Buchi Woman Sets Herself Ablaze in Domestic Dispute

A 25 year old Woman of Buchi Township in Kitwe, Copperbelt Province has committed suicide by setting herself ablaze in the House.

The deceased who has been identified as Namakau Mubukwanu, 25, of House Number 10/13 Bulangililo Township allegedly committed suicide by locking herself in the house and set it ablaze.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga said the deceased informed her husband who was out drinking of her intentions before she set the house she was in ablaze.

“She called and informed her husband who was out at a night club drinking beer of her intentions. The husband immediately rushed home but found the house already on fire. Around 02:00hrs, with the help of neighbours, he forced the door open, entered and managed to move her out of the house and rushed to Kitwe teaching hospital where she was pronounced dead,” Katanga said.

She further stated police are yet to established reasons as to why she committed suicide but has opened an inquiry file.

Katanga said body of the deceased in Kitwe Teaching hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem and burial.


  1. Mwale z

    Ths s what happenz wen u wife says samthng but u dont respect hr feelings,am sure she felt she ws worthles on earth coz she ws also young(25yrs).Couldnt stand the presure she ws going thru.Why drnking up2 to 02hrs but u hav a wifd at home.Bad decision by sistr but the husband must be apprehended.He is lucky she didnt thnk of poisoning hm so that they died 2gethr.Lets love ad respect our wives.

  2. Lolo

    I think the idiot was not in any club drinking but with a prostitute somewhere which could have angered the lady to committing suicide. Pin the idiot and he will tell the truth. It is obvious that he refused to go home in preference to sleeping out. Take my advice.


    awe bamuna aba he was refusing to fuck me awe nafa nanyele


    iwe ka chichi how can you feel if its you sex is a human right I was fed up with masturbating ahhh its not fair maweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. prodigal son

    Sure sure

  6. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Surely, how can a caring husband left the house after his wife tiped him about. Very foolish husband. Police, please deal with this foolishness man.

  7. Indoshi palupe

    You’re too young to be in marriage, that’s why you’ve killed yourself…

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    But that guy please or nimoba up to zero two hours left your wife alone, but piece of advice to suicide your self is not a solution,better wamusiya chabe wayamba new life.

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