Voting Pattern Inquiry Mandate Extended to December

The post 2016 election matters remain on the political menu with President Edgar Lungu extending the mandate for the Commission of Inquiry into the Voting Pattern and Electoral Violence for the period 2006 to 2016.

The Munalula Lisimba headed Commission of Inquiry has been extended to 31st December, 2018 to cover grounds within the remaining two provinces.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today, Commission Chairperson Munalula Lisimba said eight provinces had been covered so far in the exercise that commenced in the post 2016 election period.

The inquiry bordering on electoral violence and the voting pattern since 2006 was instigated by a highly divisive atmosphere during and after the 2016 elections.

Lisimba has also rubbished claims that the extension of the mandate is a money making venture clarifying that they do not accrue any allowances when they are not receiving submissions from members of the public.


  1. One zed

    It’s simple to analyze 2006,2008,2011,2015 &16 southern province UPND,2006,2008 Eastern province MMD 2011 MMD/PF 2015&16 PF still Eastern province,all other 08provinces it’s been MMD,UPND & PF only one province has been voting one political part since 2001.& You can tell the voting pattern.only one province doesn’t vote for other political parties,I rest my case here & the rest you can judge.

  2. Augprina

    Iwe Lisimba why would you rubbish a genuine claim? Do you think it is possible for you to agree that you have turned the whole inquiry into a money making programme? Muli bakabwalala bafikamba who does not know you? You think Zambians are very foolish? Why would you extend that useless programme which even a mad person can investigate using common sense? You are very stupid and useless. We never thought that unprofitable useless programme or whatever you call it can be talked about and money being spent on it at the expense of so many citizens suffering! NONSENSE

  3. Razor

    Stop wasting money. Everybody can see what the voting pattern has been like in the last few elections.

  4. Tom London

    Mr Chris phiri my brother your article (Voting Patern ) in Zambia is a very interesting but a highly sensitive matter .I only hope lungu and the entire pf leadership mean well by commissioning such an inquiry . The major reason being that and largely due to the fact that Zambian politics have being dominated at presidential level by one or two tribes .Again ministerial positions are also dominated by these same two tribes . Look at this Chris when you narrow the number of Zambian tribes to 7 ( bemba , lozi , nyanja , Tonga , luvale , Lunda and the kaondes ) here you find that in 2016 the Lozi’s , Tonga’s , kaondes , luvales and the lundas were upnds strong holds and all these tribes are found on the western side of the railway line OK leaving out only two tribes the Bemba’s and the nyanjas .. So frankly speaking it is not possible for the Bemba’s and nyanjas to out number the five tribes namely Lozi’s , Tonga’s , kaondes ,lundas and the luvales .no matter what arithmetic you may use .
    On the other hand the Lozi’s have got an un resolved issue of the Baloziland Agreement .while the Tonga’s strongly point out that they are the indegineous Zambians while .the lundas ,luvales and kaondes have joined their tribal cousins .
    This 5 to 2 tribal voting pattern in my view will only be resolved by revisiting our constitution . The constitution should address the tribal imbalance and treat each other as equal .
    The constitutional road map must address and come out with a formula that provides a chance for each of the 7 tribes to provide a president at on time or the other and this is to me a very simple mathematical equation for Zambia to be a truly one Zambia one nation .
    And everlasting peace can be achieved and no one can complain . Because Zambia as a uniterly state is a home to all these 7 tribes
    At the same time this pattern has the potential to divide Zambia forever .

  5. Bamuna

    @ Tom London. This is very sensitive but I will take a risk. It is important to be Critical and factual in this discussion. First, there is no ‘tribe’ called Nyanja among the 73 or so tribes in Zambia. There is a language called Nyanja, however. I prefer to stick to 73 tribes and not ‘narrowing’ them to 7 to avoid ‘regionalization’. Returning to 73 tribes also ensures that we recognize, acknowledge and respect the cultural dignity of each tribe as distinct from others. That is not to say there are no similarities among and between tribes. Based on those premises, Zambia has had no ‘Nyanja’ or Bemba president. Some of the present and past presidents of Zambia spoke Bemba and/or ‘Nyanja’ but did not belong to those groups strictly speaking. It is public knowledge that KK’s descent is Malawi. FJT was not Bemba. I do not know what tribe he was from in Luapula. LPM was Lenje. RB is Ngoni. Sata was Bisa. Guy Scott (he acted as president!) is of Scottish descent. ECL is Nsenga. Enough. My point is that how we present the tribal narrative has implications on where we see the problem and solutions we propose. I leave it here for now.

  6. Mulenga kelvin

    This is just the way of making money for yourselves,inquiry or no inquiry is just same thing nothing important about it as you know southern,western nd north western voted for upnd an northern ,luapula,eastern nd copperbelt voted for pf,so whats the logic making money?

  7. Mr. K

    7 main languages 1 language wants to produce a president for 73languages lenje language d small produced a president assisted by northern luapula copperbelt Lusaka and north western provinces so one tribe shall never produce a president unless other languages come in the voting pattern is now tribal because southen province will continue voting for a Tonga for this reason the will never produce apresident

  8. FGM

    Tom London is an intelligent political analyst whose views and reasoning should be taken seriously. Mere rhetoric statements and commissions will just land us in more debts.

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