ERB Announces Fuel Hike

The Energy Regulation Board has increased the pump price of fuel with petrol now fetching K16.06 per litre while diesel is costing K14.65 per litre.

Kerosene will now be sold at K11.43 marking K2.49 upward adjustment.

ERB Board Chairperson said that the price adjustment was driven by market forces.

“It should be noted that the last upward price review was on 12th February 2018, the kwacha. Despite subsequent cargos being assessed, there were no price adjustments on 9th April, 2018 and 15th June, 2018 as the required adjustments were below the ERB set threshold of 2.5 %. Further, the 14th August 2018 price review could not be implemented as there was need to take into account the Saudi Arabia cargo which was due to arrive separately,” he said.

Mpundu said the Saudi shipment had no impact on the overall market.

The increment takes effect at midnight.


  1. Trevor Pambwe

    Hv jst parked ka corolla kanga cz fyuwelo yakunchito dyesalaly yanga poenda Ku farm nilipile na toll gate koma umoyo wadula


      a move in the right direction meaning in economic and social terms that our prices will shoot up by 100 percent no masobela kulibe vama k50 fyakale kikikikikikiki

  2. JAh love

    Where are we heading has a country Zambia? Sure mwandi,

  3. Love your neighbor

    The government is busy faking defections when such critical issues in the lives of Zambian citizens are overlooked, when I wrote previously saying we are suffering here in Nakonde someone said, people from far places like solwezi come to Nakonde to buy goods & food. Is it Nakonde or Tanzania that they are buying these things from? life in this country is becoming hard, this is truly Babylon God help us. Problem in Zambia we have politicians not leaders, leaders are long gone, Sata, Mwanawasa…….God help us.

  4. Doc, tm

    Tefintu zoona, life is now expensive…

  5. benkat.com

    Iyee imwee Bantu,life is becoming miserable to us disabled.Them have just benefited in social cash transfer.
    Director of Zpd mandated to speak on behalf these people is queit. One we shall raise for our rights stand for political offices.
    Time is coming

  6. Jackson

    Poor people will double their status while rich once benefit from that

  7. rika

    Lord hear our prayers


      shut year beaks people ife chikulu tidyamo kushishita atase kikikikiki as long as nadyamo so shut up you hungry people we can give you left over food from hungry lion and state house

  8. mukengami patrick

    Mmmmmmm kaya manje

  9. km

    Ba pf this is too much. I Was your surporter and i thought mwalikwata uluse awee iyiyena ine tamakilimone iyi vote enough is engough ask lupiya .Naimwe kuyabebele iyi a last kicks of a dying horse mwachila.no compromise

  10. Moses

    These are really hard times nama leaders clueless

  11. Tule


  12. Mr. K

    This is.not pf issue oil producing countries have increased oil prices Zambia does not produce oil when copper prices go up you become happy why do u blame pf fools

    • Clarence Rico Chisela

      I am also wondering why people are blaming the PF government as if they are the ones produce oil

    • Jk

      Mr K ulitole sana pf is not responsible of this mess ulimbwa sana nga koswe mumpoto ububi ifimeno fuseki wanya 2021 ileisa!

  13. Ine nizaifuntisa


    • MJ

      the increment is nothing if they increase beer by 50 ngwee you complain infact it should have been increased by k50

  14. Sbm

    Ndelolesha fyeeee …

  15. Justine kapembwa

    Comment. When people are saying you don’t have leadership qualities, they really mean it. Just come on board and tell the people that you have resigned so that people with broader thinking capabilities can take charge of this country unlike small minded ones to ruin our country.

  16. Citizen

    When do we expect beer to increase? Stupidity is allowed in this party, the rich are saft and sound. Yet the poor are sluggish down. Ba lungu, blind leader. What is your roll as a presupres. Tanzania are benefit from nakonde booing product produce in their country. Shame on us. Be a man, leader the country. Mwanawasa, sata they are gone.

    HH, can you explain this economy even though they hate you. Can show or help lungu to wake up from sleeping.


    Bushe nichani chabvuta imwe anthu,things are not on our side now, anyway,God help us

  18. mengmoreler

    High commodity price,high fuel price plazi na toll gate hmmm!sivintu any way it z written n James 5vs1-8 how rich people ll opres da poor n da last days.

  19. commando


  20. kedrick siame

    Nakonde district ya mu Zambia we are leaving like animas no roads and any industry dollar on high mwebantu people of Nakonde what are you saying.

  21. no time

    what do u think


    Oil producing countries have hike fuel price.So the next step for ERB is to hike fuel price also.

  23. austen tan

    read the bible and know what time we are in
    revelation 12:12 it will give u the answer

    • Lc

      Idiots,where is Saud oil it’s now 3 years since lungu lied to us over the same oil but nothing is showing up,why should we be cheated day and night.

  24. Andre phiri

    If we don’t act now will die with hunger for sure

  25. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Why wondering? this is wat u are surporting in this pf gvmnt

  26. Mr dundumwenze

    Upnd members be united for ever,zambians now believed that pf is taking us nowhere, only the fools will remain in boat.hh we behind you with Bwana GBM, the spirit you have is only the spirit that can delete all rubbish things done by pf in our country,let’s all be united and take this country forward.

  27. Sakala

    Thanks mr dundumwenze for advising the foolish people who are supporting the thieves.

  28. Shayroc

    Minimum age tatulaifola why

  29. Matale Mwansa Zulu

    Aaaaaash mwatichita😭😭😭😭😭why!!!! Ba pf!🚣⛵🏊the boat z sinking

  30. Majoni Tyson

    Men at work ,noise out. Let our leaders plan to balance up things. Pf has done nothing wrong. We gave them power and let’s support them to work for our country. Politics aside ifintu ni lungu.


      iwe chi citizen that’s why you failed to fuck us atase

    • james kaumba

      Ba Tyson muli chimbuba are u related to one of Poor fools that’s what it is,holding on to power when u don’t have vision, u miss lead people,vision less leaders changwa !

  31. Matale Mwansa Zulu

    Aaaaaash mwatichita why!!!! 🚣⛵🏊the boat z sinking


      chi matale you think the boat is sinking no its your upnd ox-cart which is failing to move because the cattle is full of cowdung shit kikikikikikiki

      • Jk

        PF LAYER insoni ebuntu,who is the driver of this Nation? Are u so blind? Wait and see Zambian will chase that man from that seat!He wud have left the nation to vision leaders wanya na Sales Tax,bore hole tax,toygate,pay as earn, medical insurance, etc muleshininkisha, police men have changed now of cadres ni ponokwa na bat ya weapon wafwa baisa!kkkkkk

  32. Musonda

    At pf kikkkkkkkk yaba imwe bachimbwi, wake up Zambians ,monga nimasobela country yatu sure die slowly, let us change leadership before 2021 if not so the time you are going to realise you will find our country already deserted.in pf there is no wise people, the wise left the part, like ck,gbm , guy,masebo,and others who were the officials in pf.

  33. menomeno

    Ifimeno nge mfuko

  34. Corruption now will be worse

    Hehe!That is how things work in Economics sometimes there is a downfall in Economic activity because of too much interference by politicians. Economy players are the private sector,they are the ones who invest their money in the country once you start threatening them they lock up their dollars and the result is what you see.The MMD liberalized the economy in 1991 and the Kwacha became quite stable after a lot of hard work by the late Ronald Penza who I feel some people have already forgotten about.During the late President Mwanawasas term Mr Magande managed to lobby for cancellation of the huge debt Zambia owed to the IMF and the economy became powerful where today we are still even drunk with that comfortable period in the history of this country. The pf came to power and turned things upside down and everyone has been complaining since then. It is high time Zambians start learning how the economy of the country is run so that they can make informed decisions when choosing a government.

  35. Muzo

    that’s de zambians need

  36. jkp

    more dept,in de country their is high prices of meal-meal so how do you except things to be okay?

  37. You the one chosen him

    Yours is to watch and follow; chapwa, once you speak out you become an enemy. What your leader use is autocratic, so open your eyes and see tomorrow otherwise your president is there to absorb; nowonder is rich than the day he bribed onto there.


    Oops!!! Danger in future.

  39. KLVN

    Nothing we can do, it will even reach k100 per litre.

  40. Silver s

    Pf government to much utu kote no laka laka in thinking

  41. Nana Borne Bob

    Zambia is sliding into red see, before it slides into red see, let’s put our Heads together and pray to our almighty God to help us, let us not blame the government, but the Bible says we should pray for our leaders for them to use the knowledge of God as they are in leadership. We should not case them, we should not hate them, but bless them.

  42. Mr. K

    Jk if your had a mother of big fuss and failed to deliver you before her boyfteind who you consider to be your father your mother destroyed her viginity which we consider as part of her vagina remember you have to have a brother from your mother who Rick every dsy

    • Jk

      U are not insulting me & my mother but yo mother experience is a good Teacher mwalanya amenshi,kkkkkkkk (Zambia Zimbabwe)

    • Jk

      Mr K ,U are not insulting me & my mother but yo mother experience is a good Teacher mwalanya amenshi,kkkkkkkk (Zambia Zimbabwe)

  43. Vavuta

    Fuel prices have gone up on international market because OPEC countries have cut production…..but any thoughtful or thinking government should have supporting policies that shield it from such external forces….I wonder if this Zambia has any SWOT analysis which actually can help and drive this our economy….people Zambia is a retail country…..a consuming nation nothing really to talk about in manufacturing …..I would like to know what trade deals we have with various nations if any….have people enlightened with such and get “us” thinking in those directions as a nation….let’s think of what Zambia can do/produce/manufacture and offer to the outside world to bring in the dollar….people everything is imported from toothpicks to panties to fish and chickens really..????I tell you we’ll remain choked forever……Let’s think and support each other for the good of the next generations…..


    Aaaash!!!! Mwatichita
    The boat ⛵🚣z sinking🏊🏊🏊 apa!

  45. jolly

    awe mwandi sure, we can’t enjoy been Zambians anymore. the fuel price is beyond order and the salaries are also equally bad so what does one do with such betrayal in our country? God knows best for he ll punish them soonest

  46. Magwaza

    we blame pf gvt bcoz its a ruling party,whom do u want us to blame?nanga ati mwakangiwa learn to accept.

  47. Sakala

    the best way is to remove the pf govt in power ,this is the only solution fullstop.

  48. Orator

    You See How We Are Suffering And In 2021 Thousands Are Going To Vote For The Same Pf

  49. Orator

    Zambia Is The Poorest Country With The Most Dull Leaders In The World

  50. dog

    Bafikala namufilwa.this chi government is of stupid people .try to increase beer prices ndiye pemuzazibila kuti mwativutisa mweembwa imwe

  51. Dope

    this is de gvtm only for fool’s, ma rubbish

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