Chipolopolo Back Home from Guinea Bissau

The Chipolopolo boys have arrived from Guinea Bissau where they lost 2-1 in a Group K Cameroon 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier.

Ministry of Sports Permanent Secretary Joe Kapembwa, FAZ President Andrew Kamanga and secretariat staff welcomed the team on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

The team arrived aboard a chartered flight that touched down at 12:21 hours.

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. TOP G

    Don’t worry we will qualify. We can beat Mocambique and Namibia. Hope is not lost…

  2. robert ngoma

    guys dont worry z normal

  3. Emmanuel Mj Chishimba

    Am really disappointed in the National team, I couldn’t even sleep peacefully last night.. Again with this rumour of Bushiri prophesying about the and that we are not going to qualify to Afcon… Honestly I have even lost hope in chipolopolo. Overall I wish you all the best… Ati Bola na Lesa….

    • Andreeas chabooka

      Mwandi sure Chimpesha amaano I did wen saw Zambia the match so next time we will wine

  4. Mutaba titus muleba

    Well come couch lead the game before 50mints.please help the guys

  5. robert ngoma

    u bushiri z a not GOD, u pipo why u believe bushiri

  6. Tuli Bantu

    Who is bushiri to say like that, if God, I say God with capital later G not the god for bushiri, if God has say yes who is Satan to say no, God forbid I rebuke you bushiri and your prophecy, and let the anointing of the Almighty GOD follow every individual that is going to take party in every match, and I cover them in the blood of adonai and the Christ, let thy feet prosper in Jesus name:

    • HQ

      Bushiri is a Servant of God, if he prophesied that Zambia will loose the the game against Bissau and we lost, what do you think ? And he further said we will not qualify to afcon but issuing negative words against him will not solve anything and for sure we will loose. Before all hope is lost ,Ask Bushiri what Zambian team can do to qualify , coz every prophecy comes with a solution.

      • MF

        That’s true

      • go to hell with your bushiri is he God to consoult from

        go to hell with your bushiri is he God to consoult from him

      • Coillard Moonga

        A solution to bushiri’s prophecy is to pray to God to reverse it.

  7. Shekka yot-k

    Don’t luz hope we can make it …. Go Zambia Goooo!!!!..

  8. Lawrence bwalya Kabungo

    haaaaaaa too Bad for us for last night results other wise our diffence was poor i dint mean beacose of that own goal tht is normal bt sakala and chungu thy we’re not fit

  9. Soccer fan

    Insoni sheka sheka

  10. All is well

    Only God knows what will happened and take place ,so friends let tell you the truth ,the so called bushiri will be embarranced .

  11. Tuli Bantu

    With all what Grace chinga told the nations that can understand her language about bushiri and today she is no more, I don’t and I will not believe him, never!!!!!

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    You had a bad game you dd nothing i wonder why.For sure this ka coach is not serious apart from droping good players. We are going nowhere. Always benching good players ahhhh, sometimes we cant expect unexpected in that way.With that coach, zambia can not qualify.Bushiri profesised already.

  13. Akumawa

    Bt am disappointed with our n y owez subsisting in 80th mins n dat z no sense to me

    • Akumawa

      Am disappointed with our coach y owez subsisting in 80 mins

  14. [Fm-sun-b] THE MATRIX

    Welcome back ba mwene zambia don’t worry, GOD knows i hop u will qualify 2019 Africa cup, next game we need work hard.

  15. Lp

    Apart from benching and dropping good players nothing elsea.We are not happy


    Coach next match work hard include kambole plz
    Then nsunzu be serious plz, zambia ifimeko fumwenipo.

  17. (Fm-sun-b) THE MATRIX

    Zambia mwalikwata ifmimeko kwati mwalikwata saana impiya ukutila cristianol ronaldo
    be like CR7 ata twatendwa.

  18. Sydney Carlos Mwamba

    Failure is not the End….
    Everything happens with some reasons.
    Keep on pushing team ZED!

    • Alfred Siame

      Players were tired the coach and technical bench took long in substitution players.Remember we were playing our from home we needed those with experience like Kalaba.Let us learn from the mistake.

  19. (Fm-sun-b) THE MATRIX

    Next match Mwepu & shonga be like K.mbape anyway filatitika, “Kwenafye mufilwefye”
    zambia be like nigeria team.

  20. Albert

    It happens guys

  21. HH

    Dnt worry we are nt blaming u bt we are blaming bushiri

  22. PG

    Guys you played well no wonder the Guinea Bissau coach fainted for winging Zambia, he couldn’t believe it.
    Faint ukwitila utumenshi twatala tu mineral water no response mpaka admitted straight my Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Nano takalaamba ukupema bwino ka mudala. Nibola nalesa chapwa!!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk ka father faint bwino bwino.

  23. PG

    Guys you played well no wonder the Guinea Bissau coach fainted for winning Zambia, he couldn’t believe it.
    Faint ukwitila utumenshi twatalala tu mineral water no response mpaka admitted straight my Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Nanomba takalaamba ukupema bwino ka mudala. Nibola nalesa chapwa!!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkkk ka father faint bwino bwino.

  24. Felix Musonda

    Go go go Zambia God can do it for us not man


    fuck all of you stupid

  26. Ben 10

    Next game,bushiri vs Mozambique,the Zambia national team wil b jst watchng 2 c who wins.BIBLE(SPIRITUAL WORDS) FROM GOD TO PEOPLE,FOOTBALL(PHYSCAL ACTIVITY) FROM FAZ TO FANS.So iwe bushiri mind yo own biznes wanvela,where were u during the Gabon disastr in 1996?
    Dont turn guessing work 2 prophecy!

    • Mubebesho#zed

      Bola,ilekalifya umutima .z world ilekalfya umutwe.I will just go back to Nigeria movies .reply if you are with me.

    • Ndolola Rennox

      Job welldone Zambia!you played very well.Don’t worry Mother Zambia with Prophet Bushiri, if he is standing with God and God spoke to him that we are not qualifying, it is going to be so! But if he is not prophesying from the God of our forfathers we are qualifying . Let us together hold our hands and believe in the Lord. It shall be well.

  27. Andrue

    We should just develop a spirit of winning the game even playing in foreign countries not just home advantage coze the shape of football pitch is the same even in foreign country. We need to have confidence ,focus.,strength, and self motivation as a player .whether home soil or away games. Anywhere, a million thanx for yo effort.

  28. Man G

    Had luck guyz bola in 90 mintes

  29. Joseph

    don’t lose hope guys twenda na lesa will qualify..

  30. Jah

    The battle is still on untill the last game dont loose hope

  31. fikashala

    well come guys don’t worry we are going to win next game but bushiri mind yo on buissines yesu alesesema ifyakwalesa nomba iwe usesema ifya calo uicindike

  32. D M

    thats the name of the game.

  33. Jerry

    Iwe chi bushiri or whatever u call ur chi self,mind your busness ok! Idiot.

  34. Luck Muwaya

    In football we must expect three things to happen.1. win 2.draw 3. Lose, bazambia ngatwaluza mwilasakama Bwangalo bwacalo lelo tulewina.

  35. Supu saladi

    All want is to burn kalu bwalya nokutamba pa tv pantu balimushamo.

  36. pedro

    Commentgo Zambia go until the last game guys…..always on your side guys…. win loose draw am a Zambian

  37. Lewis mwita

    Bola na Lesa we hv another chance

  38. The scientist


  39. Mk

    Bushiri,prophecy about your country. Go Zambia go.

  40. The scientist

    No hope

  41. Phiri Thomas KUMWENDA

    Ba coach fs 10 y he is not playing n kalaba make colabo with Enock they can make a difference in our team wish all the best next game.

  42. Jackson Muyaka

    Hope not lost, we still have Namibia in hand and Mozambique as well.

  43. pk

    Give to kaisala what belongs to kaisala and to God what belongs to God

  44. Lubuto

    The only thing that hurts me a lot is slowing down the game as early in the first half.fyalipwa ifya kuteya boka Kwati kale mwanokifaya even European teams balileka all they play for is the record keep going.if only u win one game the second u don’t improve u come down.u don’t have passion to play for your country but only to entertain yourselves,vaupuba muletukalifye mitima imwe bamambala…mungaende mu selo so tell na Sven ukusabbula bwangu nganafilubana.

  45. Arnold

    Pliz gays change to better

  46. Lubuto

    Guys remember always to play for improvement,stop this thing of killing the game when it’s nil nil or u are 1 Killing is In the second half only when you are 3 nil I wonder why you play as if you haven’t played professional football Kwati cimpombwa muteya sure ine ndapapa.the best way to defend is to attach, slowing the game that’s why we don’t score 3 or more goals it’s because of the same stupid thing.when the sun sets that’s when u think of ukukanika ama blanket mwacisundilako,do u think kuti yauma akasuba ngakawa? Change the game play for your country who gives you 💯% support not for your money.if it doesn’t hurt you today know that it hurts us a lot (citibaba) loko kumi paya timi paya so…

  47. Sylvester

    Bola na lesa guys only God knws Amapepo saana don’t forgot to pray

    • mumba henry

      Comment balikwato bwanga sana sanà number 10 kukuboko mu 65 minutes muloleshe palya aponene

  48. Lubuto

    And you talking about Bushiri bring it to an end, continue if only your Bush……..ri is your God of Isaac and Jacob.This generation has no true prophet they are the ones the Bible talk about that in the last days people will prophesy and work miracles and wonders in my name.and if you have no spiritual life u couldn’t accept that Bushiri and Tb Joshua and all those so called prophets are liars.try to study about prophets in the Bible and of nowadays there is a big difference..they were sent by God to go somewhere to tell them what will happen but of nowadays they don’t move but are just followed .eloninshi akale takwali imyotoka.God has only given us Gospel preachers not prophets.

  49. Louise wilson

    Bushiri! Ma foot is he the Beginning nor Ending!!! If we’ve won AFCON before….. without anyones Prophecy but Just the Favour from GOD !!!who is that Demn So called Bushiri…to stand against GODs will! !!Please Sven don’t keep Energetic players on the Bench what for!!!??if the front is poor use kambole,partson Laka e.t.c!!!? at a right Time!!!!?

  50. Tuli Bantu

    And I think by the time these guys were playing, I don’t think bushiri let them win, he used his demons to attack the feet of those guys, because he wants to prove himself as a true prophet of GOD, bushiri we know you very well and the powers that you use, stop talking about my beloved country concentrate to your country and we know that in your country they don’t even want you, let our country thrive as well.

  51. Blessings

    What did bushiri Sayed to how team? Am lost guys

    • Me

      He said that!!!, Zambia can’t qualify for Cameroon 2019AFCON !!!! IMAGINE!!!!!!?

  52. Soccer Fan

    Honestly Zambia’s performance was below par. Zambia showed no spirit of winning and there was no state of urgency in the team. You can’t compete at international level with that kind of display. In short we lack the strikers that can make defenders run and panic.

  53. Gerald T

    Coach work on number 2 and number 3 .number 2 has always failed to pass and clear the ball while number 3 is too too slow for fast strikers

  54. Ambassador Mosmuk

    Wellcom back guyz.You are going to make it no doubt just pull up your socks.Bushiri azanyala

  55. Hastings

    Who’s bushiri 😟😟😟😟

  56. Brivias

    Don’t worry guys we will win the next two matches God is always with please work on substitution, if you see a player or players are not fit ,make the substute not in 80 min please. anyway wish the best for the next two matches.

  57. Michael

    Lolo guys

  58. Jeff

    Believe in Jesus all the time and the rest shall be well with us…The team is coming up very well and all they need is encouragement.Let’s not demonise our team at all but encourage them without stopping. The way we comment affects them either positively or negatively. Remember that there Is power in the tongue

  59. Shayroc

    Rock them don’t leave them go please banapaisa matiketi banyandule so that next time we want win

  60. Hosman chalwe

    Never loose hope

  61. Marley

    We Believe In You Guys✊✊

  62. Norah

    Supporting you guys all way…. Bola Na Less…

  63. sensai

    ka coach iwe you saw that there is mistakes why didn’t substitute fast …dd you see how kalaba changed the game.i will blame coach and his executive

  64. Mr Peace

    It’s better to call a spade a spade.Zambia inasila.No Bola ba chipolopolo.It was just better to ban this team.Just wasting money.They should not even qualify to the AFCON which they can’t bring.Even if we brought back Herve Renard or even Jose Morinho aaaashhhh it can’t work.Unless we book a place in Brazil or Spain so the under 18 can go be trained for 3 years then come back and take charge as chipolopolo.

  65. Mutale chisanga

    Chalibipa sana actually

  66. Siisii

    We have a good team ! All we need is a new goal keeper. Kennedy has played his part. Unfortunately all the goalies we have on standby are suspects

  67. Big brain

    At copper bullets kikikikikikiii yaba munga sekese nanjoka. poor performance idiot bafikamba no striking force.

  68. SUE

    Don’t worry guys, God is with us.

  69. Lucky Shamalenge

    But the way things change,we allowed them to do to us exactly what we did to them,now we are in a mast win situation.

  70. Inno

    Bwafya bweka bweka

  71. Christopher

    It happens that’s how football is all about what we now need ,is to win the two remaining games for Mozambique and Namibia ,coz so far we are at number 4
    With 4 points ,Guinea-Bissau with 7 followed by Namibia with 7 points also

  72. Mr Right

    Why believing in a stanist is he God bushiri believers go to he’ll all

  73. Og

    Mangalo ya chalo don

  74. Cleopus mulenga

    Don’t warry guys mangalo yachalo if God say yes who is bushiri 2say no just wait and see God of Abraham wat iz capable of doin if he helps Daniel in de Lion he will also help us 2quilify 2 afcon



  76. Voice of the poor

    That’s reason number one.. Next time introduce kalaba anddaka first..and please try to call kalengo,mbola and nkausu

  77. henric

    Anyone to send me a video about what bushiri said k5 ttm

  78. One Zambia one Nation

    Bushe bushiri ni witchdoctor nangu ni magician kuti afuma shani kufyakwalesa nokuya kuli bola atase bane ati prophet

  79. Commander x

    Let’s all just forget about zambia’s lose.that’s the past. zambia will win.
    P.s. don’t be negative they are trying.for bushiri be positive we will win.
    # done

  80. Davy Richards

    Go chipolopolo & put GOD FIRST

  81. Donnykassman

    bola na lesa niyamene but we want powerful front line not poor finshing,you can miss atleast 2 chances not more than nooo noo… guys who are front lines please put more effort!!!!..we don’t want to start blaming our coach no no no..guys

  82. Bliss Bill

    You did the best you can all of you bravo chipolopolo viva Rainford kalaba and Enoch Mweepu.

  83. William

    Game na lesa and fuck bushiri

  84. Bright

    No pressure guys we will be qualify…

  85. Frank

    Bola no loose ma win but baby Zambia bacilamo if it is not a draw then its a loose please can pull up your socks so we’re not just wasting our time just to watch your draws

  86. Jafa

    Zambia go Zambia will beat Mozambique and Namibia for as to qualify don’t you worry Guy’s


    these stupid players fucked us before the game balina nkongole

  88. Joseph

    Kalaba must start the game in next match, don’t forget lubambo musonda my favorite player ba coach

  89. Faz

    Bushiri u idiot who are u prophesying our plans ,why can’t you mind your own business

  90. Mk

    Go Zambia go!!🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲


    Bushiri u are not a God,nosense

  92. Jm

    Guyz make sure next game we are going to win guy.never loose hope guys

  93. Jm

    Bushido who are you?

  94. Jm

    Bushiri who are you?

  95. EPL analyst

    We need new wing backs not Solomon & chungu

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