Pres. Lungu Awaits Answers on Deceased UNZA Student

President Edgar Lungu says he will wait for the police to provide answers on the deceased University of Zambia student who died of suffocation from teargas during a riot.

And the Zambia Police has authorized the University of Zambia community to stage a procession to the funeral service of Vespers Shimuzhila from the Great East Road campus to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Katimamulilo Road.

President Lungu said that everybody wanted to know what transpired for a student to have died during the riot on Thursday night over meal allowances.

“Let the police do their job, I think Madam Dora Siliya gave a statement on the government position. We want to know what happened,” he said.

“In Bemba there is a saying that ubushiku umukote aluba ciimbwi anye imfwi, what does that tell you, an old man disappears then the next day the Hyena defecates white hair. We are waiting as government, we do not want you to speculate.”

And the police has given the all clear for the UNZA community to stage a funeral processing urging the leaders to ensure that there is law and order.

“The procession will begin from the University of Zambia Main Campus at 08:30 (Today Monday 08/10/18) hours to the nearby Seventh Adventist Church on Katimamulilo Road where a funeral service of Vespers Shimuzhila-a 4th year student in the School of Education who died in the course of the recent skirmishes between police officers and students at UNZA will held starting at 09:00 hours,” stated the letter by UNZALARU General Secretary Kelvin Mambwe.



  1. Clifford Mwiinde

    May your soul rest in peace young man.

  2. Zebron Chivunga

    She was not actively participating in rioting so she stayed behind
    where she thought it was safe. The killer ignored all those at the battle front, the willing fighters, the energetic ones BECAUSE OF HIS COWARDICE, to go and kill a physically harmless soul that stayed in the room to pray for calm.

    Who commanded the charge and why is he not answerable? MHSRIP.

    • Hammer

      I am sorry that a life has been lost . But there is what we call “ false flag” it is where a grouping of people can kill and commit other atrocities so that they accuse their opponents of being responsible . I agree with our presido to wait for investigations results especially that there was a meeting earlier calling for an uprise against government and allowances were not yet due according to the agreement . For the uprise to be justified they may kill innocent people

  3. True Zambian

    This is the problem when students are drawn into partisan politics. Who held a press briefing and called for an uprising?

  4. Lolo

    Honestly speaking how teargas someone who is in her room??? Coz if someone hid it means he/she doesn’t want to participate in stupidity then an officer who calls himself/herself normal goes and teargas those in their rooms. Why and how?

  5. kambwili

    Whether she was involved in partsa politics or not, tu police utuya ku training for 3 months are jealous of the learned. That’s why there are used by politicians like tissue.

  6. Daniel neba (the general)

    No one is above the law………azamuziba yesu………….(rest in peace my sister)

  7. Mr chipayeni

    Don’t blem the #police on this matter,
    its governments fort.

  8. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Sorry after death useless leader, MHSRIP.

  9. charles

    Police are jealous with unza graduates

  10. Cb

    Useless move you want to act after death,,,why didnt you give them meal allowances at first? Food is needed, where do you think they would have gotten the food from? Next time bane remove this useless leadership they don’t care about you forgetting that you are the one giving them jobss.

    • choma

      We should not just rely on one side honestly speaking if it was not that conference meeting that your so called president,that girl wouldn’t have died and because lacking knowledge he went ahead by inciting violence to those innocent student.Guys wake up dont be blinded by greed politicians

      • doreen

        wembwa we choma u even know that the police teargast the room were the late was but u are busy putting the blame on other people mulekulako mumano bukala bwenu,and for your own information the police are always jealous with unza students

  11. Haatobolo mungwanyoko

    Go well dear mhsrip

  12. Kasoka Chinyama

    Honestily this was stupid we don’t want those police to go free this government 2021 kuyabebele,you don’t care instructing police to kill servilians.

  13. Dickson kalonji

    Am sure God is watching you guys by causing death of an blameless lady

  14. Chulu

    This death should stand as a wake up call to for the government…credit us on time and update us if there any delayal..it’s barely a year since this brutality transpired at cbu

  15. Kay2 Pack M

    Bussy saying waiting for an answer from the police about the deceased, for what you weakened leader, will you bring our sister back to life again, imagine it was tasila who died will u say tht, weakened, heartless, useless people…. Sorry after death..,. Shsmekess people do u know how Brocken hearted the family are..the life of this innocent lady will cry for you Mr lungu and your leadership wy pocketing student’s meal alawernces u are so shameless people.
    God is watching you people…

  16. Joel Cossam Jr Apgsstt

    “Life Is Precious” All Of You Police People Out There Must Respect That, That Was Gross Hostility!

  17. Bright Mizinga

    Too Bad for That 4thyear Unza Student.U Are There To Learn Not Riot.Just For Delayed Meal U Riot.

  18. POLICE


    • Kalembe Bahadoh

      Let’s stand up dear Zambian this instructions from our leader will finish us because police officers ar now used like domats by politicians because a proper human being av to think twice honest speaking how can u use de gun wen maintaining de piece dats being stupid ba police

  19. mengmoreler

    Hmm!bt zoona mumazipanga yimwe bantu!so u mean untill today u don’t knw wat cozd da death are u sure ba presdo?a lawyer and normal person lik u ai!here evn a baby can tel wat killd da girl.ok so u mean there was yo hyena hiding n da hostel then it z da one wich killd her ga and it z da one u want da zawa police to investigate? ok go ahead then let us knw wen u fish don’t jst end on words!!!!

  20. mengmoreler

    ubomba mwibala ulya mwibala!kkkkkk today z hyena n da unza field bt plz try to term yo hyenas coz they’ll fish us.

  21. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!somthng fish here my questions are y nt teargasng and kilng da ring leadrs?y Kuma hostel yaba kazi and wat was dat police oficer after inside da room were there was no protesters hmm!z it dat he raped a girl or anamukana dats y anamupaya awee mwandini dat hyena of yoz z evil!!!

  22. Shaka

    I kill, then you tell me to investigate myself! are you serious?

  23. Kingly temba

    No blame games death has occurred and government is to blame period.

  24. Mr. K

    All of us let us keep our fingers closed there are so many things involved we shall never sortout problems if we start finger pointing the issue is why violence after hakainde propagating violence? We have lost. Mayo uwakutusunga some pipo want political mileage from this sad situation keep calm god is with us mysrip mom

  25. Lungu

    kambwili + Gbm = MATUVI kikikiki

  26. Njila Banda

    May our living and loving father have mess on you and receive you peacefully Vespers. Well always miss and love you.

  27. Evans Mweshi


  28. Bright Mizinga

    The Police Are The One 2 Blame.Bcoz They Teagas Students Hostels.They Shud Be Investegated.They Coused Death 2 That Student.Instead Of2 protect Them But 2 Kill Why?

  29. Alex chinyama

    When democracy remains a name only…Zambian Police men/women will start brutalizing students not until they kill a beautiful young Lady of UNZA wen pipo realize that killing has been going around in the country by officials. Can someone bring real democracy 4us coz we can’t stand shit nor eat shit..please..Alex.C…..government fault

  30. mumba jr

    the job of the police is to promote law and order in the nation above all to protect the citizens and not killing them

  31. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Foolish leadership, foolish policeman, foolish politicians who instructed the riot & foolish government

  32. Simuyemba Chrispine

    Why even investigating when you already know what caused her death. She was teagased,and she was suffocated. Should you even investigate why the police followed the students to their hostels? Police officers were working under the command which instructed them to do so. So no need of probing.

  33. Brodigal Son


  34. Mk

    I think it’s high time all zambian institutions should learn and know the importance of dialogue with the government.If the Unzasu was to sit down and thought twice about the advantages and disadvantages of staging the protest…but because there is some force of gravity coming from somewhere else those are the consquences.In bemba we say “MUMEMBE EMININE ASONGESHA NE SHILELE”.Those who were in the front knew exactly what they were protesting for and not only meal allowance.Call them and interrogate them you will hear a lot.

  35. Danniel

    too bad rest in peãce

  36. Enoch

    Let’s put everything in God hands becoz is the who see where can’t see

  37. Chongola Chikwekwe

    How can a wizard or witch investigate itself? Matuvi Police, Matuvi PF, what UN Evil Man we have in Plot1 who many Pipo especially TONGAS are you going to eat evil man and then you call prayers on 18 October shame to PF Matuvi Government.

  38. Hop kido

    So sad 4 de police to commit such incident, they shud ve waited for further info from de management but not to kill an innocent soul.shame on u tu police twabuyo !

  39. Truth man

    A case of suspected murder and no postmortem carried out to determine the cause of death! Now after investigating if ever it will be done and further evidence is found and pointing to someone what will happen? An unnatural death has to be investigated by the state! Where is the state? It does not need the President to demand for a report in order for someone to do his work! These people are paid salaries from taxpayers money.It is a shame really. Oh! Zambia where are we going?

  40. nefertiti

    Mhsrip. Something is not right here. I trust police.

  41. Mk

    Zambian special teargasas at work,

  42. Concerned citizen

    This is sad.sooner or later the truth will be heard mysripp Vesper.

  43. CHRIS kayimba

    may her soul rest in peace

  44. Songo

    It could be that some ‘masons’ are reclaiming what they have “invested” through subtle sponsorships in blood. ICIKUPEMPULA ECIKULYA. Beware!

  45. cambia

    The truth is that the police anakaniwa kuli gelo that’s why he rapped her and teargas her whîch is very bad 🙅 for us pipo of cam is .lungu behind this yesss benze bonse na BA police 👮 Ku rapinga girl 👧 and killed her

  46. BokoHaram

    Police train hard for me am on my way!!

  47. Dixon

    Chinese investors are killing Zambians u keep them free why killing innocent soul where is Petersen to sing for me (ochimwa ni Osama bapaya Saddam) RIP

  48. BokoHaram

    Chinese investors are killing Zambians u keep them free why killing innocent soul where is Petersen to sing for me (ochimwa ni Osama bapaya Saddam) RIP

  49. ok

    Arrest that police Officer unreasonig leading to the loss of life. Police investigating themselves ?

  50. Chipuka

    Sorry if you may correct me on this two is it Zambia police force or Zambia police service? Police officers you have killed too main people why. Training them how to control the suction and not to kill. RIP sister.

  51. Mr dundumwenze

    Don’t blame president lungu, ma students please learn to respect

  52. Edward

    Rest In Peace

  53. Mapolo Anu Dad

    Dear Mr President
    am writing to u bcuz
    u should stay away fuck up with my neighborhood,
    pretty much so saying by runout of time i none change, all promise is made.
    these niggaz acting up in a hood sayin’ more truth and look how people are livin’ in misery mediocre
    so fuck PF and the entire rulin’ part and
    i meant every word in my letter to the president
    world mother fuckin’ life.
    fuck all y’all if u can’t adjust mother fuckaz asshole bitchez,
    and if any one replies to this comment then i fucked yo mother she a useless bitch.

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