UNZA Students Riot over Delayed Meal Allowances

Zambia Police and University of Zambia students clashed in the early hours of Friday with the cops burning down a hostel as they pursued female students in their rooms.

Police stormed UNZA following a riot over delayed meal and accommodation allowances that have been overdue.

The law enforcement officers charged to the New Residence which houses mostly female students firing teargas leading to some female students jumping from their windows for fear of arrest.

Some students had retreated to their hostels when police swarmed the campus but were pursued to their rooms with police firing teargas leading to commotion in the hostels.

Confusion brew up around midnight when irate students mobilized their colleagues over the delayed allowances.

The last riot at UNZA left a number of students expelled with the same action likely to be meted out given a hard-line stance adopted by Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo.

Some students had taken to Great East Road which they blocked with burning tyres and also burnt the business booths by the roadside.


  1. Unza student

    Should confirm the development

  2. kambwili

    Riot over fuel and mediocre leadership.

  3. maston

    Sity down to solved the matter

  4. thanks

    this is not to solve problem but to increase the problem, after giving
    them food where are they going to sleep? government should use their money for rebuild the hostel.

  5. Mr dundumwenze

    One after another,

  6. Self Nyokozi

    Pilato compose one song for what has happened pa unza

  7. Benet Mwanza

    Sad development now after being paid the money where are they going to sleep? Is that the issue to solve the problem? Why attacking things that are not involved? I don’t see any sense to start stoning a building that doesn’t talk no matter on how I will stone it, it will not solve my problem. Anyway those who brought the issue of bursaries revisit it before it’s too late.

    • Benet Mwanza

      Those who brought the issue of meal allowances revisit it before it’s too late we are tired of UNZA riots and we can’t develop like that.

  8. collins Mwewa Lungu

    Problem after problem in Zambia, where are we going, May God help us

  9. Eastern

    Please give them allowances they are destroying our school. I know they are just there for money and not school or studies.Serious people can’t perform such indiscipline.

  10. Eastern

    To be every where is nothing and nothing is to be every where.DISCIPLINE is key to every success.

  11. leonard

    Students!!!! that is being stupidle. Burning Hostels where do you think others who are important than you going to be sleeping? just bringing Zambia Down, being at the University it does mean you are important people, look at Zambia the problems we are experiencing, where are those who graduated sometime back from that UNZA?

  12. Isaiah

    One female student has actually been suffocated to death in the very room that was burnt. Please you people report that also.

  13. Bushdoctor

    One of the great speeches done says that you have to force an African to go to school and even when they are in school they don’t know why they are there. They resort to allsorts of vices and anarchy. Lecturers go slow, students riot.
    Let the government close this institution and dismiss all trouble makers, students and lecturers who don’t value education but are there through connections. In private University no such anarchy is available.

  14. fisunge

    In fact minister stop giving them this allowance for what after feedig them at unza for 5 years they graduate and nothing happens they cant even make roads, they haven’t produced not even a malaria drugs we import everything including salt and we say we have graduates .atase we are as good as 18th century when we had none so the advice to the ministry is that instead of recovering the loans start giving them jobs in their own working field to work for free instead of engenging the chinese finshi ba unza even burning what you didnt build let them repair for themselveskkabili there trained we want to see what a zambian engineering student can do

  15. Daniel

    Very sad that others lost their lives. God help us.

  16. warren habasimbi

    Lets learn to solve problems peacefully .

  17. Evans

    God help us

  18. Christmas

    Idiot move by the organisers of the fracus

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Just solve their problems

  20. King cool

    The wages of sin is death, when you begin something don’t expect it that a lot of people will be involved. It is a stupidity and absurdity. Let them face the wrath of the law . For how long will they stop destroying Innocent people’s property. Can them!!!! Butcher them , hammer them . A student is there to learn not to rioting, damaging people’s cars !!! Whip them badly.

  21. King cool

    The wages of sin is death, when you begin something don’t expect it that a lot of people will not be involved. It is a stupidity and absurdity. Let them face the wrath of the law . For how long will they stop destroying Innocent people’s property. Can them!!!! Butcher them , hammer them . A student is there to learn not to rioting, damaging people’s cars !!! Whip them badly.

  22. Bushdoctor

    I have no kind words for both lecturers and students whatever the case maybe at the highest leaning institution for anarchy. The government must expell lecturers and all students and close it to lease to private entity but not sale the institution. See how many qualified people will apply for jobs and student vacancies.

  23. sililo Harrison

    Just imagine all the way from grade 7,9 then 12 going to lose her life at the University of Zambia UNZA after strnglng for 4 solid years everything ending like that ! Something has to be done ..my condolances to the family for the loss..!

    • Lubus

      It’s too bad and sad news

    • Hello

      The guys are mad that’s why even when they are done they expect the government to employ them.. They are too lazy to think.
      I think it will be good for the Government to do something.. Because the life which is lost means a lot than the meals they were rioting for. I thought when people get educated they stop behaving liking kids who are just driven by emotions.. Without using the mind, but now the Scholars Decree holders are the ones in the fore front what about Children/pupils were will they reach?? Our brethren what has come you??? Lord help us the evil one has dominated in our lives.

  24. Mr. K

    I think the gvt should stop meal allowances some students have businesses out of it so it is very sad to organise this political behaviour ending in the loss of innocent life of a female student even the sponsors of this act are very foolish

  25. Chimba

    Who to blame is it the government or the students bcoz the government wre aware of what I’ll happen as a result of late allowances but it seems like they wre waiting for the riot.Anyway ba student you should learn to protect those properties they are yours

  26. Chimba

    I mean government wre aware that they might be a riot as a result of late allowances

  27. sokwe

    Guys be serious ,give them money basokwe nye

  28. Dux

    Two female students dies in the same clash after police tear gased thier room.

  29. Government negligence. We're the riots in hostels? We shold seriously consider changing the Zambiance Police Syllabus.

    Zambia Police should seriously consider changing their syllabus on how to deal with riots in a built up area. This was gross negligence.

    Were students rioting in their hostels?

  30. Matero,kanyama,George,Chibolya & Kuku compound.

    I thnk ZP hz failed 2 deal UNZA riots nw as a street protest w ar here 2 deal thm,ikaniko zeru bakavyiza imwe,so u ar studying jst 2 protest? Alaaaaa!

  31. lui gaul

    Give it to Chinese


    War is not the solution of solving problems.

  33. Rokeagys

    We Are Many Who Applied For Baseries But U Left Us U Picked The Wrong Doers. Every Student Shud Knw Why He/ She Is There For. Anyway U Shud Resolve The Issue Of Baserie Other Wise The Situation Is Worsening. Hw Do U Expect The Country To Develop That Way? Too Sad 4 That Innocent Student Wu Hz Lost Her Lyf Ovr Stupid Students. U Investigate And Bring Them To Book.


    cuume 2021 my government will abolish allowances mubapusika maninka all unza students fuck yourselves


      I salute you Muliokela that’s good students are very stupid all embeciles fuck off

  35. IG

    okay next time boys shoot to kill its an order I command you now its an order shoot their pussies and mbolos

  36. ba rigina

    This is what i call chilishness . So even if u burn your institution who do you think is going surffer . Ala bane bena unza please stop this nonsence you are exposing . That is luck of civic knowledge. Unza is just full of iritrace students. Majority of them they lack muturity . Before you demostrate such nonsence think of your out come effects u will be affected with. If the government closes the school who is going to endure pain. Definetly is u students to face the cosquence. The government luck nothing without you bane. You are just destroying your own future.
    In my conclusion i would love the government to closs the so called unza because there are a lot chalenges that need to be resolved .people out there are in need of tertially qualification and busaries . Is better to spend money on people who are serious with there life .

  37. trevor chabala

    guys comen wat u knw without defendin bicoz u ar a cadre.

  38. Chilu

    Brush out that allowance, brush out bursary, meaning that wl never reoccur, no riot we don’t want to be loosing lives over meal allowance ,pliz scrap it off,forever

  39. Derrick Bwalya

    Problem after problem Zambia, face a challenge of study coz riot is not a solution.

  40. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Let’s learn to solve such issues amicablely than loosing life like that.

  41. faiths flyzee kaps

    Am realy sad mwana!

  42. Machete


  43. Mrs wina

    Problem in Zambia there is a tribe who don’t respect, bemba people

  44. Mildred

    To bad to mysis RIP

  45. Zax

    UNZA is full of foolish Stundents who use their education to destroy the people not to build. I wish more could have died. The wages of sin is death. You students learn from your evil deeds. All the universities in ZAMBIA, we are learning worst from UNZA.

  46. Mukula Aaron

    Kubapela bwangu

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