Govt to Build Houses for the Aged

The Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development has embarked on a project to build houses for the aged in society.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says his Ministry will start with 10 houses in priority areas in the country.

He says his Ministry has engaged the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare to advise on the 10 priority areas where houses for the aged are urgently needed.

The Minister says once the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare advises, his Ministry will then engage the office of the Commissioner of Lands to help identify land in the targeted districts.

“My Ministry is also engaging the private sector so that they partner with government in this noble cause. So far, we are happy because the response from the private sector is very encouraging,” Chitotela said.

He continued that the aim of the project is for government to put acceptable accommodation for the aged in society and in accordance with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare.

” The houses to be constructed will be designed in such a way that they meet the acceptable standards prescribed by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare. This project is part of Government’s long-term agenda of providing social houses for the people of Zambia,” Chitotela said.

And the Minister said his ministry has started a project in which it is empowering people to make blocks for housing using local materials.

Chitotela said his Ministry has partnered with the University of Zambia (UNZA), The Technology Development and Advisory Unit (TDAU) and the National Council for Construction (NCC) in order to successfully implement this initiative.


“So far my Ministry has successfully trained the Chadiza Housing Cooperative in Eastern Province in making of soil stabilised inter-locking blocks. The project is already proving to be a success because so far about 5,00 blocks have been made by local people who had undergone training in the month of July, 2018,” he said.


The Minister added that the project is aimed at promoting the use of local materials in building of houses to enhance affordable housing among our communities.


He added that the initiative of making soil stabilised inter-locking blocks is expected to be rolled out to the rest of the country.


  1. Chibuye Joseph

    It really is a noble cause; our prayers as a country are to see this successful.
    And may God bless the proprietors of such wise ideas.

  2. Twaileta

    Only those who fear God can implement this project successful. If social cash transfer was miss appropriate, what gona happens to this project?

  3. Songo

    A good number of your so called “aged” can take care of themselves and their families(nuclear and extended)
    if you were to pay them their dues on time, mister.

  4. Tuli Bantu

    But what about the disabled ones, these are the people that can not do anything on their on because of their disabilities, why didn’t they start with disabled ones first?

  5. Hk

    This is a draw back, how can they build houses for the aged instead of empowering the youths, bane imiti ikula empanga.ninshi tamukwete ukwakutwala indalama,can you use the money to recruit more teachers, health personnel .

  6. King and priest

    Tell us the number of the aged you will support and tell us if they are vulnerable .Mr Media follow this well. We find that in projects like this, a lot of people get fat and build houses more bigger out of this project. Am not relying on the 500blocks.

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