OPINION: Australia Based Habazoka Dissects UPND 20-Year Existence …They sold the soul to the devil: it’s now deliver the country or your soul

By Mweemba Habazoka

The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the other, UPND’s top leadership especially its past and current President’s rented wealth is threatened by its true owners, the mining conglomerate, Anglo-America, which continues to fund Hakainde Hichilema through Brenthurst Foundation in South Africa.

On 25th August 2015, Hichilema, while addressing a rally in Chingola vowed to chase Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and bring back Anglo-America. See:

Did he say that? Yes he did because his masters asked him to!

That statement was not an innocent one but spoke to everything that UPND and Hichilema are all about – fronts of white capital with interests in Zambia’s mineral wealth!

How it all began:

The former illegitimate mining corporation that lost its mining rights to the Zambian government in 1970 has never rested. In the wake of multi-party democracy, this corporation saw privatisation as an opportunity to regain its mineral rights across the country. To this effect, it fronted its ‘men’ both in government and in the private sector to champion their cause. Hichilema himself was one of the fronts of the foreign interest that resulted in him landing a top position as Lead in the Sale of Subsidiary assets while late Anderson Mazoka, a former employee of the Anglo-American Corporation would lobby from within the Party as a member of the MMD at the time. This ‘well calculated’ ploy gave rise to the inflow of cash to individuals involved most of which would be used to buy off some of the strategic government enterprises that would later leave many Zambians out of employment and thrown into untold destitution. Hichilema himself benefitted immensely from this transaction landing him and his birds of the feathers, strategic businesses.

I can borrow from the words of former Zambia Privatisation Agency Director, Mr. James Matale who in an interview with Bivan Saluseki on the Sunday 16th of December 2007, described privatisation as an act of unprecedented vandalism.  Yes, it was, and what is even worse, the vandals would return to claim to be messiahs to the very people they wantonly condemned into misery. How cheek!

Hichilema along with his colleagues sold their souls to the powerful business interests and in the process lined up to take pot luck of this country’s enterprises and assets as though they were goods falling from the back of a delivery truck.

This ploy would later fail to deliver results to their ‘masters’, all thanks to the street savvy of the Fredrick Chiluba’s government. The government refused to offer some fake corporation established to procure the entire mining conglomerate to the annoyance of monopoly capital that had already invested heavily through the greedy Zambians both in the then MMD government as well as in the privatisation process. In 1998 when the privatisation of the mines was almost concluded, the schemers had to engage into plan B. This gave rise to the birth of the UPND in December of the same year 1998 with Mazoka as its leader and with an even heavy flow of cash from the foreign corporation for party mobilisation. They pinned their hopes on the disastrous outcomes of a poorly implemented privatisation to muzzle power and ultimately deliver their promise to their financier.  It follows therefore that UPND was never founded on any grounded political ideology other than as a tool for foreign monopoly capital hell bent on recapturing the country’s natural resources especially mineral deposits throughout the country.

Setting in of desperation

In all their schemes, indications have always looked to be in their favour but ending in the opposite. First was the loss with the privatisation, then the election in 2001 to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. It is no telling how a party led by a former branch Chairperson of Bauleni Compound could mobilise such huge sums of funds for campaigns if not being bankrolled by the foreign interest for obvious reasons.

The financiers suffered yet another setback with the death of their principal on the 24th of May, 2006 a few months before yet another ‘promising opportunity’ for business interest as elections were fast approaching under which UPND had earned itself a lead place in the UDA Pact seen as a formidable force to unseat the MMD of Levy Mwanawasa.

However, there was a problem, since UPND was not a political party as its members believed it to be, but a well-orchestrated business interest formation operating under the puppet strings of international big business. To retain its interest, the financiers had to bring on board one of its own to take the lead and continue from where Mazoka had left it.

To make it easy for Hichilema’s ascendance, Mazoka’s cousin, Rex Natala on June 6th 2006 would initiate a tribal campaign that would eliminate other eminent and better suited contenders following the, ‘only a tonga must replace Mazoka’ statement. Bad as this open tribalism was, something worse was brewing underneath. Hichilema was to be made leader not only of UPND but of UDA as he was the only near alternative having been a core proponent of the ‘evil genius’ agreement between the UPND and its funders.


Any takeover by another person be it its then Vice President Sakwiba Sikota or its spokesperson Patrick Chisanga whose eligibility was already discounted based on tribe would mean a lost cause for their funders. That is how Hichilema had to move from the boardroom enjoying his wealth gotten from privatisation into the not known arena of politics. There was no way he would refuse his new deployment because he owed his wealth to the UPND financier’s generosity. The rest as you know are multiple losses.

As the UPND approaches 20 years of its existence and over two (2) decades of foreign-based business interest’s consistent financing, patience has totally waned. Hichilema and UPND has failed to deliver any returns on their financier’s investments for such a protracted period. The party, especially its leader, has been given strict conditions to deliver the country to them by any means necessary or lose everything he has benefited since entering into a pact with them. This explains the desperation that Zambians have been subjected to since 2015. Hichilema and his UPND have tried with no success to destabilise the country with the aim of installing himself as President to the pleasure of his funders who he owes his life with no success. This explains such desperate manoeuvres that include but not limited to the following:


  1. Calling for international suctions on Zambia to stifle the citizen’s livelihood so as to result in an uprising;


  1. Calling for a bloody uprising by his supporters in September 2006 when he declared that they were now freedom fighters who should engage in a physical fight.


iii.        Childishly call on the Zambian military to emulate their Zimbabwean counterparts to take over power from the bonafide Republican President. The period saw a barrage of attention seeking publicity tantrums by HH and his minions in an effort to incite the citizens with no results.


  1. In his usual cut and paste style, Hichilema has not failed to relate developments elsewhere to the Zambia context. The case in point his copying on the South African developments that resulted to the recall of President Jacob Zuma, with him forcing his members of parliament to initiate an impeachment motion in parliament.  The subsequent development is the clandestine efforts to buy his way to victory by paying off members of parliament to vote in favour.


This is albeit the fact that matters raised either rarely relate to the President himself or cannot be admitted in parliament due to their being active in court.

It follows therefore that these desperate acts by Hichilema and UPND are acts of a man in political and economic intensive care unit whose life is dependent on financial life support machine to which his financiers hold the final say as to when it should be switched off.

Hichilema is a troubled man who cannot stomach the imminent loss of his rented wealth that some Zambians have believed he had earned genuinely. Now he is embarking on what Bembas term, ‘tufilile munsenga’, he would rather, see the country burn up in flames than to live to see the day he will fall from grace for all to see how much of a phoney he has been all these years.

I would not be surprised to see some more attempts by Hichilema and UPND to derail the government through more attention seeking antiques.

Zambians should not be surprised, I repeat to hear that Hichilema and UPND is have taken Edgar Lungu or the Patriotic Front party to court all in the aim of wanting to show his discontented funders that he still has some life left in him.

I am calling on all well-meaning Zambians to ignore and dismiss Hichilema’s and UPND’s attention seeking drama with the utmost contempt it deserves.

To all the citizens, I urge you all to remain patriotic to the Country, stand guard to defend it against selfish people who want to deprive you and your children’s children their rightful heritance. We only have one country as such; let us protect it from villains that have hired themselves to the foreign business interests. UPND must be reminded that Zambia is not for auctioning to the highest bidder such as Anglo-America.

Zambians can look to any other political party but not UPND. This is a party that entered into a pact with the ‘devil’ to hand over the country’s wealth in the hands of the monopoly capital.


The author is a scholar and once UPND in 2008. He is based in Sydney, Australia.


  1. Mr Fix It

    The cheap propaganda sponsored by a failed and troubled regime. You want us to be distracted from the fact that PF and NOT HH has sold this country to China, PF has milked all of our coffers dry and and stolen all that they borrowed via over priced tenders and now they can’t even pay students, they are stealing money meant for the poor. Focus my friend, the battle is against those who have actually sold our country to chinese and not these hallucinations you are writing about

    • Zambia

      Die hard ignoramus. Or you just choose to ignore the facts. Blinded by TRIBALISM.

  2. Lazi

    Interesting piece of information. Desperation and evil for sure.

  3. LUBINDA mwendabai

    Pf is given power to rule this country by god himself, when god will see that time is enough,he will give power to some body whom he chooses, not by means of power hungers.it is still time for mr Edgar chagwa.it has not past yuet,given power by god.

  4. Wembwa we

    No one is blind chikala to tell you the truth with your critics to lift up lungu with his banch of thieves and corrupt government .Do you think we are happy with this hardship and suffering we are going through? enjoy with lungu but tommorow you will be in pain.


    Kkkk ba kachema do u still av a feeling dat u will b a president?

  6. Osie

    I see for real

  7. ju

    What can’t our head man just say tht he has felled to head us

  8. Raphael Makowane

    My friend were you young to remember how China was there for us when we were abandoned by the rasist West, surrounded and closing borders to our life line harbours. China humbly without strict conditions came to our rescue

  9. leon

    Why have you run away from Zambia come back and sort out the corrupt thievery taking place here you chancer

  10. Lolo

    “…a man in political and economic intensive care unit whose life is dependent on financial life support machine to which his financiers hold the final say as to when it should be switched off.” Hmm

  11. FGM

    Zambians in Zambia are the one feeling the pain of a mismanaged economy. Out siders can even have time to talk about those in the terraces.

  12. concerned citizen

    Comment sounds good full of sense

  13. Mushala

    Those of you idiots who live abroad should not comment on the affairs of our beloved country . You don’t know the pain we who live in it are suffering and the blatant lack of care and /or ignorance of the people who are entrusted with to run the country.

  14. mr life

    By myself 2021 i will never vote for pf because nimbona amatako yasonka)i have seen the anus of snake because this goverment is not respect the rights of people they only care about fucking chinese investor pantu balifunuka kundalama there greedy of money basuma baputilisha.

  15. concerned citizen

    message taken bwana its an eye opener

  16. Monday Chanda

    The writer of this article is obviously a big fool. He has totally ignored what’s happening in this country, and with vernom attacks the leader of the opposition…the only who may save our nation from an evil and incompetent president. You, Habazoka should use your head next time, instead of talking through your backside. You seem to think we Zambians are so thick as not to discern your personal hatred for HH. Did eat your mother’s goat? Shame on you, punk.

  17. K Z

    Let us leave everything in the hand of the creator.

  18. Lion of judah

    Nonsense, while you enjoy the comfort created by hard working Australian tax payers you feel you can advise Zambians from miles away. Unpatriotic Zambian you are, condeming those who are doing something to change the state of affairs back in Zambia. Your behaviour is peculiar of cowards that have made Zambia to remain a poor country.

  19. Maicas

    People, people, no amount of insults to each other educates anybody but tells us more of the personality of that individual…don’t take them seriously as they have nothing to contribute to a meaningful response to the author. If you are disputing what the other has written and you have nothing sensible to contribute, then just shut up.

  20. Chipushi

    Lungu and his adulterated of are responsible for this mess. Leave HH and UPND out of the mess created by these bunch of non composi mentere

  21. Mr. K

    Who do not know that hakainde store money from privatisation? Hakainde and upnd are funded by foreign Argents? This report is a reflection of hakaindes behavior he has declared war on this nation so that everything go in flames you were not there when we chased whites Zambia is for Zambians not fools like u we shall defeat you at all costs idiot

  22. Mtn

    Just shut your fucking mouth 👄, don’t say it s globe 🌍 we need to sortout our own problems.

  23. Bbc

    Anyway, we know you from the way you’re talking. It’s like you’re there because of PF. Come back and die with us of you love your country and relatives here.

  24. Fuck you

    Iwe ka author just take your shit out of eyes and ears. It doesn’t even bring back the dieing economy of our country. He is rich by his hard work and he is not the reason you’re poor by nature. For how long will you accuse him of being such a person. Weather you like it or not he will rule this country. Not by rigging but by genuine win. You be like that Roman soldier who said ” indeed he was son of God.”

  25. Songo

    Very educative prose to any discerning mind. But agony is sharing a platform with indoctrinated zombies in red.

  26. mengmoreler

    ma sety ba pf ndimwe why boza so?u jst damage yo friends image.da fact com 2021 ull cry lik RB.

  27. Mr. K

    Hakaiñde 5 times crying 6 the time 2021 foolish u

  28. Coll hans

    that is all fear from the ruling party wheter true or not all we need is good governance and the money stolen by the pf government. You are trying put upnd a bad picture forgeting that you are all culprits. Nimwe bakabwalala

  29. hasty

    Comment Wise people ,reason not just think before uttering anything.It is most of u condemning the writer u know nothing about mining and privatisation history…Neither HH nor the incumbert mean well for this country,suffice to say come 2021 get a suitable candidate that will propel this country to success

    • Bo-Bo Ku

      Your comment is coming from a sober mind. U right I don’t think HH and UPND is the solution for this country. We should pray to God to give us a genuine leader with the heart for the people. I am sorry I can’t see it in the current leadership or in the opposition. This country has missed a genuine leader in Godfrey Miyanda.



  31. Gerald siachisandu

    Can this propaganda reduce fuel hike,can it lower the cost of living to the Zambian people nonsense.Open mulungushi textile don’t open propaganda

  32. nshilimubemba

    This guy has some good points in his article , you cannot just dismiss every thing here just because of your support for HH it is wrong do you know everything about the aims of this party or you are just a blind follower , questions could come why didnt Saki take over from Mazoka when he died as the vice president.
    When Mwanawasa died RB as vice president took over as president.

    • The Zambian Mindset

      Then why hasn’t the government not protected us from this evil man by investigating and convicting him with such good information this is the real treason rather than the one they almost hanged him over. Why has the government chosen to tell us not to vote for him rather than convict him have you thought of that more over the government has all the resources to investigate and convict.

  33. Godfather

    Nowander the arrogance and stubborn election petition.

  34. fisunge

    Teapa when we say he’s a satanist you dont believe us have you heard its from his tonga fella if it was from the bemba man you cud have said it’s jealousy so nomba mwayumfwila ati he sold his soul to the devil apa be clever lekeni fye tukamone kabili amayears yapwa akasebane satana uyu

  35. The Zambian Mindset

    The GRZ has all the resources to investigate and convict HH rather than urging us not to vote for HH why can’t the GRZ investigate him and convict him is it because your information is not true or what let’s face facts they almost hanged him over blocking the presidenctial motorcade why is now so difficulty now to arrest him over this serious aligation after all its one man vs the entire GRZ and to think of it am sure it would be a easy case since the minister of finance during privatisation Edith Nawakwi is still alive .If HH is so guilty why go after small fish like Nevers Mumba why not HH please tell us

  36. Jr

    Come 2021 lets us choose wisely or else will regret

  37. The Zambian Mindset

    This is a load of nonsense if an opposition party leader fails to get justice against the government it makes sense but the government failing to investigate and convict one man tells you certainly that the man is innocent

  38. Gift

    The author’s article is simply bull shit…He calls himself a scholar and yet has no basic info about how conglomerates like anglo america work.His consipirancy theories are so amaturish…Kindergarden ghost stories.. Wonder how he could waste so much time to write such crap… In as much as i am currently disappointed by HH’s inability to show leadership and kick the butt of PF for destroying the Country, the article is utter nonsense… btw, the author adds “australia based” clearly an attempt to add credency of knowledge to his article..Time waster..dont write on things you know nothing about..article is simply baseless

  39. TC

    Zambia is for Zambians not Chinese people ba fikala.

  40. Eastern

    Money issues. Is it corruption or poor Zambians? Check this out.Eyes on the board.

  41. Champabulime

    The writer is full time pf and a paid agent of from pf.l can’t believe this nonsesical unfounded useless and cheap propaganda. We know you in and out you are requesting cash from Mr chrismas Jonathan mutaware.continue with your useless thinking and daylight dreaming Upnd and HH are here to stay.

  42. Chikamba

    Why didn’t you arrest him if he store money was he a president not to arrest or you never had police to arrest??? Education is good go to school and learn then follow what was on the ground mambala

  43. JJP

    Unnecessary long article. Full of presumptions. It’s simply a distraction tomthe current mess created by the PF regime. You are living in delusion my friend; wake up to the reality now: Zambia’s confirmed debt on which we pay interest is US $13 billion. Axis debt created by PF on which Zambians will pay now and in future US$21 billion. You are using the usual language ‘emperialist’ to sway us from the corrupt regime of PF. Do you know how much these guys have amassed? A ZAF General stoke US$65 million; and this tells you a big stoke. To take us back to imaginary analysis about Anglo American is ineptitude and total delusion. We are not as dull as you think; this is extremely cheap propaganda. Try another thing; not this.

  44. Habanjovu

    Well articulated badala,you can’t have a person always celebrating calamity to befell our country including amagedon!

  45. True story

    Whether lungu or HH akawinakawine no one will give you kapamela. Just work hard and have wealth

  46. BoBo Kal

    Your comment is coming from a sober mind. U right I don’t think HH and UPND is the solution for this country. We should pray to God to give us a genuine leader with the heart for the people. I am sorry I can’t see it in the current leadership or in the opposition. This country has missed a genuine leader in Godfrey Miyanda.

  47. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Ba kuosha ba PF iwe mu ndalama ya corruption ulelanda shashi, wakuta na ndalama za corruption.

  48. Bk

    Yesterday this man stole today you want to sound a Messiah hh get if from me God can never be mocked you reap want you plant so just eat your prosedes of your gotten money and forger to be the president of our peaceful nation. God is on the thrown.Many people died and left their money in Zccm because it illsly May the Almighty God Punish

    • Madiba

      If you are talking about people stealing go to LAZ and ask for a lawyer who stole his clients money they will tell you and because of that he licence was revoked. Those are what we call criminal and not only day dreaming which you are doing

  49. Pundit

    Cheap political propaganda..beasy fighting the opposition instead of fighting corruption and mismanagement of public resources!

  50. Kenneth Mugala

    This guy Habazooka is just another idiot who does not see how Zambians are poor,suffering and few people in this country stealing public funds with impunity. Anyway,despite all that he has said and explained Zambians need to remove PF Govt and Lungu should account for this mess.

  51. kambwili

    Boot out PF. Even if it means bringing in a fool like Bwezani.

  52. Mk

    Sure no Sensible Leader can be Lobbying that his own country should face sanctions.He has relatives here. This man Hikaluze Hagani is True MANSON This no doubt is A SATANIST

  53. Dave Mwila

    The writer is a Tonga man, whom I cannot doubt that he knows more than most of us do. If anything, he would have written in support of UPND than against it. I like his tone of writing. Some of the points he has related are already well known. While, we have seen and are worried about Chinese attachment to Zambia like most African countries, we still have hope that Zambia will get over this. I am sorry to say, I would not look to change from PF to UPND government, as regards to some of these revelations that UPND fronts foreign investors and hence the reason why the party’s succession from late Mazoka’ MHSRIP, current leadership due to tribal attachment and the fact that HH was handpicked by the sponsors. As there seems to be no party to succeed PF, we shall stick with the devil we know. Zambian needs another none tribal opposition party, which could do better than some of the existing ones. I applaud Mr Mweemba Habazoka, for being an honest Zambian and not toeing tribal politics. As a TONGA, he could have unquestionably lied for UPND rather than against. Well don Mweemba Habazoka.

  54. kapokola wanya

    Another full sponcerd chimba 4.Stop fooling us Angro is the one that builded Zambia not thz hungry chinese,abiurness nd fake indians who have come to loot our wealth fuck you and all your sponser’s 2021 yu will go,catch me if yu can stop cheap politics coz PF also is being sponsored by AVIC, si Zambia yanyoko.

  55. Lewis

    Certainly everyone who commented on the given information is Zambian but the thing is no one is saying they want to take over as president, surely pf has tried according to its plans but about the economy it is just beyond their control. I have also noted something here, why do Zambians hate their fellow Zambian so much, hatred. Please we cant save our country if we continue supporting pf and upnd blindly, as Zambians let us begin to think only God can manage our country and our economy. Anyway am here to just say zicta is availlable to call the author who is a good witness for the ant-corruption to press new charges against team hh than keep insulting the man for his wealth. Am for upnd but if anything is not ok must be corrected. Win or no win we have one creator and saviour. I pray that you be saved.

  56. Hanizyy

    Niwopusa sazawuwona wulamulili wapa Zambia.

  57. humanity

    it’s true that all African leaders are chosen by God (European mind ) so that he keeps on controlling us…fuck him…we Africans should have known by now that the only way to change our status economically and politically is by changing the system not the leaders..we can change leaders every term so long the system is still corrupt, no shit Will change in our favour. fuck God , Jesus and the fucking holy spirit..these are foreign diets that were systematically designed to trap the Africans into mental slavery..

  58. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Leave hh alone you fool

    • Brian Phiri

      I personally think there’s nothing wrong with UPND as a party, but it’s leaders. Very selfish people that don’t care who gets hurt in their quest to rule this country. Zambians are sacrificial lambs to their dominant agenda and mark my words, we’re only tools to their climb to the top.they don’t care whether you’ll be there on their way down or not. You’re just ANOTHER RUNG IN THE LADER

  59. Mr dundumwenze

    Pf empty containers very useless people.

  60. mwale martin

    Commentgood eye opener no wonder the
    desperation ba hh .Mighty God protect our nation and your appointed leaders

  61. Kk

    Plz leave GOD alone and lets work together for the future zambia,let us not be hospitality to foreigners but to our fellow zambians

  62. Mfumukazi

    Answer to the points he has raised as opposed to insulting him. I am a
    Witness to HHs greed during privatization. He will not and cannot rule Zambia. If need be an alternative
    Will be found not UPND and HH in its current form as the most undemocratic political party in Southern Africa.

  63. Jimmy

    I can’t,and I will never ever vote for me.dundumwezi uko.

  64. M.C. K. 100℅

    Bemba’s, Luapula & Chisali people, are tired of this poor gvt together with their leaders. 2021 PF is going to come out from the game.

  65. FORMER PF 100℅.

    As PF, we are tired of this selfishness gvt. Corruption is available everywhere you go mmmmm!!! tefintu pf, kuchula.

    • nickson commander 1

      pf kuwayawayafye kateka uwabula vision and the bible says were there’s no vision people perish so we are perishing because our president has no vision nagulafye panono

  66. nochi johns

    if u support nd believe dis story,then u yo eyes ar closed.As u cn c the economy is worse,we need change nt fake stories nd hw did u knw dat he sold his soul……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. One Zambia one Nation

    Problem mulalandilako abanenu thats why nga caisa kuma results mulilila kuti mwalanda shani ati people from luapula,northern and Bemba’s are tired of PF mwilalandilako abanenu iladile weka 2021 mulelanda nafuti mukalila pantu ubufwayo bwenu tebufwayo bwabantu

  68. Hebk

    Even in my coffin i cant vote for Hh

    • nickson commander 1

      i was pf youth vice chairman nchanga constituency but nalifumamo i can not be lead kumpofu

  69. Tongalease

    I knew about this a long ago that’s why I would rather vote for another party than UPND they are tribal and do anything to go to plot one. They don’t believe that every leadership comes from God. They believe the devil and their own intelligence and strength can bring them to power. They are heartless and evil and have brought division through tribalism . God will never allow evil people to rule us they will keep on loosing. MAY GOD PUNISH THE DEVIL

  70. Zambian man

    Don’t comfort yourselves, Luapula, northern and Muchinga can never vote out PF, because they haven their root’s there. And with PF we have seen hospitals, clinics, schools and houses for men and woman uniforms being built. Houses where sold and from that time none thought of doing what the PF has done so far, from time of KK none did the roads but PF has done it, thumbs up PF for these developments, you who are against PF you are as bad as a witch in the society.

    • FMB

      That’s a lie, who has told you that luapula, northern and muncinga provinces will never vote out pf? If that’s what you think you need to open up your eyes or go there personally, hear what pipo can say, see how much suffering they have passed though, then you will understand that the wind of change is all over the country. Come 2021 you be surprised. Let us just pray that by that time God will review someone who will same zambians from the hands of the devil. At the moment zambians has no leader who can be trustworthy, who can stand against the the party in power apart from the Upnd that is the truth.

  71. Joseph Innocent

    you can, cheat the kids of 2000s.

  72. Patmoll

    Ubu bumakaka bupwe before 2021, UPND is the solution.

  73. Brian Phiri

    At long last a patriot has spoken. This is very true and only informed citizens know what this man is talking about. Iv

  74. Brian Phiri

    At long last a patriot has spoken. This is very true and only informed citizens know what this man is talking about. I’ve told countles

  75. Assassin

    Why do you reson from your ass, u ignorant imbicile…? Just becoz u are a bitter and broke fool can stop the fact that PF is fucked up and has failed its pipo. If u cant feel the ‘wind of change’ then u shud definately be a demon from mars. IDIOT

  76. Brian Phiri

    At long last a patriot has spoken. This is very true and only informed citizens know what this man is talking about. I’ve told countless people what UPND is all about… Angelo American. HH is not a bad guy.the guy is under pressure from the owners of the wealth we think is his. HH is not à politician, just a good business man plucked from his confy zone into a new and hostile environment he did not understand to serve the interests of foreign entities that don’t have any agenda for Zambia’s growth. I salute Habazoka for coming out clean on Zambia’s perceived biggest political party. UPND is not Zambian.I’ve seen it in many ways how they’ve tried to cause civil unrest just so their guy can get to plot 1.unfortunately many of us Zambians choose not to see it that way or choose to be stupid, or can’t just read between the lines.

  77. Mr. K

    I we mck 100% luapula northern muchinga provinces had never had any meaningful development since 1964 it is daydreaming to say Bemba’s will not pf what a shame after all these pipo u have mentioned are not tribalists like u that’s why they will never vote for a tribal party specifically. Upnd keep on with your wishful thinking idiot

  78. Brian Phiri

    I personally think there’s nothing wrong with UPND as a party, but it’s leaders. Very selfish people that don’t care who gets hurt in their quest to rule this country. Zambians are sacrificial lambs to their dominant agenda and mark my words, we’re only tools to their climb to the top.they don’t care whether you’ll be there on their way down or not. You’re just ANOTHER RUNG IN THE LADER

  79. Mwangala Mutukwa

    2021 PF FOREVER??? UPND SUPPORTERS ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESION…. what if the author was telling the truth and UPND has already taken over and sold the country and its too late,what then will u do!!!!

  80. Farmer

    Please explain how EL of K1m worth 4 years ago can now be worth K36m?
    Or why the crocked Bishop Chomba cannot be shown the door for posing with fake papers and being on the list of peodophiles in the USA.? Answer…he knows too much! Research chikala! Brain teaser for you …what do you get if you get Lu(ngu) and (cha)gwa? Answer…Ngucha Filling Stations!!!

  81. andrew

    While, it’s not easy to believe you Mr habazoka.try some other time sir

  82. Humble Zambian

    Someone who calls himself a scholar and has studied in a Western country but writes in English with so many mistakes; be it in wording, spelling, general usage of the language, and facts cannot be taken serious.

    You sir should stop spewing nonsense and focus on your day job in Aussie. Continue driving your taxi or working at the McDonalds. At least that would be doing something honest.

    • Bruce

      Ha bazooka was paid by Pf.Zambians we are dormant no wonder chaina has taken advantage,they came in a name of help but the fact is that they came to get something.youth open your eyes

  83. 12B notorious ED

    We cadres of truth will take action if nothing is done to promote peace in the country

  84. HH is a witch

    Upnd will never assume power . because of its evil actions .

  85. Mr wick

    Whatever and whoever HH is, whether sold his soul or nt it doesn’t matter. So u think lungu is the one being pointed by God lies.

  86. shot spyder

    Mwe bantu sometime you have to think twice pantu pf is the ruling party elo uubomba mwibala alya mwibala teti aye alye mu shop umo tabomba.Elo uushitasha patunoono napafingifine takateshe bupubafye ubo mulechita tewamyebele ati mube ama crucks nenchito shine bapela abakweteko amano not ifipuba amashilu ifintu nga mwamona fyakosa kushilafye muli lesa pantu emwine wafyonse

  87. phiri

    It seems like the last days

  88. real zambian

    you are just waisting time talking about Hh instead of sorting outing bapompwe mushibila nsala lungu na bantu bakwe ,think propery bigman ubupuba too much in zambia ,think twice

  89. Al kaida

    Definitely HH & UPND is not the solution to the problems Zambia is facing , let another Political party emerge not this tribal party which the leader looted wealthy of this country to be given a second chance ,how many died as a result of privatisation which was headed by HH. We have problems as a country ,but UPND is not a solution,

  90. sepiso

    why zambia is running away from ethics and the roots of zambia does it mean that money has made the rules and laws not to be followed in zambia where is the constitution and government by the way.wake up zambia dont let anyone sit on our right stop being blind authorities do your job to save the country from corrupt practices contrary to the laws of zambia

  91. MK

    This guy is a Tonga he knows how selfish these guys can be

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