Africa’s Youngest Billionaire Kidnapped

Africa’s youngest billionaire, Tanzanian tycoon Mohammed Dewji has been kidnapped in Dar es Salaam, the country’s capital city.

According to reports, the 44-year-old mogul was walking into the Colosseum Hotel and Fitness Club in Oyster Bay, Dar es Salaam for his routine gym session during the early hours of Thursday morning when two white men and an unknown number of accomplices in two cars waylaid him and quickly drove away.

Dar es Salaam special zone police commander Lazaro Mambosasa said security personnel around the country have been put on high alert in the hunt for the abductors. He also appealed for support from members of the public to report any information that may help to track the abductors.

Dewji is one of the key players in private sector-led development Tanzania today, well known for being a leader in local employment and manufacturing in East and Central Africa. His conglomerate, the METL Group, operates in over 35 industries as diverse as trading, agriculture, manufacturing, energy and petroleum, financial services, mobile telephony, infrastructure and real estate, transport, logistics and distribution. According to FORBES Magazine, he has a net worth of $1.5 billion.


  1. The Nation at large

    Too bad let’s hope he is not killed.

  2. El

    Too Bad

  3. Mk

    Africa is for the brave.kidnapping some body who employs thousands of people leaving people stranded.

  4. One zed

    It’s unfortunate that the man who is championing development for Africa such things happen to him.and the Tanzanian government should act quickly and save local job’s

  5. Newbie

    Tanzania is typically a peaceful country, I guess he never thought he needed a security detail. Just crazy. Sounds like some seriously professional criminals. I’m sure they will be demanding a large ransom.

  6. Trevor Pambwe

    I think he better buy also jst a ka small cheap car to hide from cz he will nt manage like dat

  7. Ambassador Mosmuk

    hope the young tycoon is still alive

  8. My husband

    White people kidnapping Africans? Foolish, this is not colonial time.

  9. Edith cheba

    To bad let’s hope the guy is alive & still in Tanzania

    • True Zambian

      You have noticed that this crime was done by white people who believe in ripping where they did not sow.

  10. Adonai

    The God i save will set the man free by Tomorrow

  11. Mayback

    He is alive,jst wait 4 a ramsom needed.He ws betrayd by hs own henchmen jst lyk Jesus ws betrayd by His own disciple (judas Iscariot) in the new testament.If they wantd 2 kil hm ,they wud hav kild hm on the spot.Jst PRAY HARD!

  12. Curtis bornfree

    Cant imagine its hapening in TZ.only read such in novels maybe govt shud ban dem.

    • Muntu

      Maybe thats why there were two white men because these things happen in america and Britain. Such a shame abducting a young African entrepreneur

  13. Philos

    I’m very shocked
    How a rich man like this move around with no security guards or even bouncers ???
    Is it because of the country is safe ?
    Sometimes we need to worry about people who do worry about themselves .

    Let’s hope is not killed .

  14. Mr. K

    And for this he Is not even involved in politics only making Tanzanian economy grow employing thousands of youths and not seeking presidency not inciting youth to rise against gvt not even blocking presidential motor cade not putting his money into off show accounts

  15. nefertiti

    That’s why in some countries when you reach a certain level, you just wake up one day and find that you have employed a group of people whom you don’t know. Such a thing happening Ku Tanzania! And whites! I pray to God to preserve his life. Elyo akaleke na socialising. He still thinks munensu

  16. MK

    My prayer to the almighty. Father remember your son as you’re the right judge. Safeguard your child for your glory in Heaven. Have mercy upon your son and may your will be done. Amen!




    Let’s hope the abductors release him with his life.But shame for this

  18. Muntu

    Hope police are genuinely not aware of this kind of happening. African police are weird. They can claim ignorance while aware of everything. And when they start looking they go to the opposite direction. We pray that he comes back to his family and friends safe…😣

  19. Baxter

    A man of his status should have his security. Where were his body guards?

  20. martha

    Sometimes its not that every where u go u have bodyguard no lets just understand that Its time hope God will secure his life…

  21. The general

    …..the issue of protection is very important to a prominent figure……and is it not a lesson to us that we may improve the security sector.

  22. Phillip

    In Africa we kill those we should cherish and celebrate. And those we should get ride off, are the ones we protect and celebrate.
    Its a serious shame.
    May the good Lord preserve his life in Jesus might name.

  23. HOMMIE 24

    1.5 billion net worth! How old is he

  24. Philos

    Trust me This man is not serious
    I suggest to use his money to buy common sense cause it seems he doesn’t have

    You can’t do that in this world
    Move around like Jesus Because people loves you ?

  25. Iwula mulwanda

    It is very sad. We just have to pray hard, the God Abraham, Jecob, and Isaac hep us and save his life. We know and believe you are God above all the Universe and every one knees for you. Please save his life AMEN!!!

  26. artnecious

    Too bad

  27. Madiba

    No prophet to help with vision of the whereabout??

  28. Roddz

    If the Affluent people are in such a predicament, then who will take the development of Africa forward.??

  29. Garrison Mkanda Chirwa

    I feel for his family and the nation of Tanzania, and I pray that the Almighty God who gave him wealthy will also protect his soul in Jesus Christ Name.

  30. C BWALYA


  31. Adams Phiri

    The God of Chosen protect him from the dirty hands handling him. Show your powers. May he be found please.

  32. Thebes


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