Zambia Clinches Honey Exporting Deal to China

Government has officially launched the export of organic honey to China worth more about US$34, 000.

Speaking during the flagging off of 3.4 tonnes of organic honey processed by Mpundu Wild Honey Limited in Kabwe, Central province, Fisheries and Livestock Minister Kampamba Mulenga said the market access to China is a milestone to Zambia’s diversification and economic growth agenda.

The export of honey to china follows the signing of an export protocol by President Edgar Lungu and his Chinese counterpart XI Jiping during his recent visit to china in September.

Zambia’s annual honey production is 2,500 tonnes and currently exports only 1,000 tonnes to the European and African Union leaving a surplus of 1,500 tonnes.

And Mpundu Wild Honey Limited Director Zhang Zhanping said the export of honey to China by Zambia will improve the economies of both countries through employment creation and international trade.

Zhanping said his company plans to increase honey production from the current 3.4 tonnes to 100, 000 tonnes by increasing the number of beekeepers to 1000.



    Am in mufulira and i have buck wheat honey but i don’t have broad market to sale to, am seeking the help of Mpundu Wild Honey Limited to sale my product.

  2. Zakado

    So a Chinese company that employs mainly chinese workers is exporting unprocessed honey to China and banking the proceeds in a Chinese bank and the Govt of Zambia celebrates !

  3. tigana

    Is there any business in Zambia own by the local Zambian. even resources like HONEY is owned by chines. I even notice the Minister of higher Education, she looks more like Chinese to me. Even her name spell Chinese to me. Zambians, you all are screwed.

  4. Ambassador Mosmuk

    colosal amount should be paid to farmers

  5. Knoziack Chisenga

    Sometimes let us give credit where it is due. This development is very good for our nation. Very, very good indeed. Good ba ECL!! Personally, I do appreciate this.


    Ushitasha patunono napafingi takatashe

  7. King and priest

    Why is Mr President dealing with countparts And not the with someone his level. Do Chinese consider our president a Zambian counterpart?

  8. King and priest

    Good Samaritan Help me read carefully the above comment 👆

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