Elephant Tramples Lundazi Man to Death

A 38 year old man of Lundazi district has been killed while his six-year old son was left unconscious after being attacked by an elephant in the field.

Esau Mvula of chief Kazembe’s area met his fate when he was preparing his crop field near his village around 09:00 hours on Tuesday.

Mvula’s son Stanley is still battling for his life in Lundazi District hospital.

Kazembe ward councilor Emmanuel Miti narrated that on the fateful day whilst preparing their field an elephant emerged from the bush and attacked Stanley who was thrown at a distance.

Miti said Mvula was killed when he attempted to rescue his son.

He said Stanley sustained body bruises and was only picked up from the scene by the villagers who heard him screaming after gaining consciousness.

Miti said after the matter was reported to Kazembe Wildlife camp officers moved to the site and killed the elephant to avoid a recurrence of what transpired.

The condition of the boy is said to be stable.


  1. Stanley

    “My father is a hero,”THANK U 4 SAVING A YOUNG SOUL!Farwell Mr Mvula!

  2. mmmm

    too bad n the elephant meat must be used at the funeral for revenge

  3. Richard Miti

    Thank for saving soul brother. You are a hero indeed. Rest in peace bro.

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Very sad.

  5. Esau Mvula

    Pali soka sipazibika,nenzo kuti ni yambe kuwaya munda kaili mvula ilipafupi lomba bantu anichitila jalasi,atuma nzovu mwazizizi.N way nevr mind my surname stil goes,i have savd my son ,Stanley.Continue my lovly son.AM stil with u in spirit.I WIL RESPOND WITH THUNDR AND LIGHTENING DURING RAIN SEASON.SEE U SOON!!

  6. Osie

    Indeed he died a hero real father

  7. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Life sacrifice over a son,.indeed you are a hero.R.I.P

  8. Rodds

    Hero.Rest well √√

  9. Christmas

    R. I. P

  10. Kalumba Nkhata

    Hero hero hero you are physically gone but we spiritually together my dear…God new your purpose on earth….Stanley you are now a hero too for surviving that crisis.

  11. Moses chama

    R. I.P

  12. Anthony chitefu

    R I P MY BRO


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