City Market Fire Victims to be Sheltered at the Modern Simon Mwewa Market

The gutted City Market story is about to have some measure of happy ending with some displaced traders set to be accommodated at the soon to be completed Simon Mwewa Market along Lumumba Road.

Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale has given an update on the progress made on the Simon Mwewa Market.

Below is Mwale’s full statement:

We are almost getting there! Construction of Simon Mwewa Market along Lumumba Road is progressing well, our hope is to beat the rains.

This market will create trading spaces for those trading in gutted roofless City Market and some traders who were displaced from the streets, once traders trading from City Market relocate to this market we will begin reconstructing City Market.

We want thank all who made contributions (through DMMU) towards the reconstruction of the City Market, your donations amounting to K1.7million kwacha is part of the K70m being used to construct this market. See what your money has done the country is indebted to you. God bless all!


  1. Mr. K

    Pf at work don’t play with gvt of the poor fools now I give you chance to talk


    We all see de development in our country maybe ba United Party for No Direction (UPND)who are Neva appreciate or support our government

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      Upnd are blind people. Visionless party. Busy deceving Tongas and Lozi.

      • silutungu

        Foolish Dr Zimba what has Lozis n Tongas has to do with Simon Chikala Mwewa Market 😣?

        • Mchiio Vukhani

          Tribalism mr silutindu tell these idiots

          • K

            Such insulting responses is un Zambian please edit and sieve such responses

      • Patmoll

        Icipuba niwebo makaka mbuli masako

      • Levi Zulu

        Mr Zimba such tribal attacks are the cause of conflicts in our country.

  3. Michael Chileshe

    Give a pat on the back to the men in uniform who are constructing the market. Because Zambians forget easily, be reminded that even the old gutted market was constructed by the men and women in uniform. Bravo to them.

  4. mr life

    This is the sad development because people who lose property now days they dont have money to put another money to start trading in this market and i hope market feels is not very too high

  5. Osie

    Wow beautiful

  6. Ng'uni joshua

    Good move

  7. Muna

    But 2021 Yizavuta. These thieves are trying to cleanse their crookedness. Anyway,vwe can wait for 2033, because not even Prof. Lumumba can help.

  8. kedrick siame

    Because of fire awe good move pf

  9. Life

    That’s a drop in the ocean, one good against many ills

  10. Mapulanga

    People we only see and talk about the part of others. Let’s appreciate what PF has done so far, which no government has done b4 gogo PF.

  11. Mapulanga

    People we only see and talk about the part of others. Let’s appreciate what PF has done so far, which no government has done b4 gogo PF. This is good.

  12. menomeno

    Appreciating a thief ? God forbid

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      Who is a thief? Kupusa ati.

      • doreen

        you and the people u support chikala

      • Assassin

        Zimba,,, u ugly stupid tribal jungle baboon bastard..dont reason from your anus.. supporting a bunch of Corrupt criminals….get a life….foolish cadre demon

  13. MifA

    Let the govt work
    We thank God for our govt. The government cannot be perfect but all in all, well done ba PF for the job which has been partly done over the gutted city market.

  14. GBM

    Stop stealing Bakoswe.

  15. muleya


  16. mahara mpepo

    Comment OK pakutasha ku Tasha ba zed,good work ba pf

  17. Christopher Mwelwa

    Who have never sinned before? People, u have to appreciate when things are moving in the right channel. Even if we put you there! One will come and accuse you. So let’s be patience, your time will come and pass.

  18. Patmoll

    Professor Lumumba would helped us to end corruption.

  19. Denzel

    The problem I have with us Zambians is that we seem to have difficulties keeping the surroundings clean. Mark my words and you will see how dirty this new market will be. We are predisposed to this I dont care attitude and we see dirt as the norm.

  20. Jayoffset

    is that market free or will still HV to pay tax to be able to sell in it

  21. Samuel


  22. koni bwile

    Mwashoka marketi kuti mumange inangu then you call it development kikikikikikikiki

  23. Kutikako fye

    Well done in bemba they say uushitasha patu mono napafingi kakatashe well done the ruling party PF

  24. Lc

    Well done for the market,continue doing this but Mr President labour minister is a late down to people.

  25. Elvis

    What is a new market when there jobs in the country. More over the money used is.not PF money but over taxed payers money. If you score 10 out of a 100 only a fool can celebrate.

  26. Jonathan Banda

    The hatred that Zambians are exhibiting towards each other on social media is not a good sign at all… Where is the spirit of Zambian? The Spirit of love, let’s not allow the enemy to use us we are a Christian Nation. Let’s build our country on Christian morals. God bless Zambia

  27. Habanjovu

    Well done pf! Let the chronic critics continue hallucinating may be one day they will realise the country is changing its face!

  28. MaadLifeLiving

    Wow these thieves are doing a good job. They steal people’s money and build them a market.

  29. Levi Zulu

    Mr Zimba such tribal attacks are the cause of conflicts in our country.

  30. Gift

    Good works our government, continue with such good works. Dr zimba Emmanuel if you you udon’t have anything just shut up you fool than trying to bring conflict to loving Zambian

  31. Masto

    What kind of a Christian Nation is this? Which is full of Calamity’s, abusive language, akapatulula, instead of doing what is right, we are doing what the devil is commanding us, we have no love for one another, all we need is to please.our selves don’t care about what is happening to your neighbour. Remember the Bible says ‘ lobe your neighbor as you love yourself and it says do unto others as you want them to do to you. Pray without ceasing. Am not happy personally of the fighting going on veverywhere around a Christian nation. Be careful God is watching over us.

  32. Songo

    Silutungu, lol! Greet your cousin Sinyenga😎.

  33. Humility boyz

    Well done pf government continue this same spirit

  34. jahdrick

    if our mther zambia z developing then y hre in southern we a nt benfiting?

  35. Ambassador Mosmuk

    kulya nokuputilisha

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