Wina Parries Inducement Claim for Defecting Councillors

Vice President Inonge Wina says anybody doubting that the refunded DFID money was lying in a Zanaco account before being returned on request should engage the bank.

And Wina says some councillors are defection from the opposition UPND not because they are being incited but because they have realized that the opposition political party would never form government.

During the Vice President’s Question Time, Wina said the matter was still under investigation and results will be made public.

She was responding from a question from Mazabuka Central lawmaker Garry Nkombo who wanted to know when the Vice President would deliver the Ministerial Statement on the DFID funds.

“There is no way money can be stolen and found the following day sitting in a bank. It is just that the person who raised the alarm that the money which was misappropriated, misplaced was not from DFID. If you want to obtain any information on the money which was deposited you are free to engage Zanaco,” she said.

“The case is still under investigation and when results are done the information will be made public.”

Wina told the house that the Patriotic Front was not inducing any councillor to defect from the UPND but people were crossing over out of choice.

“The PF does not buy councillors or induce them. Currently for the first time in the history of our country councillors receive a monthly allowance of K3, 000. For any councillor to leave that comfort and go where they are not guaranteed of anything unless they are desperate. It is just that the councillors have realized the UPND will never see the light of day. They are making an early exit before the big hand falls,” he said.

Wina warned saboteurs through reckless statements that they would be dealt with.



  1. Barotseland

    The vice President what’s happening to Mongu _Kaoma road you mean you are blind what’s happening in other Provinces ? You have let us down in our Province

  2. Kennedy

    You generous words encouraging all citizens

  3. leon

    Let’s wait for judgement day

  4. WINA

    iwe chi Barotseland that’s why you are backwards don’t you see all those developments taking place there maybe you stay in the bush where there is no reality kikikikiki

    • JK

      Madm her Honor help yo son unlike every time supporting blindly in parliament u told the house no way and plans to buy the presidential jet,but now what are we hearing?

  5. Tuli Bantu

    Iyi pf,,,,,,, basamwa maningi, you think you are going to rule Zambia until Jesus comes!!!, you are a blood liaer, remember every thing that goes up must come down, even if, ubu ubuteko mwashitile kuti ka devil but just remember that devil has no power and the same devil will leave you at the open spectorcle, you will have no answer in your mouth, leadership from the devil is not permanent and you will pay the price, coz mwativutisa maningi, just watch and see how God will deal with you, you can escape peoples judgment but not God’s judgment, even ka Tate KANU ka devil bazaka jaging’a, who are you to say like that?

  6. LUBINDA mwendabai

    But should some one weste time to say some defecters ar being induced or bought? How much? Coz u prove that giv us a figure.development is seen country wide,what else do u need? Ask Jesus to come quickly and take over leadership not any other hum

  7. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Come to your senses iwe chin barotseland it how you respond kuli ba mayo ba inonge wins? I had the believe that. Losis have respect for the elders intact very old as compared to your grand father Tonga’s will of course never respect her bcz she is not sa tonga

  8. Kalibo

    Pf, I want to assure u that , 2021 is coming, whatever u are doing good or bad we’re aware in the way back , it was kk wamuyayaaya , meaning kk forever know u think, u will b in government for ever, nor just start parking your belongings , u are the worst government in the history of Zambia.

  9. Hard worker

    well said boss lady hh will never form government

  10. moyo

    Lets Wait For The Judement Day,with This High Cost Of Living.

  11. Razor

    It doesn’t auger well for an old lady like inonge wina to be telling lies. No wonder the youth of today don’t respect their elders because of such incidences.

    • JK

      Razor surely the old woman who tells lies every time, she will see after 2021

  12. hasty

    Comment Lies lies lies,,so what happens to Emelly kabanshi and Mcpherson chanda?

  13. TOP G

    So can you tell your children or your grandchildren like that. And you think you are going to rule Zambia. Always focusing on winning the elections. That means you have corrupt leaders in place. Shits always comes out from her. You know what, that’s bullshit…

  14. mr life

    Please my grandmother inonge wina you are used for nothing we know pf goverment is caming to sold the country ku ma chinese all this developmental projects is for kongole you cant buy food for your family members with kongole money at the end you say iam a hard i have finished the poverty in my family its like you are cheting yourself.

  15. Mr dundumwenze

    Inonge wina you are not matured. lungu appointed you As his vice president not because you are matured.lungu he was thinking

  16. Mr dundumwenze

    Inonge wina you are not matured. lungu appointed you As his vice president not because you are matured.lungu he was thinking that once he appoint the Lozi woman as a vice President, all Lozi people will be attracted, unfortunately his planned move failed,because the Lozi people cannot be attracted in such a nonsense manners.

  17. Tuli Bantu

    after all nkongole tizabweza bonse, it not pf or inonge kapena lung gung azakabweza ndalama, it’s us and our grandchildren but kudya badya beka ka, the have built huge mansions and free food, but ma tax payers bavutika ka, muzachiona.

  18. fisunge

    When your parents take you to school do you expect them to look after you coward when a country builds roads and other infrastructures means that or njinga ungasebezense kugulisa malasha iwe barotse without pf you cud be using the boat to go to kalabo today you shud be thankful zambia has really changed its like zambia got independence in 2011 so if had this what we see today in 47 years of unip and mmd the dollar could be lower today muletasha bambi mwalekalaba pa kwenda nomba mulenda atase

  19. Wongani

    West aids is a weapone 2 fight govts get financal help frm china. The capitalist are interferin in our politics 2 affair a name of fightin corruption. Thed rapid bhaviour shows how accusation are used 2 suspend aid 2 cite zambia hate the sitting president. Some pipo wil in this weapone 2 b true and accept them but the truth is a mind game and dollar wil remain the same. Govt not corruption if accept same sex marriage but 2 those who refuse are corruption and misused donor fund presidents.

  20. mr.sc

    for what purpose was the money kept in zanaco Account instead of it being disbursed to beneficiaries?

  21. Lc

    She’s the same wina you are defending who dished out the money from well wishers of the gutted city market traders saying the money was channeled to other important projects and today ati the money was in zanaco account bakabwalala

  22. Simon Nkonde

    I like the leadership of PF, the bible says bless those who case you, so PF will rule our country Zambia for a long time, because their hand are pure.

  23. Am also equals you!

    Wina is an example on how bad women can be in the highest office. Just talking and praising them selves as if we gonna be employed at the end of the day.

  24. ok

    Madam Wina u can cheat young people you instructed the bank to help you in matter & u can as well instruct the bank what to say to any one who go there to find out. PF is ashamed for this has never happened in the history of Zambia

  25. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Dundumwezi you are very foolish. You are saying that Lungu appoint wina inoder to get get more votes from western province! You are very dull. Wina is a wise person. Maybe hh appoint gbm to get votes from the bemba people. But that’s will never happen. Infact,Few upnd members liked gbm while in PF many members liked Wina so much because of her wisdom. We have never heard Wina to promote violence but gbm does promote violence. Please talk about real issues rather than attacking one another. Let us learn to respect elderly people like Wina and others.

  26. Songo

    Defecating councillors are doing it on their own stinking
    free will,kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  27. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    You r big idiot

  28. DTT


  29. Voice of the land

    Whatever goes up will surely come down, remember The Almighty God is seeing and hearing the cries of many Zambians.

  30. bros

    AM SICK AN TIRED OF THIS government. full of poverty and unimployement ,TAXES.

    i Hope 2021 God will answer our prayers by ELECTING A BRAVE AND ABLE LEADER.


  31. Marker

    For how long has the money been in that account,who is suppose to withdraw and when?And from which acct were you getting those money you were giving out?no politics here let’s be serious Zambia when are we going to develop,let’s ask ourselves is it our leaders or our inertia, that money has has been there before we have come to know it.These politicians they simply make us toys,during KK,FTJ,LEVY,RUPIAH, SATA and now ECL which Minister ever disclosed this, Privatisation was done who come forward to tell Zambian in which acct that money went and who was the beneficiary. All those aspiring for political offices be careful whether ruling,independent or opposition enough is Enough.

  32. pf


  33. fisunge

    Imwe ba bros what are you tired of if an elderly person like you cant feed themselves who do you think can do it dont wait for government to redeem you do it yourself you lazy fella keep on waiting jesus will find you sleeping pa masaka wake up and start selling tomatoes and munkoyo, chibwantu or tobwa

  34. kambwili

    Zambia Is on fire. To be ruled by grandma like Inonge. Just parroting what Lungu says. Can’t you people see that PF is desperate that is why they are buying tu Grade 7councilors. Tatwakwata ama principles.

  35. FGM

    Who ever kept the donated money in the Zanaco account had corrupt intentions. And has no heart for the intended suffering beneficiaries. Shame indeed.

  36. vincent mwanshelela




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