Chipolopolo Lose in Guinea Bissau

Zambia gave up a first half lead to lost 2-1 to Guinea Bissau in the race for the 2019 Cameroon Africa Cup of Nations.

Orlando Pirates striker Justin Shonga put the Chipolopolo ahead with an exquisite free kick in the 11th minute after Enock Mwepu had been brought down on the edge of the penalty box.

A revived Guinea Bissau put back their campaign on track with a Stoppilla Sunzu own goal and Tony Silva header that handed the host nation a vital three points.

Guinea Bissau surged to the top of the table with seven points.

Zambia will now have to revert to ‘calculator style’ antics to negotiate qualification with only group leaders automatically qualifying to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The Chipolopolo boys won 2-1 on Wednesday and had set a minimum of a draw as a target to keep their hopes alive.

Zambia’s next match is an away fixture to Mozambique in November.



  1. Martin zimba

    B serious Mwene mwakula manje??

  2. Mr Peace

    I think better not qualify than continue wasting money.Zambia is no longer that what it use to be.Even if we bring Morinho to coach it can’t work.Zambia is out of football track.


      we know zambia from the time they own mu 2012 niyama ma shit that is all nothing good will come they always get too relaxed with 1-0

    • Chamajohn

      U know nothing my brother. That’s how the game is .game its loose and mufwayafye ama win each and every time???????? Be straight forward and think positively and keep giving a full support for the next two games remaining don’t be bamuselela kwakaba please please please please please please please please please please please please please!!!!!!! Let’s us support .mind you that game was crushal plus home advantage, we were playing under pressure .

      • Kidson

        Sure bro I like that.

      • coach Guardiola Suntwe Victor

        Bro John Chama u know how football is.I av gone through your comment!Lets continue supporting our boyz.The guyz would av won despite of lacking confidence.I even suspected fatigue to the guyz.In Jesus name we will win the remaining 2 games.

  3. mercutio

    Vandem subs shud be in the 60th minute pliz..

  4. Trevor Pambwe

    Master ws suppose to start de game nt uyu jase 22.nw de pipo u left prove 2b better player,sunzu na mweena r jst ok don’t blam zem.aaaa nayewa na mbesuma

  5. Trevor Pambwe

    Master ws suppose to start de game nt uyu jase 22.nw de pipo u left prove 2b better player,sunzu na mweena r jst ok don’t blam zem.aaaa nayewa na mbesuma

    • Mutale

      True we need Mbesuma immediately, the guy knows the goal post.

  6. Mr man

    We lost because the technical bench could not lead the game people like Augustine were suppose to early substituted and bring in the game changer Kalaba.

  7. MR K

    the players are not serious, but i like the way how kalaba came in

    • One

      Our technical bench should react fast. Kalaba changed the whole game. I wish he was brought early.

  8. Chiez

    I think it’s too much, Chipolopolo boyz are doing nothing and they are just wasting government resources.
    Otherwise wher did they took M. Banda let him assist ba Mweene to save ama goals, Mweene is now getin oldest.
    finally de coach must have to control his team not changing players when it goes to an end fwebo twakana.

  9. bashi sasha

    We always mistook ourself coz what is a difference of using foreigner coaches who doesn’t even now the zambian football the he start learning stage 1 then you want to win instead of using our local coaches.his job is to dropping our best players and benching them why check up on this coach ok what does he done to his country.

  10. HH

    Brem bushili not mweene or sunzu

  11. Chiez

    Nabana Chipolopolo bawamapo pantu teti batukalifye mitima, kusekakofye!

  12. Lemmy cheba

    To start with the technical bench was pathetic they where suppose to lead the game Augustine surely all those mistakes because he was suppose to be substituted earlier & bring in Kalaba.Ba FAZ please do something because ichi chídangwaleza cheve iyayi!

  13. Mr man

    Sometimes I Wonder with the technical bench do they really lead the game?come on they nowhere you can not see the player who were not performing. Mulenga,C.C.Chama wasn’t there day today.why not substituting them and not that the game is finishing that is when you wakeup from slumber.

  14. Lemmy cheba

    Honestly speaking game yeve yanibaba! Am not happy with the technical bench , aende chabe l don’t like like this coach why can’t we maintain our local coaches.

  15. Mr man

    And we have a lot of players I don’t know what the technical bench were doing simple reasoning sure.players were tired and they have those who didn’t played on Wednesday on bench

  16. Ozil

    Better than to have Lungu in office.

  17. Kay

    I think not too bad with mweene.the only thing was to make changes immediately and off course put the likes of kalaba.I suggest that our coach and all those on technical bench must put a stop to making changes when its too late otherwise mweene and sunzu were oke.Go Zambia and plan for the last two games if so…….

    • Mr man

      Yes we can’t blem Sunzu neither Mweene the issue was on technical bench if I had powers I can fire everyone for not be serious.Ok better they remained rather than being there and doing nothing.

  18. Cv

    Ba faz pliz next game we want kalaba 2 start

  19. Davies mulenga

    We lost this game bicoz of mwene and his friend number 2. Elyo ngakuli abakwafwako mwene lekeni bamwafweko, otherwise bena kuwayawayafye.

    • Mr man

      Are you sure sir? So since he is goalkeeper should every goal comes his way? I respect your opinion but let’s see where the problem was.Today its not mweene or sunzu but the technical bench s failure to lead the game.

      • Dj one

        Honesty speaking mweene was suppose to do something than standing idol ale gamba ileingila bola sure

    • Sir Finey

      You also don’t know the problem! Mweene did well but there’s too much pressure. after 50 minutes without securing a second goal the technical was suppose to quickly bring in Kalaba and other several players but they kept tired players when they knew the opponent is at home.


    Benching kalaba has made us to lose the match.Then our coach delayed to do some substute which had also affected us.Any way we have accepted the defeat.

  21. Wayne

    Zambia can do it but with special coaches like Herve Renald……but also Discipline and intelligence matters the most.

  22. Edith cheba

    Uyu coach niwosila please find someone who understand Zambian football not ba 7 let him go before we loose out everything we have achieved for the past years.

  23. RAZ.

    Keep it up Chipolopolo. Next time, we want to see emprovement. Congratulations to my best scholar Shonga. Emutima.

  24. vand 7

    but Zambian u are fools,u where praising on wensday but 2u are insulting me y,.2Morrow am going back,nafilekas

    • Mr man

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkk not that we don’t like team but today the technical bench are to blam if we can not lead the game on play ground we Wii continue loosing a player can have good game today not every day let’s learn to make perfect substitution in time

  25. Renard Royd Mutuwa junior

    Thus system of changing players in the dying minutes should stop
    We could have won the game but it seems like the coach was blind to see the mistakes
    Please mr work on it

  26. Edison mulenga


  27. peter mambwe

    Comment:useless players.

  28. Edison mulenga

    Why wasting money like this twapapata bwalani munkale

  29. zoona

    We dnt av a couch

  30. alex chikombi

    Don’t delay to make some sub’s

  31. Sir roy

    This so called cintu whatever should be taken out the technical bench or else Zambia is going no where.

    • Mr man

      So disappointing indeed technical bench went to sleep Kalaba ewaba ko missing Chisamba Lungu.Who knows why chisamba isn’t called is he finished or injured?

  32. Osward

    Comment Guys if you think you are good pliz start playing football we see how you can do for 45 mints, then we see how stupid you her than telling our players like that

  33. Zed Brivens

    The Coach sold 3 points to guine bisau bcoz he was late in making changes next time work on that ba coach we beg u,otherwise we are with u,

  34. Doesnt Matter


  35. vincent mwanshelela

    Never blame a goalkeeper just because he stand and catches the ball in the goal blame the defenders a goalkeeper to be blamed for such reasons just see the condition how it went during second half and the other thing the referee wasn’t fair for that game.

  36. Noah Chirwa

    Yaaaa Mmmm!!!! It Happens, But Zambian People Ar Difficult To Understand Dem. You Were Appretiated The Coach Very Well But Today U Hav Changed Ur Minds, Y U Sounded Like Dat? Bola Ni Lose And Win Imwe Akwaaa. You Were The One Who Were Insulted Fashion Sakala. Hw Abt Today Who Z Selfish Btween F S And De Players Who Played Today 2geza With Their Vanda 7. Cinaniwawa Kunitukwanira F S Without My Permission. Sorry.


    Today its you chief advisers not Mweene when the team was in a fix like that you should have advised the couch to make early changes (substitutions ).This man does not know properly our Zambian football

  38. chipolopolo

    Fuck you Ba chipolopolo

  39. Annalizer

    Mmmmmmm chipolopolo kuwayawaya fyee, this guys no bwino BP shoot

  40. Kalulu

    Our midfielders were slow. We needed Bruce Musakanya instead of Augustine Mulenga. The substitutions were too late. To qualify we need 2 wins & on Tuesday Namibia should draw with Mozambique.Ku waywaya

  41. Clifford Mwiinde

    As for me with this game l can’t blame the players. I am blaming the technical bench coz Zambia is having a bunch of players but why should we be using some players in every game? Why is it that the coach is putting our dependable players on bench? Where is Fwayo Tembo, Chisamba Lungu,? And why should you put Sakala on bench every time? You are only using the so called computer for which he is failing to show. Wake-up coach you are the only one to blame. Substitutes should be done in 60 minutes not in 80 Noooooo,,,,

  42. Gerald T

    The technical bench was pathetic they could not lead the game we did not have the midfield and chungu and sakala costed us they where too slow to engage there wings .we lost it on Cletus also

  43. AK

    West African Teams Are Tougher Than Teams In Southern Africa, Remaining Games Ni COSAFA, They Can Collect 6 Pts

  44. Dolla

    as for me I can’t blame the couch nor players because I know how football is

  45. One Zambia one Nation

    People there are three things involved don’t expect to win every match

  46. Daniel Mulenga

    Kalaba is the man.

  47. Joseph

    imwe, ba mukukulu, why are blaming mweene. zambian team, is a doom team.

  48. Umwana wa muntu

    For me I can’t blame either a caoh or players zambia players Bali no mwenso g.bissua bali na maka yafibisana plus nolubuli very thanks to caoh and players bola niwini nalose ..

  49. jk

    As at now, mweene is not a good goal keeper, wen the ball is frm the angle is must mark the goal post of which does not as at now and he doesn’t save any ball, coach and the entire b serious of what you are doing not only busy sacking players in last minutes, finally, Solomon sakala is still too junior to finish big games like the one we lost yesterday

  50. menomeno

    Shame to koswe

  51. Agm

    Lets biuld boys the last two games we need 6 points without joke be serious BOYS! WHERE is NSABATA?

  52. ok

    We don’t have to blame the coach players always becomes relaxed and loose focus when they lead the game. FAZ is just wasting money The Copper bullets shud rest for atleast 4yrs .

  53. Chipata boy

    NibolA nalesa we still have chance one home one away

  54. Mr man

    Ati fashion was not there? the guy has finished too selfish and on top old but childish we don’t need him near the field players were OK the technical bench were in slumber

  55. Jerry

    awe ine ka coach aka iyayi mweh,i hate this shit of making subs in 85 Mins,kalaba must start the game,experience chisamba lungu.aweh mwandi ungatukane pa last.

  56. Farmer

    Knowing the heat in Guinea Bissau and the tiredness of the players fresh legs should have been put in the second half. The midfield was very tired. Substitutions were just too late…our perennial problem! Failure to read circumstances. Augustine was not only injured but tired. Shonga had no fire as he was equally tired. We never kearn

  57. mm

    We got frastlated with fifa. Theguysdidnot control theirtemper.

  58. HOMMIE 24

    wasting goverment resources like that. why not use the money spent on these guys on projects like road construction etc

  59. Considerate

    Chitu Kampamba should not be on the bench. He failed at Warriors. He again failed at national team level. He is misleading the coach.

  60. LUBASI N Anderson

    That’s to show that we are not cooperating it terms of football. They think there is no tribe that could manage to participate in football apart from Bemba and chewa. You should go around the country and see the skills they have. Teach them and use them also. That’s when you we can do it. And don’t take it as a job in country but take it as a skill

  61. Kp

    Ba 7 you have a problem you don’t lead the game, why bench kalaba he is a key play for Zambia football.

  62. KK

    Chipolopolo must consider replacing mweene now, and poor defense bring in the likes of ziyo tembo, Emmanuel banda and Clatus chama must be replaced by Edward chilufya. Rainford Kalaba was suppose to start the game since it was an away game is it painful to think as well

  63. Hop kido

    Dis z getting too much, pliz ba FAZ do something to prevent de situation from worsening.

  64. respect

    Football is all about win and loose but there must be pro activity by the coach.the coach must be very sharp especially in the second half and not mr sir work on this error before 5 th match and before you go back to your in Zambia we are used in the past in 1990 s to see our team wins.

  65. KUPUSA

    panyo panu ba zambia tinajaila fuck you

  66. jazzy

    mother fuckers

  67. Lulu lulu

    I blame mwene not coach ,he is not serious this time on goal post

  68. Zambian

    First of all, a big disappointment over the lose after leading all the way into the almost 70th minute then we lose a game. My observations, first ukuchelwo Ku chinja. 2 using almost the same team that played on Wednesday @ Heroes when we still had good players pa bench. Ulya mungulu uukulu sana nao. So now we start going with mathematics. Anyway fili uko tuleya.

  69. drizzy drey

    Brazil went through the same phase in football but never gave up so why should we…
    Chipolopolo am behind you just pull up your socks…

  70. Jeff colby@

    I don’t know what am gonna say about the chipolopolo boys. Cose our football rhythm has badly gone bad. They better give it for 2 to 3 years break in order for them come up with a formitable team that can be read for such compatitions. Some of as are even regrating for having released Hevel renah.

  71. Hakaivotela

    The only problem was techbical betch
    They were supposd to bring in daka n kalaba atleast in 70th minutes bcoz they saw the guys were tired y nt substituting early..why y why changing players in last minute..these ar not bazungu ti score in 1 minute

  72. Mutale chisanga

    Chalibipa l wanted them to win

  73. ba faz

    Don’t blame the coach it’s too early ba Zambia naimwe we used the body contact those guinea were too heavy to our boys..

  74. Mr. K

    On Wednesday the players were playing before their own supported I did say performance was below par it was like ngoni dance where there is no system of play passes like chicken playing technical bench could not see also we cannot blame some player the issue is players are big headed they are playing individual football to make a name change their mind set

  75. [Fm-sun-b] THE MATRIX

    Coach be sirious

  76. jacob

    Plz all Zambian let’s continue supporting our chipolopolo and than Ba coach try to make good lineup in order to win these two games we are going have

  77. Prince Mande

    The Coach must put bring in Kalaba in the starting line up. See how the game changed after he came in.Kalaba is actually Zambia’s Paul Pogba, you have no choice but let the guy dig in for mother Zambia.
    On the other hand i suggest Mweene be dropped, let Nsabata or someone else mind the goal posts. Mweene is always on the bench in South Africa, how do we make him our best goal keeper. No, please he has done enough damage. We need to win the remaining games, come what may.

  78. Uncle Naz

    Kalaba changed the we want him to start in the next coming game

    • Wise Man

      I love football so much bt i want to give free offer to a technical bench and a coach thz guyzing are jst chewing out tax payers money free.That game was a win bt NICHEKELEKO uzateya hav destroyed football plz 1 Always change the game plan.2 Balance the stature of yo oponents 3 Experience is the best teacher 4 Dont fear to substute a player 5 React on time nt to wait instructions frm the upper hand 6 Dont coach during the game 7 Treat every player fairly 8 A coach must know the strength and the weakness of every player and motivate them.9 Coach is nt a master bt a father of the nation coz football speaks one language 10 Lets introduce sports accademy in our country even a security pass through a drill match what of football it envolves mentorship,motivation physical and education nt chipantepante i rest my case and waiting yu to comment.

  79. Marriam

    The game was well I do enjoyed it love you all players

  80. Mazombwe Medardo

    Comment dats a game

  81. Dickson f mtine

    Don’t lose hope guys

  82. Bushiri

    I told you that you loose,now you proved that I can tell the truth,jst wait for 2021 I will let you know in 2020

  83. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    No team/no coach

  84. ??????


  85. Tembo chrispin


  86. Jsk

    Zambia you don’t know the players to use why leaving kalaba when you even know that kalaba is the engine of the game my computer!!

  87. nobble

    guys bola ni loose and win mufuna ce ku winner guys u are not got i cant blame any one coz i know how a ball walks

  88. coach Guardiola Suntwe Victor

    We should pray to God we win the remaining 2 games.Let’s blame not blame anyone.It happened n it was God’s plan.We learn through mistakes so lets plan for the next 2 games.

  89. Jahman metal

    Zambia still behind you people whether lose or win ni zambia fye muntuwandi

  90. Jahman metal

    Zambia li team boi paliba umupila , but sure sure let us not be changing ama coach like shirt , let the one who made an error resolve it because he knows where the problem is.

  91. EPL analyst

    Sven needs good technical bench advisors not bena chintu kampamba. The coach doesn’t read the game quickly.

  92. New Hope

    I believe in you guys just bring back that 2012 winning spirit.

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