Bishop Banda Offers Flock Counsel in Light of Fuel Hike

Arch Bishop of Lusaka and Ndola Diocese Apostolic Administrator Dr Alick Banda has added a spiritual context to the grumblings about the recent fuel increase.

Bishop Banda has urged his flock to cut their cloth according to their economic size in light of the hardships that may be spurred by the fuel price increase.


Luaska Arch Bishop and Ndola Diocese Apostolic Administrator Dr Alick Banda writes:

Morning, I got news yesterday (Tuesday) of the new fuel prices. It is undebatable that this makes living expensive whether you drive or not. The likely thing is that the nation is now gripped with lamentations about this situation. That is expected but provides no solution to the reality. Here is what I propose we do:

  1. Reduce your expenses by avoiding unnecessary driving. Those who live in the same neighbourhood and take children to the same schools create a duty rota for school runs.
  2. Reduce your food budget by not buying what you can produce. Backyard gardens are becoming a necessity. Plant maize for your mealie meal.
  3. Ensure you have more than one source of income through investing in some business. Think fish farming, poultry production, and value addition.
  4. Make sure your dependants are dependable. You have a responsibility to ensure the adults in your home are economically useful. You don’t need a maid if you have grown up daughters or an unemployed wife or husband. Let your husband or wife sweep the house, wash clothes and cook as their contribution to home management.

The situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. Do not be a candidate for permanent poverty by refusing to act wisely. Everyone in your home must win bread otherwise the breadwinner will die before his or her time due to pressure. Go to work now.


  1. Mr. K

    Good advice. Others are blaming gvt instead of a solution this is every where in the world

  2. Charles micklay

    The advice is good that’s the way to go

  3. Mr Peace

    Right Man of God.That is exactly what we expect of you.Not just praying for people to by cars.Where are they going to get fuel?Respons is the solution and not noise making.

  4. Rev C L NKAUSU

    Good counsel bishop, keep on educate us and God bless you

  5. Nkoloso

    Everyone in your home must win bread otherwise the breadwinner will die before his or her time due to pressure.Good blessed.

    • chipo

      Thank you Bishop for the good advice,wise words and very factual

    • Roy

      The advice is not enough until the masses identify those so called leaders in government who are unfit for leadership, those that had stolen from employers, workers, the public, then start applying the principles mentioned by the clergyman.

  6. Thomas

    Comment Thank you bishop for your concern over people and your good advise.

  7. Zambian

    Well spoken Bishop, we a lot of abana ba lsreali who were full of complaining on there way to the promised land.

  8. Chanda Mukupa

    Comment You are write sir,life is made up of ups and down.The best person is the one who knows how to adapt to every situation and comes out tops.Instead of complaining we should be thinking of alternative and it will lessen our BP and wild application of our energy.Praise God for this.

  9. Mosesmucho

    That’s is for real MAN of GOD

  10. Kuken'ga

    Wise words of a wiser Bishop. We need more of him,not just pipo masquerading as men of God. This is what a productive Nation needs; people who are a hands-on type,equal to the task,and not just complaining. Remember complaints may not change anything but draw you closer grave before your time. I’m inspired with this counsel,may God continue to bless you more.

  11. Kennedy Mwenya

    Very true, lest all wake up and do something for ourselves and the children. Or we die out of poverty.

  12. Mkj

    Eeee ma Papa aya not ifye blaaaa saaambaaa for nothing..give us more data

  13. Mr dundumwenze

    MR bishop you have to be very careful when you are talking as a man of God to the presence of people, you will cause some maids to be fired and start prostitutions As the way for them to survive.well spoken but failed on number four.

  14. Mwila Kasonde

    We are so greatful for your advice.

  15. frustum

    that’s a good advise …I think it’s profitable

  16. Sly

    Mr. K. Which school did you go to? I beg to differ with your line of thinking. If you can’t blame the government in charge of economic affairs who do you expect people to blame. This thing of saying it’s every where, it’s the mindset that is so narrow in thinking. It’s like normal 4 your child to fail grade 7 exam & you are there comforting him that’s okay” Kaili naba neighbour nabo mwana afeluka. You don’t succumb to such crisis simply because your neighbours are in the same calamity, that’s stupid thinking of failing leadership. Leadership is about providing & over come challenges & not looking over the wall fence 4 comparisons.

  17. John lungu

    True Bishop. Let’s identify areas of saving at every level. Let’s also share the cause
    of fuel hikes to public. It’s a global issue. We need to embrace turn around strategies. It shall be well with us. God bless you Bishop

  18. Memory

    Think of people that are not working how are they going to survive and also some of us who are working In companies where there no good conditions of services and what if I have a child who is seriously admitted in the hospital and needs my care, am I also going to avoid unnecessary movements? That’s not making sense at all

  19. Royd Habwiinga

    Kindly note that this article was originated by Mr Joseph Mushalika of Victor Series production not the said Bishop.

  20. Muwerewere

    This is very good advice. Which should be taken seriously. There is turning back or pretending.God bless you

  21. o.g

    Memory u ar ryt

  22. Monster among men

    The Bishop is trying to educate and advise the government of the day
    1. To reduce on travelling expenses like the Tanzanian president. Note: reducers on your driving.
    2.should use local personnel not the foreign personnel. Note: use back gardens
    3.should empower the local people by giving them micro loans, and not by bringing the foreigners to sale clothes in the country instead of bringing
    technology. Note: do fish farming,poultry and additional value.
    4. Here he speaks out. Take use of the Zambian people because the are economically use full. Note: No maids are needed to do house work. No foreigners,instead use the local people

  23. Kutikako fye

    Thanks bishops for you advise, we will try to adjust

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks my Lord for the advice. People should stop being lazy and stop pointing fingers at the government. What are you doing as a citizen to safe your country?

  25. fisunge

    Ba monster among men lets not talk like young children but adults in zambia we have these two universities since 1966 and every year hundreds graduates from these universities but nothing is happening with our graduates they cant do anything but for a Chinese to come and do the roads if they do its shody if our graduates were perfect the money were paying the chinese cud have gone to subsidise fuel thats what a back yard garden means

  26. Deafson

    Haleluya! Man of God you are very right both at family and national levels! And ba monster you’re also a great analyst and am pretty sure you art one time read the animal farm and other related books! Forgive bafisunge coz he doesn’t understand issues balikowela mulo by cadre.

  27. Rodgers

    Your Grace, the advise is timely, there should be a change of mind set in our culture of living, it is always easy to blame some and very difficult to bring or being a solution to the negative situation. Let us learn to make adjustment,for our lives to be better.

  28. Lc

    Well articulated Bishop

  29. cc.sichongwe

    We need more of that caliber in churches and not in mountains.

  30. Moses Kabanshi

    some of them i agree with the Bishop they are ok, but that doesn’t change anything i am going through alot

  31. oby

    Thanks for the timely advice your grace

  32. Razor

    But the bishop everything from fuel to your maid etc is paid for you by the church. What are you going to sacrifice?

  33. Sola

    My people will be seen by their deeds!
    Thank you bishop!
    I hope jaymax inst right this time, mono nimu Zambia!!!

  34. Sola

    My people will be seen by their deeds!
    Thank you bishop!
    I hope jaymax inst right this time, muno nimu Zambia!!!

  35. Anderson

    I salute your wisdom and knowledge Sir!

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