Habazoka Unfazed by Critics

Economics Association of Zambia President Lubinda Habazoka has given his take on the criticism he has received for his candid comments on the country’s national affairs.

Habazoka says his critics have been uncharitable towards him for his having adopted positivity on the country’s economic outlook.

He also opens up on how his heritage has not sat well with some observers that expect him to belong to the opposition UPND.

Below is his full write up:

Dr Lubinda Haabazoka writes…

Greetings colleagues,

Going forward, when you read weird news purported to be coming from me, please contact me or EAZ for clarification. The same goes for journalists that pick news from my Facebook page. The press has a duty to report what was said and not to give interpretations. Newsdiggers, Daily Mail, Mast and other papers have called me before to verify if am the author of a story before publishing it. That is professionalism!

I am not trying to fight Lusaka Times but I think two positions they have reported so far have misrepresented facts I have posted on this page.

  1. Passing a law to stop people from discussing the economy. I mean which sane person can think of such? I have been told by Newsdiggers how headlines are done( I had an issue with them over the shut up headline). They are picked from what you actually said. But in the article I wrote and quoted by Lusaka times, there is no single sentence that mentions me saying we need to pass a law stoping people from discussing economics. Now the reading culture in our country is that the headline is enough for people to make a conclusion. Those busy condemning what I said should go back to the Lusaka times article and look for the sentence that says a law should be passed for non economists to speak about economic issues. I just don’t know the reason why people would want to misrepresent the fact. And sure they have succeeded. The danger with this is that news sources will pull out and we shall continue getting views from people that want to manipulate the population.
  2. I want to nationalize all mines. I said all mines that are posting losses year in year out should be reposed because they are disadvantaging us. We are not benefiting from minerals despite similar mines in other countries making profits. Mines that are profitable can continue running privately. That was the point.


I understand that this country is divided between UPND and PF. I understand that people expected me to behave in a certain way especially looking at my names. But when that was not the case, a smear campaign against me started. People started talking everything from how I look, where I studied, my family, looking for jobs, being paid etc. when I went for EAZ Presidency, I knew that I was going to go through such things. One thing you need to know is that you can’t  bring a good man down. We mean well. My friend Clive Chirwa is back in the UK happily working. But what has been left of the railway industry? Dead! Literary dead. I used to read a lot of nonsense written about him. Why are people uncomfortable with people who bring ideas to this country? The Clive Chirwa you insulted is now benefiting another country. Kalusha Bwalya made us proud from the early 80s. Scored many crucial goals. Won us the African cup. But immediately he had issues at FIFA, the whole country started yelling insults at him. Instead of offering support (which he received from many African countries) his own country bashed him in and out. I cannot stand near the two GREAT people I have mentioned but these are examples to best use.

There are some people that are now even specialized in writing counter articles to articles I write. Good for them. But the best way to counter is to also write your own ideas so that society can have a lot of ideas to choose from. You can dent my Zambian social media image but surely not the professional one. In this global world people can migrate from country to country especially if they make the grade. In real life, we all possess certain skills and talents. Bad talking cannot take away those. God subtracts talent from those that suppress other people’s talents.

There are a lot of Zambians that want to actively participate in development issues but are scared because of their own citizens.

The negativity around me increased when I took my team to State House. For some am sure it was jealous that within a short period, the new Board of EAZ have been active in national issues. Other organizations thought we have come to take our position back. And they are right. Ours is make economists active, Creative, and make them proud again!!! To close friends who are in the fore front of a social media smear campaign, it’s probably ego problems. For others it’s because the President is PF and as such we should not met him. But if you think like that, are you ok? Because EAZ works with the government of the day. We are also lined up to meet opposition political leaders but I am sure you won’t hear the President say bad things about that. We don’t speak ill of opposition political leaders so why should we ridicule government? A government that has the instruments of power? Power which we can use to change things. We are planning to go and meet the President again so people should get used. If economists have a message to HE, we are glad to take it for them. That is how associations operate.

People say am looking for a job. One thing you have to know is that am always looking for a better job. Am a human being. I need to progress. Otherwise I should be dead. Am a Zambian. I qualify for any job in my field just like most people in Zambia. That is why I came to EAZ because its an improvement. Then people should stop sending CVs to my inbox because some of the people that do that are in employment. I started economic advocacy a long time. Even in my student days. That’s what I love doing. So people should get used. But that’s not reason enough to insult a person especially if you go to church.

I can’t fight Lusaka Times but they should retract their interpretation. They should clarify with me. I have been reading Lusaka times for more than 10 years! They are a great source of information especially if you live on the diaspora but I think they have misrepresented me and should reclarify this issue. I am not putting their professionalism to question but they should state the facts!!!!

Happy Sunday.



  1. Kapoma Kabaso

    Habazoka you are a great man, doing good for your country. Forget the phd’s in Zambia they don’t mean well for our country, there’s is to bring you down when they can’t even present a shred of solution to the many issues our country is facing. Keep educating the people on your profession, you are great son of the soil.

    • Augprina

      You indeed know what you are doing for this great nation original DOC of ECONOMICS! I really love you jealousy down for useless academicians! VIVA HABAZOKA and the great nation ZAMBIA not this useless hichilema or whatever you call it SATANIC!

      • Muloongo

        @Augprina, The same person you are calling useless and Satanic, you will call him his Excellence day one and i grant you this promise!.Its just the matter of time. As Habazoka mentioned, Such languages can’t build a society.If you really understands politics, I’m sure that you wouldn’t be talking like that because politics are like you being Rich and Poor later, but how do you consider other people on your way up?.That’s why it is a vital thing to be nice to people you meet on your way up as you need them on your way down.Things changes the way seasons does.It means a lot for us to learn from.Thanks.

  2. Bamuna

    EAZ president. Unless your intention was to start a debate, you brought this on yourself. You should not have posted your personal views on your FB. My expectation is that an holder of the highest office of EAZ should exercise restraint. The information (correctly interpreted or not) is now out of your control. That is how social media works. Deal with it!

  3. Abekala calo

    Mr LH you know what you are doing. In times like this we need to come together as a nation and share ideas to build our nation Zambia.

  4. Frank Bwalya

    Job seeker..

  5. WACHA


  6. Corruption now will be worse

    Augprina means an August Prank.He is groping in the dark!

  7. vincent mwanshelela

    You are indeed a great man.

  8. edgar chibuta


  9. True Zambian

    I propose that we should all have free debates on nuclear science

  10. Michael phiri

    One Habazoka wa Habazoka


    Spot Doc,
    Let the bitter people remain bitter continue doing good.

  12. Mr Peace

    To start with,looking for a Job is what a normal person should do.All these polititians who are in office and those who are still campaigning for power are looking for a job.This process begins when someone starts baby class then nursery,grade one till tertiary education.The end is looking for a job.Here again we see that we have professionals in different fields and we can learn more from them if we are giving enough space to all of their kind.No one would like to be told what to do by someone who is not in the system. Mr President sir,economics is a very sensitive field and the way you come out is truly as a president.Plz as EAZ president,you are subjected to a lot of destructive sentiments but just look forward because you know what you are doing.If at all because of you good works you are offered a job higher than where you are plz recieve it with your two hands because that’s a blessing and some of us wish you higher and higher so that things can even be more lighter because economics is the back bone of improving lifes.I thank you….

  13. Voice of the land

    You are a real man, continue doing good for the betterment of this Country.

  14. Jonathan Simanda Kabanda

    True son of the land.

  15. Chris

    is this man an economist or a politician? I feel he is both an economist ant a politician.butabove all he is a desperate job seeker.

  16. Mazombwe Medardo


  17. Rita Mkandawire

    Doctor you are in the right path.. Keep up the good work!!!!

  18. Wise Leader

    Thank Doc Bebeni Bafikala Abena HH

  19. Gerald T

    Lubinda forget about the criticism you have taken the right and you are one in a million with independent mind.i have been following your contribution from cbu.They are not retolic and and you are very well informed.what people are not comfortable with is what route you have taken to change things and make the association relevant to the nation.

  20. Gerald T

    What is good is good Dr you are not primitive

  21. Jacky kang'ombe

    LH I salute you, you are a true leader my brother just be strong you have taken the right path, good people are always hated “Jesus was hated most for doing good but he persevered” go on LH we need you in Zambian society

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