PF, UPND Rivalry Extended to SA

Ruling Patriotic Front, South African branch has warned the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) against holding their planned protest at the Zambian Mission in Pretoria.

PF South Africa Chairperson, Sydney Njamba has warned that the protest undermined the credibility of Zambia as a country and it would be a careless action againstbthe country to allow the protest”.

The UPND has planned to protest at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria on Friday 19th October 2018.

But Njamba has said his members will not allow anyone to discredit the country especially on foreign soil.

“This is what we fought against when National Union of Mine Workers of South Africa(NUMSA) and Democratic Alliance (DA) tried to hold protests at the Zambian Embassy. We will not allow anyone to discredit our country including the UPND! “.

Njamba said members of the UPND planning the protest were disloyal to the country and lacked a  basic sense of patriotism to Zambia.

“The embassy has invited us for various programs leading to the independence celebrations on 24th October 2018.” He said.

“It is embarrassing for any Zambian based in South Africa to engage themselves in unpatriotic and disloyal activities when we are celebrating our independence this month” he said.

Mr.Njamba warned that UPND tactics to discredit the country should not be tolerated as the damage being done to the country were long-lasting.

“We know this plan is from their Lusaka office who are working with their neo-colonial allies. They are daily writing propaganda  articles against Zambia and planting them in foreign newspapers in order to show that Zambia has broken down. The protests are part of their wider plans”

“We urge our brothers to join us at the prayer meeting to be held on Saturday instead of engaging in their planned protests.”

The UPND in South Africa have circulated a notice that they will carry out a protest at the Zambian Mission in Pretoria on Friday 19th 2018.

The notice said the protest will be held between 0930hrs to 12hrs.

Godwin Mankomba and Evans Kalaba as convenors have applied on behalf of their party that, they will hold a protest against alleged corruption, abuse of the public order act, break diwn of rule of law and police brutality by the government of President Lungu.

But Mr. Njamba said if UPND or any citizen had any concerns with governance  issues of Zambia, they should take their protests back home and not on foreign soil.

“We have never seen any America, UK, South African or Nigerian citizens protesting against their own country on foreign soil. This culture the UPND is bringing is alien and should not be tolerated. And if anyone does that, they will meet us head-on. Our country is bigger than any individual and their sectional interests”. Njamba said.


  1. TOP G

    What’s wrong with njamba? Why involving yourself in people’s business. Are you happy what is happening here in Zambia. Pfake is letting us down. We in fire here and you are buss marstbating. Just take your seat,sit down and drink some water. Bullshit…

  2. TOP G

    What’s wrong with njamba? Why involving yourself in people’s business. Are you happy what is happening here in Zambia. Pfake is letting us down. We in fire here.The economy is performing and you are buss marsterbating there. Just take your seat,sit down and drink some water. Bullshit…

  3. Ben

    Mr Top G can it make Sence your neighbour beating his wife in your house?


    panyo panu ba upnd fuck off no guts at all kikikikiki

    • Dr Fonicks

      It’s not in the right mind of the person who is true patriot to stage a sit in or whatever you call it in a foreign country against your own country. UPND agenda has been exposed. their hunger for power is long overdue. painting a bad picture of your own country won’t make you win favour. it displays your lack of commitment to your own country. Just work hard and convince the electorates so that you win the next elections. show maturity so that Zambians can see sense in you. are you campaigning in South Africa now ? change your campaign strategy. this is a timely advice.

  5. Menomeno

    Your father and mother

  6. Tuli Bantu

    Ichikalipa chiumfwa umwine, if njamba was someone who feel the same pinch that we ate experiencing here in Zambia, he could never talk such nonsense, Zambia is on fire at large, pf =high exchenge of dollar+fuel price+shortage of medicine in hospitals+high cost of living+ corruption= {empty country}. is it true that here in Zambia there are no people except pf and it’s people, no one is allowed to express his opinion, which means even to go for general election is just shier worst of time, pf is here permanently, that is why they intimidate any individual or group at large, pf why did you came inform of lung hung and punish an judged people, we are tired of you

  7. Barotseland

    You are a fool Njamba don’t think that PF will be there for ever . Stupid mbanje uli katali kamunu

  8. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Fusak idiot

  9. Kelvin D Mulanga

    Mr. Njamba, tell these underfive politicians (UPND) to behave, they do not have to just waste time for the sake of it. Demonstrate against corruption without specific allegations, we know that their five time loser is now in top gear doing all manner of disinfornmation in the hope that he can gain some support. Real support is in Zambia not in Pretoria.

  10. Augprina

    Imwe fi upnd stop dreaming that your forever useless, satanic and masonry hichilema will ever be president of this great country!! Zambia is and will never be for sale! Your desperation to make your satanist a leader will never work maybe if you change him for somebody sensible. Minus that, kill yourselves


    i agree with you Augprina thank you so much for answering my prayers

  12. NJAMBA

    pipo lets unite and kill anybody from upnd they stink cowdung kill kill

  13. Jah messenger

    Let them demonstrate as it the a civilised country where they can freely express themselves without unruly and uneducated cadres. Go ahead

  14. Kapijimpanga

    What are up to? Idiots elections will be held here in Zambia not in south Africa fools fuel prices do. Not spare south Africa amano ya ba Tonga are half baked where do u hear gvt has sent relief food for pipo in need? Satanists blood suckers we shall continue blocking you even amad person cannot allow u enter state house

    • kapilimpanga i do not know as to why yoi are insulting me. why are you saying that iam half baked ? please leatn to moderate your language. do not take people for granted. Zambia os far bigger than your interests.

      Kapijimpanga I do not expect to be insulted by you on account of being Tonga. Zambia is too big and that personal issues should start disturbing innocent citizens. Please learn to respect others.

  15. Wisdom

    NJAMBA. Please dont, UK, USA have never done this so we cannot allow it. That is wrong. You can actually be the beginer of anything.
    If you want to do it because Americans have done it, then why dont you allow gays, lesbians, porn, zodwa etc because these things are allowed in many cities in Europe and USA?

    • George

      Thanks for those educative words to this seemingly dull Njamba.

  16. Razor

    Since they can’t be given a permit to protest in their own country then this is the next best thing. Protest at all zambian embassies abroad.

  17. Monday Chanda

    In Njamba we have the best example of cadre mentality typical of PF government. A complete idiot who knows nothing about universal democratic rights of citizens.

  18. Roy Silungwe

    Freedoms include rational demonstrations and may take place anywhere in the world including the moon if possible. We need a government that is corrupt free and cares for the benefit of all Zambians and not that which is bent on selling Zambia to rirch Chinese Nationals. RNS

  19. Bk

    Let’s meet in 2021 hh. Not in south africa

  20. TOP G


  21. Amos Cathy

    UPND is a useless party full of cow dung idiot hh

  22. Haatobolo mungwanyoko

    Everything which goes up must come down ,everything which leaving under water they do come out for the sun ,even this eaters time will come for them and they will pay for it for sure

  23. Memo

    At least its better to play with cowdung than monkeys and rats. Rubbish.

  24. Ben 10

    Top G & Roy,each tym we wil quarel with my cousin,I wil be caming at yo houses ad mek a lot of noise wth my cousin there,I want 2 c if u ar going 2 tolerate it.And u Haatobolo,sea worms dont cam out of watr 2 see the sun,ulabeja!

    • George

      Dull reasoning allover! Why is it that all PF cadres have Ng’wang’wazi and Kaponya mentality? Protesting abroad has always been there from time immemorial. Antiapatheid activists fought the former beers’ evil system with protests mostly in New York city and London where there always is Democratic space. How do you freely protest with teargas and pangas behind you?

  25. Kapotwe

    Why fight
    outside the box Sa is out the box come home and fight

  26. Ibrahim sampa

    Minyelo ZANU ba upnd go head you will find us waiting for you mukalimbe

  27. Ñàañ

    People can smoke

  28. TOP G

    Ben 10 you need to kiss my ass.

  29. Agogo

    South Africa is democratic and there they allow free movement and association .Therefore if the UPND cadres want to hold a demonstration at our embassy in South Africa ,the only one who can stop them is SA police not any body like njamba. It goes without saying that this shows the level of ignorance on the part of Pf cadres who don’t understand what democracy is.It is not an offence to hold a demonstration. Every where in the world where democracy is practiced, demonstrations are allowed unless to those who don’t watch television to see what goes on in the world.

  30. Ben 10

    Upnd’s actions in SA ar lyk listening 2 a program in nxhosa which we dont undrstand
    TOP G,i wil do lykwise tek care bro!

  31. Agm


  32. Tongalease

    Njamba Please deal with these embeciles beat them so hard that their brains will reset back to default/factory settings

  33. Agogo

    South Africa is not like Zambia where you think you can yap yap, there are all sorts of criminals and if you play the fool! You can be cleared by paid mafia style criminals.To live in South Africa sometimes you have to watch your back.So you Zambians in South Africa be united and don’t show your disunity otherwise they will be clearing you one by one.

  34. Pk

    Ba hh insoni ebuntu what character are u portraying to our mother Zambia wanya wanya tateka calo elo icikwanka bacimwena kumampalanya.

  35. ..Abekala calo

    I think ba upnd,You don’t know what you’re doing. You said Lungu has sold Zambia.but hh is busy writing to chains government,why now do you want to protest in south Africa instead of organise your party 4 2021.wakup ba jambalaya imwe.

  36. Gift

    GOD help us please
    Our country Zambia is a Christian nation
    Not insult nation
    Bring peace in our country Zambia
    Take control dear GOD

  37. One zed

    It’s a shame and useless attitude towards me and my country, come home convince the people to vote for you? Which has proven to be a challenge for UPND and it’s leadership.may try to pray with others on national day of prayer to understand that it’s only God who chooses leader’s.and when it’s your time God will choose you. I have Always said do un to others as you want them to do unto you.will UPND like it when they are in power and foreign protects are being done.lets call a spade a spade this isn’t good policitics for our country.

  38. Ben

    Tamwakata fye Amano ba stiopet kuchalo cha bene bakami shuta

  39. Big gk international

    Tuli Bantu,what of China and america bushe nilungu ekweleke dollar, tell them to come and perform in their soil so that we dance to their slogans and protesting songs

  40. Barotseland

    Am a UPND fan but I don’t like what fellow upnd members are doing,embarrassing our country Zambia sometimes I feel like leaving UPND join the PF which is always looking for Peace….

  41. Pat

    Ecl has already embarrassed Zambia donor s stopped giving funding and other support

  42. Emmanuel

    Be informed that, Protest is constitutional. It’s one of the freedoms that you cannot take away from the people.

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