NDC Appoint Akafumba as Vice President

The Opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has appointed law former Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba as its Vice President.

Akafumba, the losing Patriotic Front candidate in 2011 for the Livingstone Central Constituency was appointed Ministry of Justice permanent Secretary by late President Michael Sata in October, 2012.

He was fired in January, 2016 by President Edgar Lungu and crossed over to the UPND.

Akafumba fell out with the UPND after being by-passed for adoption for the Livingstone Central seat that was given to Mathew Jere.

But the Chishimba Kambwili headed political party central committee has approved Akafumba’s appointment as vice President of the party.

According to Party Secretary General Mwenya Musenge Akafumba will also double as Chairperson for legal affairs for the NDC party.

And the Party has appointed, former ZNBC Senior Reporter Misheck Moyo as Party acting spokesperson to be deputised by singer Saboi Imboela, the chairperson for Gender.

Meanwhile NDC chairperson in charge of finance Lombani Musichili has been moved to local Government.


  1. Lawrence okarvanguar chisanga

    Nice move

  2. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Chimbwi no plan. Waka

  3. Dr BB

    Tribalism is the cancer ck is so tribal such that he will be removed soon


    GOOD MOVE the vice from southwest and he is known in southern province


    atase a fucked up party full of losers fuck offfffff

  6. Elisha

    It’s a good move , we are behind you viva akamfumba and honourable kambwili as you advocate voice of voiceless for better Zambia

  7. Kapijimpanga

    The kambwili NDC will never win on election because it is a corrupt party kambwili has failed to resighn from pf for fear of loosing the seat to of kambwili is a coward

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    Good move Mr kambwili go ahead,me I know you are a good politician and you are matured than Edgar lungu.

  9. Dickson kalonji

    Go go forward my president chishimba NRC am belind you

  10. Mwango


  11. King cool

    Kambwili is not a coward, he wants to mobilize the resources for campaign. Very clever Man. He thinks ahead of him.

  12. Ba SpecialB

    Anything has its own time

  13. Mr dundumwenze

    Very soon l will join you

  14. fisunge

    Call me please kabili nomba fyabipa

  15. mul

    the race will be tough in 2021,i see NDC to perform better forcing the rerun

  16. sipoyoyo

    pf kuyaa bebele we are tired of corruption, to bad for pf stupid cadres,

  17. Abena kafue

    Ck is clever. He’s one guy who learned politics from king cobra. He’s not resigning for a reason. And one day that reason will be exhumed. I urge those without constructive debates on this platform to stay quiet than insult. It won’t take our country anywhere.

  18. Abena kafue

    Bane let’s not cheat ourselves by forcing ck to resign as mp opting for a bye election. I have followed Luanshya politics and I don’t see anyone beating ck. Its like what happened in kabwata. GBM with all the money splashed still lost to Given zayelo. Kaya ba of, try it.

  19. Jk

    Am sure ck is trying to end tribalism pa zed by appointing more southenerz on bay positions let us wait and see if he can take us foward.

  20. Bk

    But who is the President?

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