DFID Bankrolls Ministry of Health Rapid Response Project

Government has been boosting its preparedness for any disease outbreak with Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya launching a rapid response programme.

Dr. Chilufya officiated at the Practical Training for Rapid Response teams for Diseases outbreaks held in Kafue.

About 10 people from various cadres of medicines have been trained in border districts in preparedness for any possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera, Ebola and Typhoid.

He says Zambia has received financial support from DFID and technical support from Centre for Disease Control and prevention and World Health Organisation.

Dr. Chilufya has said that strengthening health security is a very important part in improving health system.

He added that government will continue to invest in robust security health system for Zambia to achieve sustainable social and economic growth.

Dr Chilufya noted the need for the trained officers to escalate measures in delivering information to communities that will encourage good behavior and hygienic practices so as to avoid disease outbreaks.

He emphasized the need for escalated measures at the ports of entry to avoid importing diseases from some neighbouring countries such the DRC and Zimbabwe where there is Ebola and Cholera respectively.

Dr. Chilufya, who described the training as successful, noted that it was extremely important to empower the community with information to avoid eventual spread of the diseases.

“We are neighbours with Congo were Ebola is regular. We are neighbours with Zimbabwe which has recorded more than 8,000 cases of Cholera with high fatality. We have a lot of traffic with these countries, therefore, we need to escalate measures in the community to avoid any possible outbreak and ensure that we strengthen port health, Dr. Chilufya said”

Meanwhile, Zambian National Public Health Institute Director Dr. Victor Mukonka commended the government for investing in the trainings as doing so will positively impact on the health security of the country.

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