Zambian Peace Keepers Scandal Free




Minister of Defence Davis Chama says Zambia defence forces that have been taking part in recent peace keeping missions have not recorded any casualties.

And Mr. Chama said Zambia has no record of any of its troops being implicated in sexual exploitation or physical abuse while in missions abroad.

The Minister was responding to a resolution made during the Specialised Technical Committee –STC-on Defence and Security, that the African Union Commission should circulate the draft policy on conduct and discipline for Peace Support Operations-PSO- and the draft policy on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse for PSOs.

The Minister further said he was happy that Africa had made a resolution to eliminate conflict.

’’The coming together of the African Union Member states to deliberate and plan for the common good of the continent regarding peace and security is encouraging. Member states are speaking with one voice in order to address peace and security on the continent. This is an indication that Africa is working towards solving Africa’s problems with African solutions’’, he said.

Mr. Chama also said Zambia was happy with the progress made towards various African Union Peace and Security flagship programmes such as the operationalization of the Africa Stand by Force and the coming into effect of the continental Logistics base.

He said the operationalization of the Africa Stand by force will ensure swift deployment of troops as and when a situation arises in any African State.

The STC On defence and Security that was preceded by the 14th Ordinary meeting of the African Chiefs of Defence Staff and Heads of safety and security services has since closed.

Issued by

Mrs .Inutu Mupango Mwanza

First Secretary-Press & Tourism

Zambia Embassy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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