Vandenbroeck Cracks Whip…Manager Dropped

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroeck has continued his no-nonsense approach to management firing team manager Hastings Ndovi and also dropping Belgium based Fashion Sakala.

Vandenbroeck has placed disciplinary issues top of his priority list and has already axed Israel based defender Emmanuel Mbola during the last camp.

Ndovi has been fired for having mishandled the itinerary of Sakala who defied the travel schedule organized for him by the association.

The ever-demanding Belgian has everyone around him sitting on their toes with his judicious standard of operation.

Sakala who was benched for the 2-1 win over Guinea Bissau arrived six hours later than he should have joined camp angering Vandenbroeck.

Subsequently Sakala has been dropped for the second leg with a respectable front of a family illness pushed through as the reason for his absence from the travelling party.

Zambia plays Guinea Bissau on Sunday in a Group K Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.


  1. My husband

    You are so serious dear!

  2. ENKS

    u ar a hardworking man

  3. Hypeflex7

    Yes work should be first priority


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    • Abraham falanga

      Idiot….yes infect you are selfish

    • Ngonga Dillan

      Don’t worry about that, play to the God

    • Carristus

      Respect ursellf fashion,u ar no more a gud player!!!!!

    • Chaongopa

      Are u truly the Fashion we knew b4?

    • Emmanuel

      Man!!!!! Then fuck you fashion chikala

    • J fududasa

      Stop lying its his wife you fucked

    • Analyzer

      You are not Fashion Sakala but Fasion Sakala. Please stop this impersonation, if you want to be like him start to play so icimpombwa by the time you reach where he’s now, your age will 100.which team will accept you even amateur team won’t pick you. Find something to do for this nation ,what have you contributed to the nation? Leave Fashion Sakala alone. Wee chiwelewele we!



  5. Shaka

    Displine is cardinal, pompousness does not payy

  6. kantanga Jackson

    Our coach u have to give one time why such happened rather than sacking here and there yes, discipline is very important, wishing all team best, Zambia 1gin0

  7. Dr love

    This is Zambia. Punish them and win. The day u will lose aaah u be in trouble my friend.

  8. Luck muwaya

    Good move coach 7

  9. men at work

    weldone let others learn from him

  10. Simon Nkonde

    Fashion sakala, if you have nothing to comment shout up, coach well done remember discipline is most important.

  11. Chibslife

    Good coach.sakala is a bad strike.onbehalf of ba copperrerrrrrhi say congratulations divine

  12. shephard maposa Njobvu

    fashion why?

  13. Vernom

    We done Sven can anyone update me over Shepolopolo cosafa 3rd & 4th position

  14. lembaniz

    loyalty and displine is wat keeps a soldier in de army.sacs dear,u ar alone and u cant make a team.where were u in 2012 wen we won de afcon.pride will neva take u anywhere,ask Satan.

  15. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Discipline is cardinal for one to achieve a goes

  16. Me

    Eba coach tufwaya aba so

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  18. mbuli ni guy

    ba 7

  19. Christopher Mwelwa

    Zambia have plenty of quality players. let Mr sakalanyongo be like that.

  20. Donny kassman

    Well done our coach fashion alipwa

  21. Kamata

    I believe in this man. Not a coach whom you tell what to do.

  22. Zagaman

    That’s good fashion kapuli thinking
    He knowledge bolo alone that a big well done coach seven

  23. King cool

    Umusungu tafwaya ama nonsense… Fashion Sakala you are a late down my boy, we need players who adhere to the coaches rules…. You know this guy He committed e on his name instead of Seven but he wrote Sven … don’t play with him… but discipline is cardinal as everyone else has said it….

  24. Sky blizzy

    Ka fashion you’re so stupid clear?

  25. Louise wilson

    Decipline is cardinal,indeed…. Fashion …you are not a star yet!!! Humble your shelf!!!Sven,continue with your intelligence Couching!!!& Guys stand up strongly has a Team!!! We will win!!!ZM3-1GB..kikikikiki

  26. Chimbwi

    You are saying that,thats a good move by the coach yet wen we loose you are again going to blame the coach.. discipline is the most cardinal thing yes we all know that but too much of anything it’s a problem

    • kuks

      Yes that’s true.the coach needs to be lenient sometimes.

  27. Innocent

    Bola yamiti balapwa,this is not under 20 mwaiche

  28. Titus kazembe

    Us Zambians we have a problem, we only appropriate when we have better results but if it was a lose we could have blamed the same coach. You were pressed with sakala during their under 20 World Cup. But just because he failed to play in certain situations you condem why.? Sakala is one one the best attack we have right away look at chances we had the previous match if it was sakala I tell you u could have celebrated with joy. Sakala you are the best.

    • hangs joyd

      he is a good attacker but too selfish to release the ball he doesn’t play as a team

  29. Chris B

    It is rather to early to be firing people without giving fair warings the coach must also realise that he should be considerate Emmanuel is such a fine player he the coach must not be drunk with power things tumble he should be prepared to swalow a bitter pill instead he must consider engaging players and build better relations unlike to plant fear in the players before he knows it there will be little morale and confidence will go down.

  30. kingken/coldboy

    tamale balancer

    coach ni coach

  31. Chibwela

    No One Above Law.Go Go Zambia.

  32. Collins makulusha

    Umuntu mutwe,dnt play with a white man.. Ask mayuka balapwa boi. Work hard my Young bro. It’s not a movie it’s a carrier boi. Work hard to find yourself in the first team..

  33. Chibwela 2.

    No One Above The Law.Go Go Zambia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

  34. one love

    Teach them a gud lesson yeah

  35. Mr dundumwenze

    Sven you are right 100 percent, fashion SAKALA was a very self player.but try to add chisamba lungu in your squad, I never doubt with chisamba lungu your dream will come true.

  36. Mr dundumwenze

    Fashion SAKALA kuzinvwela fast ukalibe kufika kutali is to bad wonani.

  37. turgan

    fashion is big headed he doesn’t play for his team. nd country ,his too childish to play for zambia ,look at how responsible lubambo musonda was ,pure germ fashion must learn from him instead of trying to get attention ,he sucks

  38. Roddz

    Well done sven. Keep it up√√

  39. Musonda

    Fashion Sakala dont be selfish, you alwayz need to score not ukupelako abanobe bolla

  40. Gregory

    you’ve done a great job coach and i wish u all the best for the second leg against guinea Bissau which will’ll be held on Sunday

  41. Kennedy

    Fashion take it easy my friend a problem never come without a reason try to understand.

  42. jones miyambo

    Just work extra hard umuntu taba nechisuma lelo atasha mailo asusha

  43. Christopher

    Let the coach do his job ,displine is everywhere you go
    Football is all about bringing people together ,as the way it is said
    In Mexico and Brazil they say that football is life ,this is the high time for
    The Zambian football to change ,more than that we did in 2012 afcon 🇿🇲

  44. Jacob

    Too bad for the boy,, we needed his services in the coming fixtures. On the other hand it’s discipline him because a team is made up of individuals and not Fashion alone
    ,And again good it’s a lesson to would be offenders

  45. chipata boy

    Sakala you’re very stupid ad who do u think you are

  46. zulu

    Kennedy mweene must be benched for his errors and call my nephew mangani banda

  47. Chris m

    we have seen great players in the world been dropped, who fashion not to.

  48. Lc

    Come back with a win otherwise Zambian will skin you alive for the same sakala dropped,this is Zambia my friend

  49. Jeff colby@

    Y do that sakala? Nowanda u guys u get finished b 4 reaching higher heights. Discipline first then u achieve what u want.

  50. Noah Chirwa

    Its To Bad To Hear Dat My Player Fashion, Y U People U Behaving Like Dat Of Demolising Ur Friends Carrier Insteand Of Incouraging Ur Friends. Fashion Jxt Maintain. U People Dont Comment Stupid Words It Can Happen To Everyone Even To The Our Very Best Coach. Mwamuzonda Lero Fashion, But Lets We Hope To Win Diz Much, Coz Others We Wil Be Suffer From B P,,,,. Go Zambia Go

  51. OK

    Fashion Sakala u are a good player and we relay on you but humble yourself you can go far if you do that.

  52. OKado

    Fashion Sakala u are a good player and we relay on you but humble yourself you can go far if you do that.

  53. Sola

    So its true?
    I thought its a lie when i read this at talk football on fb.
    Hope he will humble em self and gain the coach regards, he is great though.
    Zambians players must know that pressure is the only motivation they need to work hard and that what Sven is Doing.
    Unlike Zambians players, CR7 must be their example on working ethic if they are to be great.
    Thought we needed Sven to train these guys off the field.
    If you are Man City you understand this!

  54. Sola

    So its true?
    I thought its a lie when i read this at talk football on fb.
    Hope he will humble em self and gain the coach regards, he is great though.
    Zambians players must know that pressure is the only motivation they need to work hard and that what Sven is Doing.
    Unlike Zambians players, CR7 must be their example on working ethic if they are to be great.
    Thought we needed Sven to train these guys off the field.
    If you are Man City you understand this!

  55. Jj

    I like the aspect of discipline. Coach big UP’s

  56. elez

    foolish & stupit sakalanyongo with yourselfish playing, who do you think you’re? wamena bwangu amangala ayi.

  57. Kp

    Think Zambias? fashion is a good player we need him, Zambia we need a lots of good player this is not the end we have lots of games to came, God have Marcy for Zambia Sundays game, Amen.

  58. Sven

    Give us a big support🙌🙌

  59. Benet Mwanza

    They say when you are in ROME follow what the Romans do. And again don’t fire when you don’t have a proof otherwise you will regret later.

  60. Boko haram

    Displine isuma

  61. Johnson chisebu

    Fashion what happened

  62. Evans Kunda Lwaile

    I Support The Guys Fashion Is Very Selfish Tekumupata Awe Let Him Change For Better.Asanga Baleteya Napita Naya Good Luck Ba Zed Go Zambia Go.

  63. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Please, can someone tell me about how is the group K table interms points. Thanks so much.

  64. Mulenga

    My favorite player why?? Sakala humble your self you lose nothing my guy,you have a good talent.go Zambia go

  65. Smith

    People you are in good mood because we won Guinea Bissau 2-1,the time we loose kaleza SVEN you will be insulted like a shit.people stop condemning fashion sakala!he is still the best striker to some of us.
    Go zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambia

  66. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Welcome yachani mwe bafikala

  67. Elias Nkwabilo

    Discipline is the first priority to success

  68. Vicsen

    y is this boy pride lyk that anyway the humble ones wil keep on going on top jx lyk my favourite player …viva the humble one ENOCK COMPUTER MWEPU

  69. mm

    Daka should start at 9 coz if you look at previous game we were lucking this number
    . Please coach look at that.

  70. William

    Ba Fashion just humble yourself u will loose nothing. Don’t be stupid.

    • Ek

      plz zamns dont insuit fasion sakala he has done alot to our country.Lets just advice him to aplogise,we may néed his services in future plz.Captain its yo duty to beg for yo friends plz help us we need him back.

  71. Mata

    Thats How It Works

  72. Professor muenior

    Is it true that the game will be also to ZNBC? Guys help!

  73. bashi sasha

    Hello family well played that previous game but Mr coach the other subs you should check first coz dat sub you did on that game wasn’t much in trigger of chi polo polo mwepu is a controller and his team mate sinkala with shonga and mulenga as my opinion I Wil lather substitute musonda place Kalaba and sub chungu place kapumbu and Chama place kambole. OK job well done coach we want is our team to play in Cameroon not failing to qualify.

  74. bashi sasha

    And f keepashion sakala you are a zambian Ronaldo people doesn’t get your Skill keep on developing you career thy will call you again.

  75. Mr Money

    Good move Coach…but remember Zambians love Wat is good…the day you will lose one game you will hear Insults so be careful…..Omoba

  76. Hernandez

    I personally don’t like fashion sakala to be honest. Coach 7 don’t even call him next time coz he’s not a good player. Wishing my Copa bullet guys all the best and 7 please help our boys to win. 2nill chabe coach. Love you guys

  77. Ogadma c Kamboza

    Always discipline is important

  78. Gift Nkandela

    Yes maybe they will stop playing around n start being serious
    Well done ba coach ,fire them all if they are not serious

  79. Hanizyy

    To a Zambian it’s looked as you are his enemy, not knowing that you are teaching theme brave coach go ahead, but don’t losing a game these guy’s will condem you to last.

  80. Joseph lukwesa

    There are many talented players good luck coach

  81. Chipego

    Good move couch

  82. Ketters

    Indeed F. Sakala should have been remorseful after all is too selfish in ground of football. This is what finished Chriford Mulenga during Coach Lenard

  83. Analyzer

    The one who commented in the name of “Fasion Sakala ” please don’t do that again, impersonation is a crime, Fashion Sakala can never comment such insults, only losers and smaller minds like you can do that. Leave Sakala alone, he plays better that’s why he’s been always called to the national duties. So you misspelled Fasion Sakala go to hell and what good can you bring to the nation ? Uli chiwelewele saana.

  84. Esaya Kajaba

    Good move continue wth tht spirit,today we want Zambia 3-O Gb

  85. Even mii

    We only want positive results…u lose…u go back to your country…as Zambians we don’t

  86. Jecon

    Selfishness dosen’t pay anything so let sakala go so that he can leave room for kambole,musakanya etc

  87. Brayo

    Good move coach


    Ninshi tanshi bola bambuli

  89. Agm

    Weldone coach seriuos job go a head, we need win goals in the net only.

  90. Shimza james

    Gud job well done our team its playing well enx

  91. Mwimanzi Barca Brian

    sven if u lose today jst pack ur katundu ad leave our country bcoz us zambian losing is not our potion

  92. dario phiri

    what time is the game?

  93. Jah

    My young boy football is abt discpline and work on yorselfishness u ar a good player mwana

  94. kelvin

    If you don’t have anything to say,its better to be quite.
    That’s the rules of the game.
    Big up Mr Sven Van..
    Zina chee yeka yeka..


    Nga mwapwisha ukukomenta ba mbuli plz munjebe ndefwaya ukukomentapo naine mwaumfwa?

  96. Coypower

    zambia 4-guinea bissau 2.

  97. Marriam

    Ok mbuli zimandola tukakweba you just keep wetng goooooooooooooooooooo chipolopolo goooooooooooooooooooo mweene help your teament has your teammates help you please all Zambia behind you sakala is than frying or sorry I mean salulani Phiri iwe Phiri palibe chilipo mubauze bakoshi basambe pameso munkhala we munabafaka nachani kansi siyani babolla bateye not you golf player

  98. Marriam

    Please try to bring Emmanuel Banda in Zambia squad his also a good player ba dundumwezi we are​weting for your comment for today’s game gb 0 Zambia 3

  99. Nj

    What time????

  100. Delking

    why dnt u put chisamba

  101. vistorise nkandu

    Great BA Sven

  102. Anold

    Yes discipline them after all Sakala is selfish when is on the pitch

  103. Fashion Sakala

    Nachita chinji neo sure? everyone is against me in fact the whole nation ati am self

  104. Kalumba

    This coach is so serious n i cant even imagine this type of happening.

  105. Abene aka nyoko pizo

    Sakala alipwa nge mpwa

  106. Belden miyoba

    Let him learn a lesson

  107. Eliado

    Forgiveness is a sweetest revenge coacher

  108. Martin zimba

    B serious mwamvera guys!

  109. robert ngoma

    fashoin he’s going to get charm from his parents dats y his not in camp

  110. Tefyo

    Efyo kwena mwema Zambians amasushi yena mulayanya Aya nunka Kwai mani ayalola

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