Eastern Province PF Endorse Pres. Lungu 2021 Bid

THE PF in Eastern Province has endorsed the candidature of president Lungu as presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

And PF secretary general Davies Mwila has called for discipline and loyalty from party members.

Speaking when Mwila launched PF intra-party elections in Eastern Province at Crystal Springs Hotel, provincial chairperson Andrew Lubusha said the party had unanimously agreed to endorse President Lungu as presidential candidate.

“Honourable SG, I am a bearer of a message from all the officials that you see here, this is a complete package of the PF in Eastern Province. We have unanimously agreed to endorse President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as the president candidate as we go to the convention and honourable SG, may we be the first province in Zambia to endorse you as our sole candidate for secretary general of the mighty PF party,” he said.

Later Mwila commended the party in the province for the endorsements.

He called on party members who want to contest various positions to follow the party guidelines.

Mwila warned party members who were campaigning in various constituencies to give space to incumbent MPs to work.

He said those who would be found disturbing incumbent MPs by embarking on campaigns in various constituencies would be punished.

PF chairperson for elections Yamfwa Mukanga urged easterners to give

President Lungu a hundred percent vote.

Mukanga urged party members to vote for those who were loyal to the party during the intra-party elections.

He called for discipline among party members saying the party will not tolerate ruffians.

Representatives of council chairpersons, district and constituency chairpersons were also given chance to say something on behalf of their colleagues.

All the party structures that were represented indicated that they were happy with the working culture of Lubusha.

The launch was attended by nine MPs from the province.

Mkaika MMD MP Peter Phiri, Sinda independent MP Masautso Tembo and Lundazi independent MP Lawrence Nyirenda were also in attendance.


  1. HH

    Iwe Lungu u have stolen alot watch out 2021 is mine and I will make sure u die in prison once I form government.

  2. umuntu

    Yes kikikikikikik PF 2021

  3. Michael chibulu

    Endorsed again? well its vital to know the President’s response to this endorsement.

  4. Kafwimbi .

    Sure wa muyayaya again !

  5. Bk

    Let upnd go for conversion also how can you win with one province hh.tribalist party

  6. Razor

    How do you endorse when the matter of his eligibility is still in court. Really full chaps these cadres.

  7. Bk

    Habazoka the guy based in Australia and also the founder membet of upnd revealed that it is only Tonga who can be President for upnd.Zambians open your eyes with such parties.

  8. hasty

    Comment Ma rubbish,just because you are comfortable does not mean that all is well.

  9. eastern power

    Weldone Easterners



  11. bwalya

    Easterners are very dull ati wako in wako…

  12. Kapijimpanga

    Well done this is how the spirit of development should be hakainde will cry once again gbm cannot be vice republican president to hakainde bcz GBM is not a Tonga upnd is for Tonga’s GBM is just a rubber stamp and he knows this very well

  13. Mk

    Wina azalila 2021 ask lupiya banda how he lost


    BA kachema u ar jst weistng yo time to b a president n it will Neva happened bakamba n I heard dat wen u bcom a president,parliament will b in south province n even Lusaka will b dere also? N plz tel us kachema.

  15. Truth build

    Pf Is loved party but kill it is lack of principled member who respect party constitution then their egos. Example what happen 2016 in lundazi central is sign of lack tolerance by pipo who never wantd hon mr john phiri. Personal egos has made the party 2 fail 2 hav a candidate and my question is can u truth those pipo this around? All this time the party need pure royal members not money loves with ego. No member is bigger than the party but party must remain bigger 2 it win 2021 general election. Every member has candidate 2 support and see he or her wil make the party win and let us wait and see what 2021 has 4 us. God bless zambia


    Waya in waya n don’t compare the President with business man or loyal with kachema neva, its unlike terms together


    Waya ni waya don’t compare dem

  18. Agogo

    The Wako ni Wako is back in Zambia! So it is easterners for Pf and bembas. Watch out as much as you want to dominate others so expect the same from them and at the end it will be karfurfule!

  19. menomeno

    Ifimeno kwati chinkula

  20. Shekka yot-k

    ulila mokweza 2021….

  21. jim

    2021 is not yes lungu..

  22. Barotse Land the Great Nation

    Ba ka walawalala

  23. Voiceless

    All pipo ar jst commenting no sense ai

  24. Barotseland

    Zambia is for everyone not only for Easterners to hell with such foolish useless comments from low thinking creatures who want PF to win in 2021 .Mu masholi feela

  25. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    PF + Edgar +Zambians =100% votes. Not these tongas and loziz they behave as if they are not zambians.

  26. Tomorrow

    Yah eye kwena some places (provinces} kwaba ubupuba

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