Mwepu Eyes Starting Spot

Chipolopolo midfielder Enock ‘Computer’ Mwepu says he is working hard to earn a starting berth in tomorrow’s Cameroon 2019 Africa Cup of Nations clash against Guinea Bissau at the National Heroes Stadium.

During a pre-match press conference, Mwepu said the team was focused on qualification after missing out on the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Austrian Bundesliga player who stars for Red Bull Salzburg said tomorrow’s match would be good to watch.

“It is always the coach’s decision to put in a player, and of course if you are doing fine the coach will see that you are capable,” he said.

“It is the coach’s decision and everyone is ready to play. I think if I get the one spot to play I will appreciate that and work for the country.”

The 2017 Under-20 Africa Cup of Nations winner said Guinea Bissau would be a tough opponent but promised to reap maximum points.

“We expect a tough game but Zambia is a good team so we won’t give up until the final whistle. We will aim to win the game. I think it will be a good match to watch,” Mwepu said.

Zambia hosts Guinea Bissau on Wednesday before engaging the same side away on Sunday in back-to-back engagements.

Guinea Bissau is in joint top position with Mozambique on four points after two matches while Zambia and Namibia are on a point each.

Tomorrow’s match will be Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck’s debut home match at the helm of Zambia.

Kickoff is at 17:30 hours with tickets on sale across Shoprite outlets via Computicket.

All tickets for K20 have sold out with only K50, K100 and K300.

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. cm

    yawama yo ba mwepu mwasosa kukosapofye ubunang’ani tabulisha kasuma. go zambia go we’re hehind u guiz dont worry

  2. simfukwe Stephen

    Is the game going to be live on znbc???

  3. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Tatulefwaya ama disappointment work hard to are achieve what you want.

    • Louise

      Yes MWEPU,that’s what we all want has a Nation.. GO CHIPOLOPOLO GO….. THESE ARE OUR POINTS!!!!!;;

  4. Ian


  5. Louis namakando

    Yes ba mwepu

  6. fikashala

    bola na lesa work hard mwaice go zambia go

  7. Clifford

    Tiye nayonayo computer we are behind you my guy. Bola na Lesa.

  8. Chama john

    What more can I say ??? Nothing! Just to give a big ups to my favourite players mwepu, Dhaka, fashion, shonga, Cletus, sunzu and Augustine. Etc work hard to develop and impress the country.

  9. joe

    Comment yeeees Mwepu…harder nabena

  10. HOMMIE 24

    Fashion should not start pliz

  11. Chris

    Well spoken mwaice we shall wait for tomorrow’s game wish you all the best Chipopolo boys.

  12. SIGAL

    Its true ba ‘MWEPU’ just make it..

  13. King cool

    The match will be live on Znbc TV 1 no need of worrying.just knock off a bit early.

  14. HH

    i will incite players to riot so that cops fire teargas and one player will die kakakakakaka

  15. mulenga

    Go zambia go we are behind you Guys bola na lesa mwepu muntu wantu tulibonse mailo

  16. mulenga

    Go zambia go we are behind you Guys bola na lesa mwepu muntu wantu tulibonse mailo..Iyeeee!!!!!

  17. Shaka

    Wishing you the best pals.

  18. Johnson Mulenga

    Go zambia go we ar behind u guyz paka likatulike

  19. mmmm

    Riot, teargas and death

  20. vibe

    go Zambia we are behind u nd will give u the full support,make sure u make us proud

  21. Edgar lungu

    This guys chipantepante rushing team, I will just go to kanakantapa pa sampa to drink kachasu na skota.

  22. Mr dundumwenze

    I am behind you guys, and I am expecting more goals tomorrow.


    Mwepu azangenesapo na fashon

  24. Derrick mugano

    Go Zambia go, we are behind you guys 3:0 in fovour of Zambia. I know Zambia is always a good team, iyeeeee chipolopolo!!! Ba Zambia nalelo bawina chipolopolo,ba Zambia iyeeeee ba Zambia chipolopolo.


    Iwe ka fake hh(impostr),let me kindly warn u,if u want any1 2 die in 2morow’s game,then it wil be u wherevr u coz u hav no powr 2 curse any being.If there wil b death,i pray it strikes only u uncivilisd cockroch.DAMN U! SKOPO DONONO!! MAY THE LORD STRIKE UR FINGERS WITH LEPROSY.


    Iwe ka fake hh(impostr),let me kindly warn u,if u want any1 2 die in 2morow’s game,then let it wil be u wherevr u ar coz u hav no powr 2 curse any being.If there wil b death,i pray it strikes only u uncivilisd cockroch.DAMN U! SKOPO DONONO!! MAY THE LORD STRIKE UR FINGERS WITH LEPROSY.

  27. Luck Muwaya

    Go chipolopolo go, we are behind with you.

  28. Heroes Stadium

    ZNBC will televise the tomorrow’s game don’t worry ba Dundumwezi people maka-maka iwe Handsome Hichalimo

  29. Bernard Mukuma

    I love football, I drink football, chipolopolo we are with you guys, bola na LESA. 2:0 for mother zambia

  30. justin

    All the best to all of you guyz

  31. Stanley

    Work extra hard Go Zambia Go

  32. Felix

    Go chipolopolo go bola na Lesa.

  33. Dickson kanyata

    Lets go Zambia we have done before we are behind you the lads.

  34. P.J.

    Go Goo Gooo Zambia.

  35. Lloyd

    Yes ma man i believe in you ba computer

  36. Mwewa Michael

    Bola nalesa …go Zambia go .. computer,fashion, SHONGA and others .zam Zambia 3 vs Guinea bissua 0

  37. One Zambia one Nation

    Natuwina kale bola

  38. Jeff colby@

    Don’t let us down baiche

  39. Mr dundumwenze

    Iwe ka heroes stadium sitifuna kutiyamba kuno Ku dundumwenze,this is not the time for politics, wonani kambolo kuchela mukulu onse no nsoni,muzigela mavuzi.

  40. Andrue

    Copper bullets be the first one to score .dont wait for de for the opponets to start scoring for u to be serious on the pitch.make us happy soccerfans go!!!!go!!behind you we are,

  41. of en

    We are greatful for your confidence

  42. MifA

    Zambia balange, we still have Mr computer. Powerful Mr mwepu

  43. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Guinea is better than zambia.Ichipantepante mu zambia i cant wast my time to watch this game i wil be at work

  44. Musonda

    I hate this squad no good player I will just support guinea Bissau, I started hating this country after failing to vote wisely,even to nominate players they don’t know.player mbesuma,chisamba lungu,himonde,are you sure you want to qualify or may you are just joking? This is a comedy bikilon and difficult, go guinea Bissau.

  45. Anthony chitefu

    Mwaice uposeko amano ngefyo twakwishiba, please please

  46. Briven

    But, young man, you look better when you have your hair cut.

  47. Joseph

    if, you want to ve an heart attack or bp, you can start support chipolopolo.

  48. James

    I will watch after I hear the results I know my Zambia very well , 😂 I don’t want to spoil my week, it started very well

  49. Aaron gadama

    Zambia 2 Gne 1 to day

  50. Sylvester Masuwa

    Ba Mwepu just show them how you her so that they know that”kwaliba abatulupa! our eyes are on you.

  51. Bamambwe

    nice one indeed. Zambia go we are behind you guys

  52. Kennedy mumbi

    I will collapse if we lose this game ,nanaka ukusapota Bambi Ku would cup kula sapoter Bambi ,naku Africa cup nako pambi awe ,busapota bwandi bwalikula indalama mposa pali bola shalifula naine ebwalya bwandi ,bombesheni lelo bamwepu wesu ,tusansamusheniko mwebantu lelo ,Zambia 4 Bambi 0 Ba coach mulefunya bwangu mwene nawena ukukokosha bola tafilefwaikwa ,fashion naena muletuma bola pakati tekushaina Ronald aibelafye ,goooooo Zambia we behind u

  53. Chainz mocar

    I Hope You Will Win

  54. Coy power

    zamb 2-gbissau 1.

  55. Damisiano Adebayor

    coach and the technical bench advise Zambians players not to be selfish,especially Fashion sakala.

  56. DO OR DIE

    Hope everything will be okay guys “Bola NA Lesa”.


    diamong pro mbolo kuchepa monga ya baby kikikiki you are cursed from now

  58. mm

    go Zambia go. but fashion shouldn’t start today. mwepu should.

  59. mm

    Zambia 3 guinea 0

  60. Sky blizzy

    Zambia 4 Guinea 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause today it’s how day!!

  61. Mukasa Mukasa

    all the best guys.

  62. Sky blizzy

    Zambia 4 Guinea 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause today it’s our day!!

  63. mulele

    Zambia 2 vs v 0 Guinea b

  64. perfect pic

    kubombesha fye guys

  65. Haggai

    Zambia Go Zambia Go

  66. Tembo chrispin


  67. MUZO

    Please coach try to make a strong team and please u should avoid putting childish and selfish players like fashion sakala

  68. Wonder Jerome Johnson

    I predict a 2-1 win for Zambia….
    Shonga 1
    Mwepu 1

  69. Haggai

    what time the game with kick-off

  70. Zu

    Fashion Sayaka must be out put people who are intelligent. Who is fashion?

  71. Shapi

    Mwepu help us win

  72. talalamusonda

    Go Zambia go Zambia they will qualify to the African cup of nations

  73. Smart

    Winning Guinea-Bissau is just enough way to start celebrating the new year! Lets pray we win the in the returning leg scheduled to take place on Sunday.

  74. Busy signal

    Always on mwepu dats my guy love u always continue with de same spirit

  75. Father mwale

    Mwepu the “computer”

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