for business and increased financial assistance

Provide a total of $46bn (£35bn) in grants over the seven years from 2021

So there is enormous opportunity for growth, and job creation – crucial for Africa’s booming population.

Indeed Mr Juncker, pointing out that by 2050 a quarter of the world’s population would be African, sketched out a plan, or an aspiration, to create up to 10 million jobs in Africa in the next five years alone.

Mr Juncker said Africa was Europe’s twin – a supportive nod to this continent’s attempts to build its own version of the European Union.

He predicted that these twins would eventually form one giant free-trade zone – “a partnership between equals.”

But although the African Union agreed on a free-trade zone in March, it will take years, maybe even decades, to reach EU levels of economic integration.

Still, there will be support in Africa for any overtures towards a more balanced, mutually respectful, relationship with Europe. And the timing is good.

In recent years there has been something of a backlash here against what some perceive as China’s neo-colonial approach to Africa – draining the continent of its raw minerals in return for cheap loans, huge but sometimes shoddy infrastructure projects, and a strategic reluctance to look too closely at high-level corruption.

Europe, which points out that already 36% of Africa’s trade is with the EU, compared with just 16% to China, is keen to exploit its geographical advantage in terms of proximity to the continent at the same time as it confronts the politically divisive issue of uncontrolled migration.

(Source: BBC)


  1. ba nzoro

    Elyo bwacha ba EU,I hope you are not too late,chocholi is way to forward,hope there is room for you.

    • Dave Mwila

      In the end, we don’t know how Choncholi will behave against us! Do they want to be our masters or they want us to work together side by side! No one know the answer! That’s the danger!

    • weedman


  2. Lolo

    It is time for Europeans to pay back what they store from us. When something is about to happen there be someone or something to provoke it and in this case it China.

  3. Skynet p51

    The colonialists are losing grip in africa

    • Dave Mwila

      At this moment in time, we should have matured to look after our own problems, regardless of former colonial master or incoming slave masters! We should have kept to ourselves rather than be duped to accept expensive Chinese loans! Our children’s children will have a tough time paying back these loans!

  4. leon

    I won’t be surprised when Chinese nationals because presidents in African countries more so because some African presidents are more interested in enrichiy themselves as opposed to their countries u find an African President is 65 years but behaving like a 35 years old

  5. Concerned Zambian

    Free Trade policy! Good terminology to confuse African leaders who have no capacity to know what is means. How many countries produce goods that would qualify to enter EU? What it means is that Africa will sell raw materials to them and in return for Africans to get finished products at a high price because EU countries will not allow us to manufacture quality goods for them to buy from us. The same strategy China is using. China gives us loans and ensures that Chinese workers on the project are paid from the same money, ensures that all equipment, materials are bought from China or Chinese companies in Africa to ensure that all monies are externalised back to China before we start servicing the loan. If it is a grant, they makr sure all medicine or equipment are bought and given as a donation with their trchnical support. Training has to be done in their countries.My University Prof. In UK said “of all the loans or Aid given to Africa more than 70% get back to Europe or Asia whichever country gave Africa money.

    • Dave Mwila

      You have explain your point quite well! Unfortunately, Africa will always remain in foreign debts! No way out! We are always being taken advantage of!

  6. Concerned Zambian

    What is important is to use the funds properly for the intended purpose and put in counter conditions that would allow us to limit number of experts from those countries, buy materials and equipment where we want. We should not use these funds for political gain. The blame for poor financial management should be put on controllers, opposition parties have no control but can advice. Advice can be taken or not, and you don’t blame the advisor. But some advisors are very dangerous like those who are working to ensure the fall of the president. God will punish them.

  7. Dave Mwila

    You have explain your point quite well! Unfortunately, Africa will always remain in foreign debts! No way out! We are always being taken advantage of!

  8. Real D

    Something is fishing I know I’ll nt say it

  9. Isaac Banda

    When two Giants start fighting or scrambling for your worthness , it’s time you give win – win conditions. Africa it’s high time we use brains other than the stomach to quick start ourselves.


    Europe has milked Africa from time in memorial,when will the pay day be..time travels.


    Africa must never be deceived by Europe again. The massive poverty and penury we see in African countries almost half a century after being independent from European political colonization is due to the so called trade between the Anglo- Americans and Africa. The unfair deals, where Europe sets the price for our commodities, puts up dodgy interests rates and political demands on loans have impoverished africa for years on end. Europe have no human interest for Africa, except for plundering resources without giving back. they have destroyed the industry and manufacturing base in Africa deliberately to creat a neo dependence on them!
    On the other hand, China has brought in fair deals, on loans and grants without demanding the change of our constitutions, penal codes or even the way we dress, or what we eat.
    Europe must do better if they want our URANIUM, COPPER, OIL, FISH, RHINO HORNS, DEW from BAROTSE GRASS, PLATINUM CLAY SOILS and the TIGER FISH HEADS of the zambezi river. Zambia is rich, but has been plundered by EUROPE. IT is EUROPE which stopped KK to provide grants for children and pension for the elderly and building houses for the under privileged. Right now they are trying to convince South Africa and botswana to do the same.
    Bring in the chinese, let them build our cities and upgrade the compounds this time instead of wasting time with the europeans who advised us to sell state companies while they were lining up to buy them themselves!!!!!

  12. muntungwa

    We are doomed as a people. We shall forever be in debt. Too bad for our future generations.

  13. elo lwa nya

    Scramble for Africa re-loaded.So the EU has suddenly become our twin.What an evil twin this one is,one that raped our lands by externalising our mineral wealth, sold our ancestors into slavery plundered our wild life and colonised us for decades then dictated to us how we should govern ourselves.Now that African political jackals and hyenas have gone to bed with different master the” evil twin” is claiming his slaves back by dangling a few carrots.This is really pathetic.No wonder Trump calls us shithole countries where foreigners dump their shit.

  14. weedman

    its the Scramble for Africa

  15. Philip

    You know, all these things point to the end of this world.(Romans 13:11)Jesus is coming soon

  16. Kabaso k

    True .that’s the cholera we have

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