Hichilema Reports Tayali to Police for Criminal Libel

Political rabble rouser Chilufya Tayali has finally hit a raw nerve with opposition UPND President Hakainde HIchilema reporting him to Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel.

Tayali has relentlessly been on Hichilema’s case, frequently punching holes in the UPND leader’s political frailties but has largely gone overlooked.

However, Hichilema’s fragile sense seems to have got the better of him forcing him to report Tayali.

The UPND President penned some notes for his flock in the aftermath of his filing the complaint at Woodlands Police Station.


I have reported a Mr Chilufya Tayali to the Woodlands Police Station for criminal libel, an offence we consider serious.

This is in view of his continued libelous statements in total defamation of my standing reputation both as an individual and President of the biggest political party in Zambia the UPND.

For a long time now, the reported individual has made unwarranted and unsubstantiated claims against me.

Citizens will agree with me that I have been very tolerant of him despite the many defamatory statements he had made against me for simply taking a stand on things and my political beliefs.

In the latest libel, Mr Tayali has been publishing and uttering public statements to the effect that I am responsible for the death of our beloved daughter, Vespers Shimuzhila who died in a police operation at University of Zambia. I am neither the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces nor the Inspector General of Police, why Mr Tayali wants me cited remains a matter I don’t understand.

The only motive for dragging my name into a matter that I completely have no responsibility and power to undertake is to stir up citizens resentment against me and UPND

We expect the Police to take action against Mr Tayali without any delay, for justice delayed is justice denied. I equally have the constitutional protection and benefit of the law like any other individual in this country.

And we urge our members and sympathizers not to be diverted from the real issues affecting our people.

As a party whose central focus is development, we believe that nothing supersedes people power and this is why we say: “people power! Our power and our land.



  1. Albert

    Well Mr. Tayali, here is your chance to prove all your allegations against Mr. Hakainde Hichilema future President of Zambia, God willing.

    • shu shu shu

      Tayali doesn’t have to prove anything. He has learnt all this bad mouthing from HH who has been shouting “Corruption” without providing any proof other than misleading Zambian fools



  2. Nev

    U did well Mr HH

  3. Kay2 Pack M

    We are waiting for a signal from the police, that’s talt defamation of law and it shouldn’t be tolerated at all….Mr tayali is taking the law in his hands….indeed HH is not in power of any armed forces why then is chilufya saying such words..
    Here we want to see an action from the police with immediately effect.

  4. Lewis

    Well done sir

  5. Fairwell lumanto

    Welldone my president we shall see ba tayali

  6. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Good Job Mr president let him face the law and amangiwe.

  7. FuManchu

    No one is supposedly above the law and law enforcement wings are supposed to act accordingly with dictates of the law when those who follow the law beseeches assistance of those who ensure its administration.
    Tayali has through and through behaved like a loose canon with admiration of those that sympathize with his wild always unsubstantiated utterances! Here he now has opportunity to set the record straight by justifying most of his claims. Tolerance has limits and its my hope that HH is not taken as any other Zambian citizens entitled to register grievance!

    • FuManchu

      Read: Tolerance has limits and its my hope that HH is taken as any other Zambian citizens entitled to register grievance! (“not” is a misplacement).


    Tayali chi HH is wasting time i have instructed police to drag their feet and make the report go missing kakakakakakakakaka

  9. kambwili

    Mwanyanya ba mambala. Your vomit Chilufya stinks. Why don’t you shut up if you have nothing to say. Are you sponsored and do paid for that? Mwasebanya ishina lyabayama, ba Sata MHSRIP.

  10. TAYALI


  11. Frank Bwalya

    Fuck the chap up! . He has gone too far..

  12. Banda

    Ba Bemba zoona mazina yanu any criminal cases number one mu bemba, are you a real people or may you are demons?

  13. mr life

    Iwe katayali why always hate hh you dont that hh also is a zambian like you chino caalo chabonse even hh can be a president,please guy let us love one another and let us kick out tribalism is very bad.anytime hh can be a president because pf is started taking people like there children. One zambia one nation

  14. Mr dundumwenze

    Show them that you are a leader who don’t want ma nonsense mu Zambia, only the fools will defend tayali, hh you are coming well to the wise ones.

  15. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Chi Tayali you are a big fool idiot

  16. Razor

    What goes around comes around. Tayali reported kambwili to the Acc and now he has also been reported to the police. I would have preferred this case to go for civil defamation so that tayali can feel how it is like to lose all the money you have worked for.

    • martin chiyesu

      Tayali you have crossed a wrong boundary & we are waiting to see Police Professional conduct with this case.

  17. Tayali

    Ba HH,plz forgve me I just hate u natuarally!Shishibe katwishi ninshi,
    Bemba + Tonga=poison.

  18. Kedrick siame

    Why people you like this sure hh can advance uz student kufyabupuba why not shatup we have President lungu ad let us support him for his team in office.

    • Assassin

      Its term, not team…u arrogant ignorant fool…to hell with yo PF …PATHETIC FOOLS

  19. Joseph nonde

    My president hh deal with all this thieves include ka lungu

  20. Gerald siachisandu

    Arrest ka tayali he very stupid boy let him face the lae

  21. Gerald siachisandu

    Arrest ka tayali he very stupid boy let him face the law.he doesn’t mean well to this country

    • Kalulu anonka

      Guys!!! Muli fi yong o Lee? Mwa samwa kwati fi yodo pama lushi!

  22. GBM

    Boi jst 4gt abt Mr Tayali our party haz got a vision of Development not apprehending people’s behaviour, wachitika bwanji boi? wakota? Or nitujunta tinamwa mailo ikali nababalaza? Muchose che.


    Let us leave everything in the hands of ZP.Don’t rush

  24. phillip

    But ba Tayali sure even if nikuzonda munthu…how can u say HH is behind the death of unza student zoina?
    how how how?
    HH is also a Zambian citizen regardless of him being an opposition party president…please lets mourn our loved one who lost life in peace not vamene mukamba ba Tayali.

  25. Mfumukazi

    This is a laughable action on the part of HH seeing he spends his time doing the same things to ECL he is accusing Tayali of. He will never rule Zambia as he is too hypocritical.

  26. alex. zimba

    Leaders learn to forgive each other


    Bt ka tayali ka nya nya lomba sure HW can he say me president HH is behind the death 💀 of a unza student sure awe me president let him face the low mwamu khululukirapo kambiri

  28. TOP G

    The boy is too much. I hope the police will act professionaly. Ka tayali needs to respect big people. Such accusations. HH has tolerated you for a long time. Enough is enough… Those saying HH should tolerate ka this boy, I think he did that so many time. I believe leaders should solve problems swiftly before it goes out of hand…

  29. One Zambia one Nation

    Nga mwapwisha ukusabaila munjebe

  30. King cool

    The guilty Is always afraid. This is what we call ” paya wanu ” if Hichilema has no idea of the riot act which took place at university of Zambia, let him recind his decision. Let people accuse you but let them not found you in the ACT.

  31. EDGAR

    Iwe Ka hh so naiwe chimakubaba ka? So hw can u report my mbuya tayali to de police,coz u owez insult me bt I didn’t get any action

  32. Mtn

    Awe sure kacilamo ka tayali even if you hate hh, nishi unanyoka kuziba ya Santana?

  33. Janja ganja man

    You yo self you are a fool, do u think that hh he will come to yo house and help u and yo family, u are just wasting yo foolish tym on condemning lungu you fools bamuselela kwakaba ng’ombe za hh

  34. vic sims

    we know that you are agood leader just forgive him.Maybe its not his wish to hate you

  35. Whip

    The truth always comes round and it hurts,especially when you taste your own medicine. Grow up Hakainde. You inadvertently incited and subtly pushed those naive students to riot with your careless words during your senseless Press conference.Tayali has a point, just grow a thick skin and roll with the punches thrown back at you, like a man.

  36. leon

    Zambia a country where those in power are using foolish people to come out in the open and show more of there foolish up bringing by attacking people with good motives for money.It’s like going out with dogs for dog fighting when the owner of the dogs is enjoying the dog fights while him is enjoying some brand.wake up you stupid people and stop being used as such and worse you will be rounded up for national prayers with your hearts full of hate in some building you will be calling church ,God will never be fooled.

  37. looted

    Shame luo was chased from the funeral of the unza student who died as a result of sufocation from tear gas or fumes from the hostel which was on fire.Shame indeed.

  38. pathological thieves


  39. Chris

    Tayali aitaya

  40. abilima

    What Tayali is saying is that the UNZA riots came soon after HH issued very careless pieces of misinformation at his Press briefing. Is HH able to justify that ECL increased his salary to 500 million kwacha plus the other lies he uttered at his press briefing?

  41. Ballack obama

    Mmmmm ati President of the biggest polical party in Zambia…. Are you sure baby hh


      People just pray for me my porn on social media please people help me i know most women are craving for my big dick and balls kikiki

  42. okonkwo

    Each individual posting is protecting the kind of leadership they admire or is it the money that goes with that kind of parasitism

  43. HHD

    May her rest in peace .does those police who killed a student at university of Zambia are they cadets or police? If yes are the polices let them be killed also

  44. TOLOLO

    Chinese are bizzy making money in our country imwe ne fyamungulu some parents.

  45. Sylvester Nsofwa

    Mr. President you have erroneously omitted one cockroache. Report this cockroache Elvis the serial caller so that he proves his allegations of you been involved in the privitisation of the mines. This cockroache has also gone overboard.

  46. Chongola Chikwekwe

    Tayali is like a fly, Inga anya asenda amashinsha kumbi nokuya panga Cholera pa muntu wakaele BA HH musiye mwana wabene akudwela chani ?

  47. Ngandu

    Who directed the police to fire tiegars ,and cases the death.

  48. Zebron Chivunga

    Way way long overdue! Let this guy know its not interesting to read his nonsense.

  49. Wongani

    Is 1991 and 2021 are same year and events wil happend the same i doubt. Is riots a weapone 2 remove those we don’t lik? Answer is simple no but ballot paper better than throwin a stone and burnin tyres. 1991 is different bcoz then 1 party state was a problem and this time losin patience 2 pliz the west.

  50. Assassin

    Tayali is mentally retarded…seems he escaped from Chainama ward B. If seen kindly capture him and take him back to chainama. K5,000 reward.

  51. Gbm

    Boi stop saying bad things about ba kateka coz wen u say student will rise and stat riot they will even go to zambeef.

  52. Tuli Barth

    All the things have been said but the only issue here is tribalism, this is a bad attitude towards one another, people you know what, when kaunda was fighting for freedom he didn’t fight alone or maybe only with a bemba or chewa only they fought together as one people and one Zambia, but now what has gone wrong at this time, especially from time when this pf has hold the seat, uzamvela chabe ati iyo uyu in mutonga eeeeh ng’ombe chinachita bwanji, why do you like this? if in your tribe people are not eager to keep cattle, goats or ba cona don’t blame those with willingness of such, and it should not be a song of every day, because kusogolo bans ndiye bazakavutikilamo, nangu ni kumasukulu bana ba mutonga sazakavomela to help a bemba child as well as bemba, and the same things you are busy saying today are the wards that your children are impacted in their mind, don’t forget that you have to prepare the ground so that what is in the sky should land on, I have warned you.

  53. Bruce Simwanza

    while the confused are still arguing and fighting each other the confuser is busy looting the country’s wealth.

  54. Chongola Chikwekwe

    Yesterday there was news from Goatfrida Sumaili that all Political Parties should allow their members to attended National Day Demonic 666 on 18Oct, people have no problems to attend but we are looking at pipo who calling on prayers they should stop STEALING from the blind and repent that is we are going to attend next year.

  55. Barotseland

    You are very stupid Tayali to hell with your foolish remarks against an innocent citizen H H

  56. Simple

    Yes but I don’t think if the will take action due to their unprofessional tayali is a full pf cadre and police men are also pf cadre in uniform

  57. Wongani

    Hh lack tolerance recipe of a good leader and look how he has acussed presidenl lungu of bin corruption without proof has lungu report him 2 no. why? President lungu is true bliever of tolerance and respect human right. Hh is abusing his freedom of speech 2 paint other pipo’s image and he thinks is right yet not. If hh was in uganda in has opposition leader was he gone 2 survive lik bob wine i doubt bcoz has mouth disease of talkin without thinkin and think later after he made mistakes. Prime tv press conference i watch and hear i see a long man 4 presidency our generation is in danger and zambia 1 day hav a war. No president can control alone has upnd preachs and at yo time poverty and continue just lik usa. The problem we hav right now is that all upnd members economicist and once in govt zambia economic wil b lik 1968’s when kwach was better than a dollar. God is with us and who can b against us

  58. fisunge

    Tayali my brother you’re right continue accusing him why is hh furious when he has been accusing lungu of all sorts of allegations which he has no facts about them yes hes the causer because he’s the one who incited the youths in the country to rise against the government for the increased pump price as if its only zambia that as increased this satanist really wanted to sacrifice someone to hisgods now hes happy that he has seen blood for sure Tayali in bemba they say imbila yamushi tabasuka ngawaasuka ninshi ni webo so nieve satana bushe ngamwatuka ba hh alamwasuka ngaimwe chamibaba bwanji atase

  59. fisunge

    Ba hh stop fooling or blackmailing pipo ok atase after you sacrifice a child and you start saying am not a commander in chief or ig what do you mean tell the nation you fools is it the police who killed her or its the fire they started themselves which suffocated the student without thepolice lots of students cud have died so uleke ukutumpa from today onwards start inciting your children so that its them who should die you satanist

  60. Francis

    We citizens of Zambia are not happy of political fights,hate speeches and plotting evil against each other,as youths of this great nation we want political leaders to share developmental ideas and help create an enabling environment for every one to enjoy and excel in own endeavors…

  61. Mk

    Hakaluze Hagani I’m sure your conscious is now Judging you for sponsoring the rriot.which led to the death of the innocent doul

  62. Mk

    Joke of the day Yesterday you called the pokce corrupt Today you going to the same police you insulted. Then Shame On you


    Tayali his totally mad and his behaving like his still a grade 12 pupil who does not even understand the constitution …foolish man Tayali

  64. Tasila lungu

    Which accusations has Mr HH accused ka lungu , you idoits can’t you see that these guys they are ruling this nation illegally. Let HH deal this boy has gone too far when tayali knos he’s behind all this

  65. Terry

    Well done HH go ahead

  66. Gilbert wk

    You did it hh


    U did it Mr HH

  68. Sinazongwe boy

    Mumujatisye ooyu muntu ba HH

  69. Ba upnd

    Late hh deal this stupit guy according to the law

  70. Syankalibonene kulwiidwa ncibi

    Abambulwe kwamana agagailwe

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