Three Injured in Chisamba Accident

Three people sustained serious injuries in a road traffic accident which occurred this morning at around 08:40 hours at Carry House along the Great North Road in Chisamba District.

Involved was Alfred Mwansa of unknown age of SOS Lusaka who was driving a Toyota Hilux registration number ALZ 7804 from South to North and unknown driver who was driving a Shacman Truck , Unregistered from North to South.

Zambia Police Service Spokeswoman Esther Katongo says the accident happened when the driver of the truck was overtaking improperly and went to collide head on with the oncoming Toyota Hilux.

Katongo explained that the driver of the Toyota Hilux and his two passengers  identified as Bridget Nkaka aged 32  of Zanimuone in Lusaka and Lisa Kalikumase of unknown age of Kabwata in Lusaka sustained multiple injuries and are all admitted to Liteta Hospital, Central Province.


  1. Zweni mangesans

    Chinese trucks again


    What a stupid and premetive truck driver and he should face rough of the law

  3. maganizo

    sad indeed.. wishing them a quick recovery

  4. Menomeno

    The driver of the hilux is known but they don’t know the driver of the truck but the name of the truck they know….kkkkkklkkk

  5. Euro Bond

    Madam police spokesperson, that can us not a Toyota Hilux but a Nissan HardnodyNP300. Hey your facts right.

  6. Euro Bond

    The van is not a Toyota Hilux but a Nissan Hard body NP300

    • jazzy

      fuck this is not a story unless if people died fuck all of you

      • alex

        Actually Lisa just passed away so stfu ppl were injured and u don’t call it a story ?

  7. Razor

    Driver of the truck should be charged with attempted murder because this charge of dangerous driving is not working for truck drivers.

  8. Luck muwaya

    Too bad

  9. Chisa

    Some stories!Very boring.Start posting fairy tales instead.

  10. One Zambia one Nation

    Too bad get well soon

  11. justin Tembo

    Too bad and we that God for saving them!!!

  12. Kaswango

    Wishing them quick recovery. Jahova God with touch them all

  13. Kapijimpanga

    This truck driver must have his licence revoked for ever

  14. Mukas Moise

    Too bad

  15. Judith Kapijimpanga

    ahh this gut screwed me before the accident, he did’nt pay hence the accident kikikiki


    fuck all commentators just join my party

  17. Trevor Pambwe

    May de Lord touch dem all 4 a quick recovery

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