Kitwe DC Meets Chinese Nationals over Strained Relations with Locals

In the heat of strained relations between Chinese nationals and locals Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has engaged the Chinese Association in Zambia to clear out the animosity between the two peoples.

Matters came to a head following the reported accidental shooting of a 17 year old girl in Chimwemwe Township last week by a Chinese national.

Mpundu said government was concerned that the Chinese were now being associated with all manner of vices that could compromise their standing among Zambians.

He stated that the recent negative media reports on the conduct of Chinese investors were now becoming a serious source of concern to government.

“The many cases of Chinese nationals being caught without papers or doing things that they did not say they are coming to do in Zambia are worrying us. I have come with a good message that we want to build a good working relationship,” Mpundu said.

“In our country there are a lot of potential investments. So it must be a give and take relationship, it must be based on mutual trust, why is it that for the many years you have been in Zambia you have not been caught in these vices it’s because you have built a good relationship. It is possible that you can help other Chinese to change this perception.”

He said the recent happenings are not helping on the investment relations between the two countries.

Mpundu further reminded Chinese that Zambians have become agitated because of taking over all businesses meant for locals as opposed to major businesses.

“Why are we having these bad reports? There is a shooting here, there is shooting there, there is a beating here, there is under payment there, ill-treatment here, I mean a Chinese is caught with ABDC, why do we have this?” he said.

“It is not health. Why are some Zambians beginning to hate you?  Is it because you are taking out every other business they own? Now the Chinese have gone in Kapoto compound, to even own small shops in Kapoto, that is inciting Zambians now because they don’t have anywhere to do business, the competition between the Chinese and Zambians is not level, the anger is because you are not treating them well and taken away their business.”

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Zambia Chinese Association Wang Xin has regretted the shooting of a 17 year old girl in Chimwemwe and pledged to support the family.

Xin who is also Copperbelt Chapter President has urged his Chinese counterparts to make peace with Zambians and build on a good working relationship.

“We wish to call on our fellow Chinese to make peace with Zambians, if you want to be safe in Zambia you need to have a good relationship with the community. We are sorry about the incident in Chimwemwe, we are going to help the family, we wish all Zambians friends that this is just an accident we will try our best to avoid such incidences,” Xin said.


  1. patrick chilufya

    hmmmmm already the the disadvantages are being seen,thats what happens if a risk is not calculated for, implementing something without any voice from the community who are now being victims,before long it will be the children of israel slaves under king pharoah looking for a moses…….

  2. Mata


  3. Jackson

    It can happen to anyone, it is up to the victim, wishing her a quick recover

  4. kedrick siame

    Chanise country if it was my blood sister i can shoot you in dead for sure be carefull.

  5. Ubuteko bwamano

    We don’t need them in zambia bcz they’re criminals.we do not have leaders under pf but we only have criminals called chambia.

  6. Benet Mwanza

    Let’s not forget to we are one regardless of the color. We are being killed both in our country and in there country. Are we safe as Zambians?

  7. One bed

    Let the government through immigration officers screen these Chinese coming to Zambia and reject those with criminal record and feck investors who can’t pay Zambians good salaries.

  8. Never mind

    Chinese are stubborn people even though you say that Mr they will not listening the best way to be safe as Zambian just to vote out pf government that’s the only solution.

  9. Hop kido

    Its a shame dat these so called chines nationals ve’ started colonizing us in our own country.a very big shame indeed ! mwe buteko plz help us, this can not be happening in our own country if it means deporting them do it for our own good and safety.ninshi pantu calabela ifi, icaalo icili candi awe baya saana nabena mweee !

  10. Brashe L/stone

    Am getting to suspect and lose trust in this government, sure Chinese everywhere mmmm,one day civil war,

  11. Jones mwewa

    So what has the government done over the killing of a Zambian student in China.the one who was killed for dating a Chinese girl.coz the video of the same incident is all over social media

  12. Mushala

    Am ready to fight you Chinese back, why shooting my people. I’ll blow your heads

  13. GUYDUS

    You see Chinese🇨🇳👲, you are now in kapoto to build your shops compound so you want to take everywhere⬅➡⬆⬇↗↘↙↖, where are we going to build our own shops as Zambians??????????

  14. Sun-chibs

    There is no problem an eye for an eye, if these idiots think we are all blind like those selling Zambia there cheating themselves. we all have hands and legs will fight back. in fact it’s high time did this.

  15. samfya 1

    The culprit must be behind bars, prosecuted and further deportation instantly.#my opinion

  16. Amos cathy

    will be stoning them till death everytime we meet in streets.stupid

  17. homes

    Chinese are all problem ,,these people with small eyes kaaaaya

  18. Lukaku

    Lungu and chinas must leave the country peacefully.Nonsense you chakolwa you have made the country to lose it’s own dignity because of End of Christian Leadership (ECL).

  19. Emmanuel Nkhoma

    Well done kitwe DC for calling for such first meeting with the Chinese investors/ dealers. May l suggest that next time your able office calls for a meeting with this Chinese association put an agenda of forming a joint Zambia/ Chinese Kitwe business association, where some local Kitwe business houses, say from townships & compound eg kapoto, chamboli,chimwemwe can be agents of these Chinese investors to resale their goods in some of these mentioned township in Zambian local shops.
    Secondly just to commence franchise dealership with our Chinese hard working brothers.
    I believe it may be one best solution to settle the tension between Chinese investors/ dealers & local township business sector, May l further suggest to your DC office to let our Chinese all weather friends remain & operate in main town centres and industral areas.
    Other wise we may soon or later witness some of our small local churches being closing up due to members failing to give offerings & Tithe to God’s work for like of business income.
    Onces more well done Kitwe DC & keep up the good communication, as for me lam into local venture as well, l have no problems at moment with our them.

    • Dee Man

      Well said bro,that is the only thing that can bring peace & harmony.

  20. commando

    In ancient days slave traders used to buy their goods(human beings-Africans) with the help of african chiefs.Today,our political leaders are the chiefs we have and are selling their own to foreigners in the name of foreign investors.If an african were to open a company in china,the local authority would make sure that african investor followed all labour laws without fail.The question is are these chinese following all labour laws without fail?Every Zambian knows the answer to this question.

    • Wiseman

      Change leadership before we hit our nose on the edge of already seen sharp surface. Better Indiano than Chinese boots.

  21. Razor

    So Binwell this is a good strategy to make contacts with the Chinese so that brown envelopes can also be coming your way also instead of just others in government enjoying. Clever move!

  22. Justine

    We need to be careful my fellow Zambians sin

  23. honorable

    What if it was a Zambian who was killed the Chinese in her home land,would they accept our apology

  24. Kukeng'a

    I observed one thing with these Chinese colleagues. Language barrier. I think they should have a program to study the either English or any Zambian languages before being engaged in any project. There is a project of building going on near my house. What happens is that if this chenese fellow is giving instructions in chenese and my poor brother doe not understand anything they work with them using common sense. As a result the chenese would slap or shout at these our Zambian brothers . Plz implement the language lessons like priests do in our church . First they learn the language before running a parish.

  25. kedrick siame

    Even if our excellence say shakulaufya efyabumpuba please tray to take this seriously we don’t want this people in our country if you a good leader take this note seriously ok, course as a zambian citizen we will going to chess therm all if he has ka business akanono in China at am going ku Zambia as a inverster who cares, u can if u are corrupt but we don’t want them.

  26. Bobby Ray

    Binwell nothing has even started, people are hungry and tempers are high( anger). . .Zampe zampe atishani, watch the space, Kitwe has been the birth mark of most historical stories and maybe this could be one.One Zambia, one Chinese!!!!

  27. Ben

    The Chinese fellers are hardworking alright ,so are we Zambian its just unfortunate that we do not have the same support from our Government like our Chinese brothers.

    I c

  28. Ben

    The Chinese fellers are hardworking alright ,so are we Zambian its just unfortunate that we do not have the same support from our Government like our Chinese brothers.

    I can assure you that given the same resources with a Chinese feller and am allowed to operate in China freely like them here , tell me why I should fail. No way my Bro. that such a failure can come about unless am warped.

  29. James

    Nonsense how can we even think of sitting together with this bastards in their country they have killed not one but two of our young Zambian students just for dating their ugly girls and back home in our own country they are killing us molesting us under paying us I can go on and on and you sit with them to beg them to stop I say foolish this is our country let’s do something let’s fight

  30. Godfridah Musamba

    When he some of them do not have permit! How do they find themselves in the -Country?

  31. Dee Man

    Is uncle Mulwanda part of your office stuff??
    Any way it is the right way to go,my personal work relations with Chinese people has been excellent.
    The biggest problem we have is allowing these guys to take every little business that has been a life line for our country men and women,apapena boma ilanganepo. We seriously need a Statutory Instrument to take care of this challenge…

  32. Tuli Bantu

    If they kill our young Zambians in their county, and also shooting us here in our own country, we have to do something, and these Chinese here in Zambia they have our women here and one of them did a party in chipata with a Zambian lady, the story is all over the social media, these people are just cruel, it has painted me, the problem is our leadership, as long as zingena vamene vichitikila Bantu bake alibe navo na nchito, I have said this time without numbers that these Chinese have hard hearted and crooks, they are not only doing shop business but also steeling our minerals, shame on poor Zambians being shoot in their own land and killed in China as well.

  33. dora siliya

    These Chinese are bringing more money to poor people

  34. Liato

    It all started when KK ate that vegetable called Chinese cabbage

  35. Liato

    It all started when KK ate that vegetable called Chinese

  36. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Foolish people late them go back what are they doing here

  37. China

    The problem is with the Zambian authorities they favour foreigners just because of money to them Zambian lives are worthless.I mean how can foreign pull out a gun in a shop as if there was any threat on his life. Why doesn’t he play with his gun at home with his wife and kids or relatives

  38. Silent

    I dont like these chinese humans that are in our country i think these “human beings” have too much freedom in this country.

  39. Zambia

    All chinese must leave Zambia in 3 years time.
    Failure to this, distruction is on them sooner

  40. Potato

    We have stayed with the Whites without such useless issues….
    Chinese must go to China.


    No let the Chinese go we dont want problems though they support that family still they have losed

  42. City k

    Being quiet doesn’t mean we are fools as Zambians but we are calculating all the Chinese steps.They killed an ennocent guy there in china just because of dating a chinese girl imagine? and they are here in our country killing,beating and ill treating Zambians surely! it pains me when i watch and think about mr Mwale who died in china…TIP. God is upon us lets wait and see.WHATEVER IS TAKING PLACE NOW WAS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF REVALATION.

  43. AfricanPride

    The Chinese continue to insult, abuse, laugh at, and murder Black Africans. Meanwhile corrupt sell outs, sell their country to the Chinese for a few dollars and a pat on the head like a pet dog. When the Chinese spit in their face, they go to lick their shoes or bend over and spread it wide. While the sell outs are bleaching their skin White, bleaching their hair, or putting the hair of Asian women on top of their own as a hair hat, Chinese are stealing the resources, land, and future. Fools refuse to support Black businesses, their own people, and have no pride. Black Africans have allowed themselves to become a joke and disgrace, with the Chinese laughing to the bank.

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