Pres. Lungu Gets IMF Attention

President Lungu’s visionary Statement on Zambia has featured in the first edition of the 2108 IMF/World Bank Annual meetings publication Launched on 11th October, 2018 in Bali, Indonesia.

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe is in Bali where she is expected to straighten out things with the IMF.


  1. Chikomeni Banda

    This is good news. Hope we get the needed support to build a new Zambia. Do your best Minister Mwanakatwe!

  2. Nasilele Wamunyima

    Bring back our mother to her better state. We are chocked with higher taxes and higher fuel prices ever…

  3. Dr

    You pipo who are still complaining about fuel price and economy. Do you think it’s Zambia alone,ask KFC in Zimbabwe all the stores have been closed due to the economy that side. So let’s appreciate what we have

    • Dr

      Nice move

    • Concerned Zambian

      You cannot compare Zimbabwe’s economy with Zambia because their economy collapsed a long time. We are supposed to be better in every thing.

    • Sonny moses

      It’s true

  4. CM

    Nice one-like the Saudi Arabia oil that never was.

  5. CM

    Ba Dr. Naimwe mulebako serious- you sure can compare Zimbabwe to Zambia!! Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions my dear whilst Zambia is at peace with no sanctions.

    • JJM

      Zimbabwe is doing fine than Zambia. Fuel in zim is cheaper than Zambia. If Zambia was Zimbabwe, she could have been a scrap metal

  6. CM

    It is slowly sinking accross Zambia that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the most incompetent president Zambia has ever had.

    • Ngenda

      You are very wrong my dear do your research very well before you condem.

  7. Stan

    The time to rectify problems we are facing as zambia is now, before things go worse, our PF government should also hear from what the majority of citizens are saying especially about our economy which is slowly collapsing. ” a good government hear from it’s people’s concerns of which I still believe the PF government is “

  8. Farmer

    Zimbabweans have always been arrogant. Gods teaching them s lesson with economic woes never seen in Africa. No currency of their own, cholera, cheapest prostitutes etc. These people took turns laughing at us. Chickens have come back to roost!!!

    • Fellow Travelers in Time

      It is not arrogance or anything that has made zimbabwe’s economy week and God has nothing to do with it these people are suffering because of the UN and other corrupt officials in that country Jesus loves them and I know one day things in Zimbabwe will be better. please put them in our prayers.

  9. Same to me

    Kikiki. Only kids can b fooled. And please stop comparing Zambia with Zimbabwe.

  10. alex chikombi

    Dr,you’re very very mad plus insanity

  11. PF Machende


    • J.Phiri

      May the Lord deliver you in Jesus name.

    • JMP

      You sit and just insult everyone, you must be the devils belt, to hell with you.

    • Ndeloleshafye

      @ pf machende who are you fucking is it your,,,,,,,,,,,, or your dog

  12. Ba Man

    iye imwe sure

  13. Justice

    Please let’s stop this tendencies of comparing we should just mind our problems and work had to improve upon them ,if your neighbor has no salt that does not mean you should not have us well actually our mindset should head up and emulate those who are doing fine lastly let’s be somber with our languages unlike insults.

  14. Tundunyela

    Stop insult

  15. Ziggie

    Blood fools you are saying the economic state in Zambia is stable but things are getting worse, who eats the roads, who benefits the taxes they charge, who buys food for poor people who can’t afford to buy a 10kgs bag of mealie meal, do you know how people have started failing buying even simple basic needs goods due to the bad economy we are experiencing. Don’t compare yourselves with other countries when you are in shit, start it from yourself.
    Blood shit why some of you people are naturally dull.
    Umungulu fulufulu.

  16. Brian

    Why is it that all African countries we dancing to Europen countries music?today dollar is up and there buying our law material at a chapter price n the same things come back to African countries at higher price.why can’t we African countries come together and start using one curence?let make United States of Africa n do things own our own not every time IMF etc we can stand if we put our heads together

    • fellow traveller in time

      Mr Brian I know you mean well for what you are saying Africa may start using one currency but remember this will make a very negative effect on everyone’s economy.

      • Lubinda

        One african currency is a half bad idea it may collapse other currencies but that shouldn’t be our problem it’s not Trump feels bad for African countries when the dollar rises

  17. Sikopo

    Govt. Listen to former finance Min., Magande.

  18. Nalucha imwiko

    Zimbabwe is in transtion let us not compare ourselves to it. Our economy needs overhaul, we have over borrowed thats all.

  19. Nkole

    Wonder what sata would say I thought PF manifesto was low taxes and more money in people pockets seems it’s the opposite to me

  20. Mwila

    Commenting on issues concerning the nation on platforms like this one is the only way the general populace can provide checks and balances to the ruling. However, checks and balances can never be effective if coupled with insults, bad language and all sorts of disrespectful utterances. Administrators of Zambia please may you be blocking such unrealistic expressions? They don’t help us the readers.

    • Rm

      We as Zambians we should determine our own prices for all raw goods exported to other countries. Where are all learned accountants. Who came up with this idea that this currency is more powerful than the other currency. Need to go back to the drawing board and demand a level playing field for all currencies.

  21. Mc'naeture

    I think our leaders needs deliverance

  22. Great

    Good plan the President keep on those who are complaining their chimbwi no plan even if you can change the government as long has you are not a had worker you still remain poor till for the rest of your life no one can make you rich only pray to GOD for peace living kwasila

  23. King and priest

    I hear the anti corruption commission is busy following Michael Sara’s wife, I wonder if they are following up the Chinese practices well. A lot of bread under there nose but they want the one next door.

  24. King and priest

    Tuchili tulelolesha

  25. doug

    continue working the government of the people

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