Kitwe Bus Operators Increase Fares

Bus operators in Kitwe District have increased bus fares by K 2 and K 2.50 for all local routes.

According to the Bus and Tax Owners Association of Zambia fares chart obtained, the increment has been effected today (Monday) in response to increased fuel prices.

However, Spokesperson of the Association Amis Daudi declined to comment on the increments.

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) last week adjusted upwards the pump price of fuel citing changes in two main variables that influence the price of the commodity.

Petrol was increased by K2.31 to K16.06 from K13.75, diesel adjusted by K2.64 to cost K14.65 per litre and kerosene went up by K2.49 from K8.85 to K11.34 per litre respectively.



  1. Indoshi palupe

    Elo lwanya… ni dununa reverse!

  2. Kenny

    Father Zambia where are we going kanshi

  3. King cool

    Lungu alungusha icalo

  4. Bols dry no mixer

    Want to change ubuteko , its not everyone who will be managing these fares , here in kabwe central people are just walking on their feets , tuchulilemo while we gat legs to use. Better I bank my k15, go,come

  5. Frank Tembo

    Comment Dununa regret paipa pano!

  6. fisunge

    Mwebantu mwiumfwila when the pump price was reduced transport was not reduced by the taxi and minibus drivers why increase today this pump price is not permanent unless they say that as soon as the pump price is reduced they will also reduce deal..

  7. Steve's

    Yaba pf at shani

  8. Tumpa ntupe,shilomba nshipela

    this country is being run like a company,i don’t like where we are going as a nation

  9. Joseph

    Commentti this is bad for us kuchinja government we want change

  10. Jackson

    But y in lusaka they over charge pipo during evening time ad rain season without any say from the so called association

  11. True Zambian

    The Zambian population be very fit from all the walking we will be doing. Obesity and heart diseases will no longer be with us. God move PF. I PRAY CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI WILL JOIN US IN WALKING FOR HEALTH

  12. Chinese

    The problem with Zambian is that when coming to vote they don’t think about which person to vote for as long as the person is from the same tribe. They think they will benefit from that person so don’t complain ichalo chesu dununa regret.

  13. Kapijimpanga

    Ecl comes from Avery small tribe in eastern province he is national leader voted in 8,provinces only tribalists vote on tribal lines as for fuel increase only Tonga’s don’t know it is not only in Zambia it is. World over OPEC countries have increased fuel prices we Zambians are. Not fair bcz oil prices are reduced no reduction I n fairs quickly prices go up fuel prices go up some do it for political mileage fooling themselves

    • Baby Bee

      Note that not all tongas a tribalistic and that we the only ones that are behaving like it’s just in Zambia that fuel prices have been increased. People are upset because they are competing the margins at which other countries have hiked the price.

      You talking about tongas being tribalistic makes me see that you are what you accuse others to be

  14. Stephen Simfukwe

    Our government its a specialist in failure!


    Leave lungu allone

  16. Fortune

    Sogola you must be sick…

  17. Razor

    Wait more increases are coming as the dollar is still climbing.

  18. Zambia FK

    @Stephen in Zambia political cycle we the the specialist in failure. He has lost more than five times and always says ” ba ni mbelamavotes”.
    This is a global problem things will be ok once copper prices increases on the world market. We also hope to see a reduction in petroleum products on the world market.

  19. Mr true

    Tuletekwa kuchipuba

  20. Marley

    I’ve never been a big fun of politics but come 2021 im going for HH maybe we have misjudged the man pantu mmm Lungu awe twalafwa

  21. Frank Bwalya

    These are the consequences of blind voting ba kopala.. Osa Lila. You still have 3 more years before elections


    Lungu, book out please

  23. Alex kapesa


  24. Enerst

    Everything has time,,,,, time to blame and time to appreciate,,, time to steal and time to be caught,,,, God sees you people!!!!!!!

  25. Chama john

    The world has just gone to an end.so dont blame any one .cause non of the coming presidents will change this no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Friday phiri

    Mwebantu mwiumfwila when the pump price was reduced transport was not reduced by the taxi and minibus drivers why increase today this pump price is not permanent unless they say that as soon as the pump price is reduced they will also reduce deal.. I agree with you bother man…..these bus/tax owners don’t consider that!

  27. Maybin

    Don’t worry ni dununa regret

  28. Sebana Wikute


  29. Shoms

    As long as the systems at work are not locally born and designed these problems shall always be there.
    No political party, no politicians will give us the solutions.
    We need to value ourselves as a people and quit membership from all those are colonizing us economically.
    We need to be empowered with properties so that we have sustainable and predictable income earnings capacities as citizens.That is the way to go

  30. CK

    Iam saying,urinate into your tanks or follow what HH said,u pack yo cars to demonstrate.Manjinga yasebenze manje.

  31. lisa

    when something happens don’t point fingers, let’s pray God sees us through we are a Christian nation.

  32. Aston Shamambo

    We are not slaves to global all we need to do is to think hardly.

  33. ISAAC katuta

    Thats good pf is working nice

    That’s good pf is working

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