Chipolopolo Gift Fans with 2-1 Win Over Guinea

The Chipolopolo boys repaid the huge fan turn out with a 2-1 win over Guinea Bissau at a packed to capacity National Heroes Stadium.

Coach Sven Vandenbroeck was gifted a win on his debut assignment before home fans with Stoppilla Sunzu putting Zambia ahead on 15 minutes.

Orlando Pirates midfielder Justin Shonga doubled the lead with a stroke of brilliance in the 54th minute.

Guinea Bissauโ€™s Frederic Mendy was gifted by an unlikely Kennedy Mweene error in the 80th minute.

Republican President Edgar Lungu led thousands of fans in cheering the Chipolopolo on at National Heroes Stadium.

It was the first win for Zambia in three Group K matches and pushes the Chipolopolo to four points.

Zambia will play Guinea Bissau on Sunday away in the final of back-to-back matches.



  1. Jackson

    Congratulation guys but make use of every chance you create, and Kennedy Mweene be serious, wishing you all the best for the next away game

    • Joel nkausu

      Well done guys kennedy amubike maanu mudala

      • Chansa

        If the new coach knows he’s job well, mweene should be dropped from the squad with immediate effect. He has been the joke causing silly mistakes for more than five times in previous matches.

  2. mr life

    Well done guyz not mayayayaya.

  3. Delking

    thnks guys 4 job wel done

  4. Justine

    Well done guyz

    • Washaba

      Thanks guys but the Kennedy next time please keep us happy

  5. Don bryno

    Congratulations to the guys keep it up.

  6. Twaileta

    That’s our expectation,Go Zambia go.

  7. Mr eazy

    Otherwise guys we played exallent, wishing u bst for the next match.

  8. Charles micklay

    That was a wound fully display by the chipolopolo,the arsenal of Zambia congratulations guys

  9. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Congratulations guys for making us proud.wishing you once more all the BEST for the next game in Guinea.Bola na Lesa

  10. Lloyd

    Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘† guys we are behind you

  11. sitali michael sitali

    My cousin Kennedy mweene be serious ,don’t repeat again with same errors as u did to Mozambique and it has happened again to Guinea b

  12. TOP G

    We played so well. Those chances should be always utilised at all cost. Thank you for this victory…

    • Mr. Chingah

      Well done chipolopolo boys you’ve made the so proud

  13. Derrick mugano

    Congratulations we as Zambians we are very proud of your positive results today. Mr k MWEENE if u no what is good for u,u better be serious with what u are up to.u sold a goal,no more any mistake to Guinea Bissau.

  14. Tryson Sikambala

    Well done guyz,today you showed us that you are footballers,but we don’t expect mweene to make error on sunday.

  15. jc khalifa

    Job well done guys congratulation

  16. JJB

    Z 2 -GB 1 congratulations Guys

  17. Linos

    Congraturation Guys, but Mweene watch out.

  18. Kenny

    Thanks guys please go a head.

  19. Royd

    Don’t relax guys we still have one door to open just add more effort from today’s job well done in preparation to the coming game we are behind you go Zambia go chipolopolo

  20. Convent k

    Blame is on coach he shouldn’t have substituted mwepu, Nathan Sinkala and mwepu controlled today’s mid- field . otherwise the guys played so well

  21. king lamz

    I think they could have scored even four goals mweeee bt you have made it we are proud of you wish you all the best for the next game

  22. Abraham falanga


  23. Tisa

    Well done chipolopolo.

  24. Abraham falanga

    Well done guys ..I enjoyed the game ..I thought I was watching Barcelona. ..mmmm passes excellent

  25. Louise wilson

    Congrats guys we are strongly as a team&M weene stand strong with what you have be competent!!!…no business in the game …. Congrats once more!!!!

  26. King and priest

    Chipolopolo you are fine, but that’s your career so keep it up and not down. Faz be in favor of your team. Mwaishiba.

  27. pardon

    Congrates ba guy!!!! Will we b sponsored for travelling to Guinea next Sunday since the he prmsd?

  28. Debby siasimuna

    if kennedy m is too old to play football,let him give chance to young one

  29. Mr football

    That’s Zambia now .go Zambia go keep it up boys even next time

  30. SIKAO zee

    Well done coach pakubika fashion pa bench well done bt the only misteck u made is that u are jxt substitute mwepu don’t made such misteck again plzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz we thank God first ovo gud night guyz

  31. man of hope

    It’s well with us,do it again,goals first other than else.

  32. Zlatan zlatco

    Nice game guys wish you all the best #bazlatco

  33. Bry k

    Well done guyz keep it up and for the next game

  34. Lumba Chimbipa

    Well done guyz but next time don’t be relaxed with a 2-1 bcoz they can equalise

    • Clifford Mwiinde

      Well done guys that’s what you should be playing to make supporters happy, congratulations. Well done to our new coach once more job done now you need to seat down with Mweene, if he is old chase him from the squad bcoz mistakes are just too much. Go Zambia Gooooo kikiki,,,,,,, wishing you all the best for the returning match, show them that you are the copper bullets. Bola Saana

  35. dan chile

    Guys great job and as for mr kennedy mwene please don’t do that again we trust in you our best goalkeeper you can do it. Go zambia Go

  36. Dador chibuye

    what a classic game played by chipolopolo …..amapassfye yekayeka ….ball position Zambia 78 percent 22percent guinea ….new Barcelona at our land

  37. Soccer fan

    Zambia played like Spain but mweene please,i wanted 2 to 0

  38. Paul Shakambwa

    Thanks guys. You have done it and made us happy. I in partculat, have enjoyed the game with good passes. You have good stamina. Keny, you shown us desgres

  39. jay Rockie

    congratulations all might chipolopolo you made us proud you played so well i thought i was watching Spain

  40. Mutale ss

    Well done guyz keep it up , kennedy mweene be serious bro next time. We don’t want ma bp please, have u seen yo friend kalaba total 90 bench,,carefull

  41. Kapijimpanga

    I normally not fan for Zambia football team because of disappointments I made a mistake to day to watch the team and again I was almost disappointed anyway affair game they have to. Work hard they are very far to improvement

  42. Moses Mushe Mushe

    Well done guyz bt next game don’t be so reluctant, fight for more goals

  43. Edmond

    We wanna win more until tha trophy is ours again##Proudly Zambiain

  44. D.M.W

    Go Zambia Go

    • Pascal Chola

      Good game but watching from home is better than in the Stadia. Ababakabolala really disturbed my flow of the game. Why are seats for, yes we can stand but observe the other brother who you are obstructing. In the walking way was pact hence same guys wanted to to stand because they could not get what they wanted to see. pliz ba FAZ help us because next time ni home viewing. Congrats Isaac Siamujompa for buying the heart of Svern and pliz keep it up.

  45. simon kasangila chooma

    power power Ba Zambia

  46. Enock Yumba

    Well played that was fantastic performance

  47. Fidelis Katongo

    Well done guys go all the way and beat Guinea at their back yard on Sunday, as for Mweene you simply can’t afford ‘ clowning’ in such an important tournament.

  48. King cool

    Thanks so much,,,, but mweene pull up your socks , make sure when you get to Guinea Bissau remember home ground, is very good at.

  49. Fashion SAKALA

    Sven next game I don’t want a bench, I will score more than two goals.this guys they played well but they failed to score many goals,try me next game.

  50. Sydney Smith maggs

    That’s the international,standard of play ,u made us feel at home,sensational performance,keep the same spirit guys.

  51. Sven

    Fashion Sakala ma setting niniyafuna you will never play any game.

  52. The nation at large

    You played well guys i kept on looking for E HAZARD until i found that our players have changed the level of football

  53. Andrue

    Very proud we are ,a million thanx for the postive result,nice passes one touch .nice once!! I dont knw what others might say but for me i felt like i was watching European league. There was updated skills from our guiz doin it good from every second. Bola yoyamba na mwepuvalways very interesting.
    Let’s pave way and top the table guiz,,,,,,,

  54. Kush legend

    Ma Passes like spain mm zoona ths is zambia

  55. Vincent Lochadiah

    The game was good very interesting. You have made us proud. passes were wonderful. 50-50 with Barcelona.

  56. bashi sasha

    Great job but tone to Cameroon is the wining not game more effort. Lubambo musonda good play but thy were supposed to substituted duo to tire and less power on the ball.than master Kalaba proced.

  57. Mapalo Tembo

    Bravo chipolopolo u hv made us proud .

  58. Jeff colby@

    Congrats 2 u guys , mweene b careful with the goal_ post.

  59. Andy Siame

    The substitute where introduced early, next tym put them in 10 to 5 minutes before stop watch

  60. Laka

    Nice play Zambia pliz continue the same spirit ,,, we are tired taking paracetamol wen watching football.

  61. Brashe L/stone

    Iwe chi Kennedy mwene,u don’t deserve that band, u seven give that band to mr stopila Isuzu he is a displin player, not vaupuba ba mwene he does not deserve the captainship period.

  62. LM

    We can’t afford to rely on one player, the mistake was mweenes, otherwise that was great, but make sure you work on your friend’s weakness, those guys are tall, heavy and slowm but you should increase your speedy, work on your strong passes and ball control, let loose of your fear when you get the ball near your opponents goal post, always work as a team.

  63. Bash jeje


  64. Ndengamambo

    Thanks team. Sorry for that Kennedy. Be allert dear.

  65. Friday Luhila

    Good job Sven and the lads. I have noticed a positive change in the way the boys are playing. They are more assertive, courageous, tactful, and have developed strong ball possession skills. They need to sharpen the edge on scoring on the target. Kudos and congrats.

  66. Joseph

    Why are, you blaming kennedy mweene, imweba ba mukuku, its was an error.

  67. Jimmy

    This what Zambian fun should expect,not when watching you need to have pain killers,in case bp yashooting.

  68. Jimmy

    We need more goal ,this time we should not underrate any team.go Zambia go.


    Well done guys but more effort z needed especially the strikers u should score every chance u create not like wat was happening yesterday so wen u go der make sure u ll show them that ZAMBIA z the big team

  70. Willice

    Mweene…. Why….

  71. Ba SpecialB


  72. Ferguson

    That’s why I like European coaches. He have changed Chipolopolo standard of play. Extremely Excellent. I was watching comfortably, no bp. I have never seen since 1991 Zambia playing attacking football like yesterday. Congratulations guys and the coach Mr Sven. Do more on Sunday.

  73. Sylvia

    Congratulations the copper bullet…..continue with the same spirit. Nd wat a goal from Justine Shonga nd Stopila Sunzu weldone guyz may de gud Lord continue granting u gud health in ur career.

  74. Sbm

    Congrats guys continue playing like that…
    But mweene should be serious really…

    • Bullet sapota

      Perfect match gaiz wish u all the best for the next match, ba Mweme we respect u, pliz nxt game dont do that, we o do mistks bt next tm pipo will not 4gv u

  75. Jimmy Jimmy

    Congregations boys all the best on Sunday, we are behind u as fans and we know u can do it for mother Zambia

  76. Erick

    Congrats guyz wishing u all de best next Sunday game


    The guys played very well in feed to to lose in presence of handsome lungu.More thanks to SVEN for haven’t disgrace our nation in front of Dr Of Development Pres ECL.

  78. leon

    The game was was well coordinated there was no chipante pante I think all is owed to the coach,congratulations to the team as a whole not fotgetting the fans present at the stadium the President Chagwa lungu too.

  79. Abekala calo

    Dundumwezi comment on the game

  80. Derrick

    The boys played so very well you made the country happy its go Zambia go you can make it hoping you you guys to do the same on a coming game on sunday but our goal keeper please improve on that errors

  81. lubita

    I think my fellow funs this is the kind of play we were looking ,mwepu and nathan controlled there roll in the midfield coz A defender can not over rap wen the midfield is not existing we so the likes of sunzu gave us A goal .mwepu proved what he can do his passes especially in the first half they were amazing .the coach also made a mistake of substituting the computer instead of chama .I have a simple advice to my bro him the computer is that at times he is abit slow he expose the ball to match so far mwepu u are the best u deceive 90 minutes. Congratulation team go Zambia go


    Yes win the match but, with difficulties after mwepu substituted the team was under pressure. Salulan phiri he don’t what to do with a ball n he’s not mature. Work hard next game.

  83. Rabson mwale

    Salulani phiri he don’t know what to do wen he hold a ball plz sven let mwepu play 90 mins next game so that we beat them home n away.

  84. Chanda Rodrick

    We are proud of you guys

  85. brian force m

    congrat baccerona vs Guinea Bissau, well done chipolopolo.

  86. Ray Mulowa

    we played well at the back and miidfield but the final third should pull up on sunday in guinea b



  88. L Muwowo

    Yayayayaya guys that’s what we.wanted but we want more gaols on Sunday, and qualify for 2019 AFCON we feel very bad watching other teams praying but our team not there


    iye imwe ba coach since you don’t like me because I refused to drink brown chibuku with you okay at least try me in goal so that I replace fucked up stupid mweene please try me I won’t drink chibuku this time

  90. MWEENE

    Iwe chi Fwayo si problem yanga for you to be drinking brown chibuku from open drums filled with dead rats, bats, flies and cockroaches in Mtendere, you can’t even catch the ball fuck you

  91. Baldwin Zulu

    Hallo?you need to do better than this you pull up your socks.

  92. Eastern

    Standard football has come in Zambia. Much appreciation to our national team all the best for next game. Coach has to sit down with the captain Kennedy mweene what he did is howler.

  93. Gift Nkandela

    Well done boys , hope this winning spirit will continue

  94. Ozil

    But why are you showing us the picture of Lungu when we had players on the pitch?๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

  95. Derrick Bwalya

    We need to get another away win ….on Sunday to make bissaus . stay home for 2019 afcon… Zambia 019 afcon champion… Support you guys +Sven…more gifts are coming

  96. Siamunyo

    Go Zambia Go

  97. sydney chilufya

    one Zambia one nation well done chipolopolo

  98. prince

    go chipolopolo go the game was very interesting and well played …….ba Mweene next time don’t do that you made us start wondering why ???? otherwise the game was fine …. congrats guys keep the talent ….we are here to support you….One Zambia……

  99. Baxter

    Good display. Cletus and Lubambo practice shooting so that we improve on scoring abilities. Kennedy you are too old in the team to behave like a small boy.All in all well done. Be consistent in your out put

  100. Greyson

    Its was anice game , guys pull up your socks,Well done guys.

  101. Prince Mande

    Congratulations guys, it was a great welcome to Sven.
    Mweene is very of his colleagues when make mistatkes near the goal, but there it was he wanted exhibit skills he doesn’t have and created a goal for his opponents, Coach please replace this clown use someone more serious like Nsabata or indeed anyone else.
    Good luck on the Sunday encounter. Remain focussed and you will conquer.

  102. Oscar

    Hey all those who are putting the blame on mweene…don’t you make mistakes too????

  103. Luck Muwaya

    Congratulations chipolopolo boys, you have make us proud, wishing you the very best in Sundays game. Mweene take care.

  104. eric

    Well done guyz

  105. Cv boy

    Well done guys,but next game we need more goals

  106. Aaron gadama

    Wao Zambians are u

  107. Mmj

    congrats but no more silly mistakes keep it up all the best

  108. Harries

    Better performance


    We learn through mistakes guys, congratulations we won the game and I am sure we are going to beat the Bissaus 1:0

  110. Edith cheba

    Ba mweene mwalifaula you were suppose to kick the ball out.all the best guys as you play against GB,we are behind you guys.Go Zambia the coach please don’t make such substitutes like you did in yesterday’s game.

  111. simon Nkonde

    i dont agree with chansa, because mwene has proven to be the best goalkeppr their is,if the coach submit mwene we will lose many games,i wish u all the best on sunday.

  112. Mr dundumwenze

    Zambian people very stupid,why to show lungu where are the players who did the good job. Well played guys.

  113. lameck zimba

    Well done guys proud of you

  114. Banda

    Congratulations for making us happy with the victory…nd we should try by all means to avoid mistakes especially towards the end of football…!

  115. Banda

    Congratulations for making us happy with the victory…nd we should try by all means to avoid mistakes especially towards the end of the match…

  116. Luwi Richard

    Awe ndetashafye kwena.

  117. Joseph

    Mweene don’t do that again other ways you will be a substituter

  118. Mvula andrew jr

    Thank god we made it but mr mweene pull up your sox

  119. Victor phiri

    Well done chipolopolo

  120. Why kalaba on bench

    Comment put patson daka instead of lubambo musonda, that was the only substute u were supose to make as a coach

  121. Moomba

    Comment next game use daka as a left winger or right than musonda, u wil see the game

  122. Martin Zimba

    Kkkkk continue Guy’s I wish u all the best๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿ’ผ๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽค

  123. Kalowana

    Ba pipo let’s try to appreciate what has happened don’t just blame someone’s mistake No haaaaaa, Mwene mwene mwene Why so it’s just a mistake bazungu ma big clubs they also make ma mistakes. Let us just support them

  124. Bright Starlit

    Congrats…coach you’re doing your work.. maintain it and just Polish up those simple mistakes… wishing you the BEST.. TEAM.Z… FORWARD๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  125. Nkanda Jr

    But the work of some of the so called co-commentators leaves match too be desired to the effect that one would rather play the chipolopolo anthem or just play zero volume

  126. Arnold nduba

    Well played tho u need to improve on striking force, but always i wonder why they left the young and talented Edward chilufya he would have done wonders

  127. Kalumba Misheck

    We Wishin YOu All The Best Guyz, And If You Win We Wil Feel Awesome.

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