13 Drug Pushers Formally Charged in Mega Operation

The Drug Enforcement Commission in Muchinga Province has formally arrested and jointly charged thirteen people in Lavushimanda District of Muchinga Province for trafficking in loose cannabis, cannabis seeds and unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing a total of over 105 tonnes.

The suspects are identified as Bishirt Banda, 65, Zeddy Mumba, 44, Rudoh Ngosa, 25 and Desho Mwape of Mumpamanzi village, Chintu Mulenga, 17, Maxwell Kachule, 18, Ngosa Manda, 16, Chula Kunda, 17 and Maxwell Manda, 17, all of Isaac village in Lavushimanda District of Muchinga Province.

Others include Febby Banda, 54, Madson Manda, 31, Maxson Chilando, 43 and Stanley Kazembe, 50, popularly known as “Satana” of Kamwendo village also of Lavushimanda District.

DEC Acting Public Relations Officer Kamufisa Manchishi says the suspects were nabbed in four major operations conducted by the Commission in the area leading to the discovery of several fields of cannabis believed to be supplying various towns in Lusaka, Copperbelt and Eastern Provinces.

“Of the thirteen suspects, nine have also been slapped with additional charges for trafficking in a total of 322.9 kilogrammes of dry loose cannabis in separate incidences” said Manchishi.


  1. Henry Chingah

    It’s not legalized in Zambia so, let the low take it’s course job well-done DEC

  2. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Even 16 years old, Pamela why ?

  3. Bright Mizinga

    Mamamamaa.Kwati Masaka Yamataba Pa FRA Kanshi Ni Dobo.Are The People Living In That Area Safe Am Sure There Alot Of Criminal Activeties..;.

  4. Day

    Mmmmm,but I think there is a lot of Jahmen and Lastermen.

  5. 5six

    a sigh of no money pa zed, and no jobs

  6. Ray

    Are you sure it’s 105 tonnes? 105 tonnes is 105,000 kilograms. Get your facts right.

  7. Razor

    If this crop is exported it can earn us a substantial amount of foreign exchange that can help stabilise the kwacha.

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    Ask them in a polite manners, I am sure they will give you a full answer.


    Shuwa mwebantu,can u nickname yoself @ satana?We wil see if the original satana wil help u in jail as 4 Jesus,he hates satana.Shame on u @Stanley Kazembe(5oyrz yadobo yeka eka)mumangeni 1000yrz satana amuzibe Yesu!

  10. Shaa

    Pa zed I wonder….so we waiting for a white skin person to give a go ahead in trading in such commodities….Let’s find market for such or process it and package it for other uses…Am sure there are other useful ways of this dobo….we should not be so closed up as a people….just waiting on a muzungu to lead….we can be leaders ourselves and come up with something good out of this dobo….already Coca-Cola has hinted to start dosing some of their drinks with dobo…they believe it has some medicinal properties….it will be believed because it’s bazungus saying it….but our own Sinkamba we shoot him and proclaim he has gone nuts with dobo…

  11. Marley

    Legalise it Roll it up and lit it and i will advertise it

  12. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Yes, job well done D.EC, but let’s hope those drugs will not disappear when it’s in there custard. I remember some shoes just vanished from there custard which were confiscated from a chaines national.

  13. Jeff colby@ g.com

    Let them put there facts straight, that bunch can never be 105 tonnes. It must be somewhere around 10 x50kg.

  14. Big fish

    Now Dec please show us all the three trucks, which is 105tone

  15. Majoni Tyson

    Real men. Forgive them,they are working hard to get rich and create jobs for the idle youths in the area. Mr satana y did fail the game sure.

  16. Soft

    Good works there

  17. Baka DOHDAH

    Dec how i het to mention this name leave pipo alone u all do the u smoke, u sell nokukula mwalikula mushe bange leave them.

  18. Mukas Moise

    Educate them

  19. munthu

    maaa dobo yonse iyi

  20. Denniscious

    These are very productive, that’s a lot of money.
    By the way iyo 105 tonnes teya chishinka. Kkkkkkkk Mr baila

  21. le bad buoy

    gadamn it?! why cant we have our own pablo or el chapo. that crime is worth a lot of money.so what wil they do with the stash,burn it? i dont think so

  22. Q cent

    Arrest them thy ar evil thy wht 2 kill as

  23. soche

    Mr baela were are you !!!..dobo burner up !!!


    Google the bab and good side of marijuana the good over weighs the bad and its not harmful like the common tobacco ..and you will know why some countries are legalising it now.

  25. Kush

    Legalize it…!!! Those people you are putting behind bars are not criminals… They are just farmers. Let us learn from South Africa and other countries that have Legalized marijuana, and stop terrorizing poor innocent people.

  26. onetym

    Ba DEC balapepa ichamba ukuchila the people they have caught.

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