Tokota Boys Found with Case to Answer

Eighteen members of the notorious Tokota Boys gang have been found with a case to answer and put on their defence on all three charges.

One of the accused identified as Lazarous Zulu has been acquitted due to insufficient evidence against him.

Judge Timothy Katanekwa ruled that the court established a prima facie case against the 18 who have since been put on their defence on the three charges.

Meanwhile, the High Court also ruled that two of the 18 members put on defence be treated as juveniles after receiving results of the Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as ordered by the Court last month.

This is in a case where the 19 were charged with three counts of causing grievous harm, unlawful wounding and poisoning and kidnapping a juvenile contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that, in the first count the 19 are charged with acts intended to cause grievous harm contrary to section 224 (a) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the first court are that the 19 suspects on the 30th of April 2018 in Kitwe District, whilst jointly acting together with other persons unknown intent to maim, disfigure or disable did cause grievous harm to a male juvenile.

In the second count, they are charged with unlawful wounding or Poisoning Contrary to section 232 (b) of the penal code of chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that the 19 suspects on the 30th of April 2018 whilst acting together with intent to injure or annoy, caused noxious things namely faeces to be taken the Juvenile.

In the last count the 19 are charged with kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to grievous harm contrary to section 257 of the penal code of the Laws of Zambia.

The matter has since been adjourned to tomorrow, 9th October, 2018 for defence.


  1. kambwili

    Lock them up. There are stupid and a threat to the next nation.

  2. Mercury

    Slow as a sloth in judging!Kano ngani niumwana wenu ewobalishe amafi ngakale mwafipwisha!

  3. Indoshi palupe

    Oh,,, so this case is still at large!

  4. Moses

    Take them to correctional faculty for them to be adjusted. However, some of them might have been forced into the group. Let those if any is found go free but, with a monitoring eye on them by community members of their locality.

    • Sean Roxy online genius

      These thugs Has to get locked up… And no one should by any means be let go… They deserve the punishment at hand👂in fact sentencing them many years imprisonment without fail… This is no issue to discuss but action should be taken 😬😬😬

  5. D.man

    What are you waiting for u judges? just lock them before they pull the trigger…

  6. D.man

    What are you waiting for u judges? just lock them before they pull the trigger…otherwise things will b worse

  7. Edmund

    Why in Zambia the court cases are taking too long to be closed
    Cage these dogs as a reminder of the mushrooming up coming gangs

  8. banks

    give them at least 15 years in prison with hard labor so that they will be an example to athers

    • kelvin

      Cut there ears..and lock them up life inprison,,.bativutisa bamambala.

    • Lord Byron

      Until it happens to you in a different scene and Lord Byron is typing on the net same you worded upon they ass. smh

  9. Songo

    Scum like those sobs are not needed in society.

  10. zambiaisours

    Yes lock them up, BUT ALSO,FIND OUT WHAT TYPE IF FAMILIES THESE HOODLUMS ARE COMING FROM.Their behavior could just be an example of a bigger rot taking place in our society,where people are making children with little or no regard to be there to ensure their off springs grow up into responsible persons!!

  11. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Kill them all there stupid

  12. Mtn

    Cage them, they are threat to the nation.

    • Voiceless

      Arrest them….if you don’t nishi u ar together

  13. Acids

    Those tokotas they deserve to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
    Those gang were terrorize residents so bad.. They av tokotad many pipo.they deserve to pay the Price

  14. The general

    ……federal crime…… Azamuziba yesu

  15. Chinda Alfred

    Putting them behind bars doesn’t mean they hated. Please let them be taken to Mwembeshi Maximum prison for 25 years since they are still young.

  16. francis ngandu

    Judges just forgive them.

  17. Azily

    These people can kill and they are a threat to our poor developing nation.
    Let them get fair justice!

  18. fisunge

    Forgive who you’re joking do you know what they did to me it’s only that I didn’t report thank god there their please even my complaint shud be heard give them 15 years by the time there released they’ll be ready for marriage

  19. Esau

    let the law suit face them they are disgrace to the human nature.And you delaying the justice,the case is there and justice must prevail.cage the dogs.

  20. Ninshi mu Zambia it takes a period of 28 hours for the Judges to investigate on the cases like that of those whom their mothers was given birth by accidentally?......time wasted will be never recovered,punish those monsters immediately other you mislead us...... ifyabupuba tefyo.

    Poseniko amano…….. other wise…….naleka

  21. Disappointed Nation

    Mu Zambia zooona bwafya ure failing to deal with Cases which r very straight Forward wat if it was ur son balishishe amafi

  22. but kwena

    muzambia awe😒😒😒😒

  23. One Zambia one Nation

    Don’t have anything to say

  24. Mr dundumwenze

    Zambian judges awe mwandini,they are waiting to be paid, after pay no guilt wash out case, I know keep on wait you will see what will happen next few days.

  25. nakulu chimbwi

    What they did was not good if you let them go free they will do it to another person. Teach them a lesson.

  26. Louuse

    These Naughty people… if they are given a second chance they’ll destroy the coming generation!!!!show them No leniency!!!!!

  27. sami

    Same cases are not even suppose to a year for you to judge what evidence do you still need

  28. Kenny

    Please leave them and take them to church for deliverance at lest God will help them don’t put them in prison please help all the guys in prayers so this people needs God’s power and they will be man of God, pastors and prophet

  29. Kenny

    Am prophet Kenny lungu from copper belt please we are helping them in prayers so that they can be born again as children’s of God

  30. kamanga

    Put them in prison they are very stupid if you leave them they will increase

  31. Bright Future

    Treat them like slaves then you em up the cage.

  32. George

    Forgive them

  33. David

    Finally the police are doing their jobs
    Please ba police help us in nakonde we have a big gang here called ba manguluweni there are killing people
    Do yo best to contact the police from nakonde

  34. mulenga²

    Yes the police are doing there jobs but why Is it that we’ve not head the cout talk about that police man who was believed to have been in connection with the tokota boys,i meat the one who told male-weather to escape.
    No one Is above the Löw and i think he needs to be in the some place with those Guys called team TOKOTA pantu we zambians dont need police officiers like him………..TEFINTU!

  35. Soft

    Arrest those pipo and lock them away they ar bad omens of the society..

  36. Prisca kapungwe

    Please people of God this is one Zambia one nation let us stand as one and ask for God’s Mercy over our country only him can do what no man can do



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