Bars to Remain Closed During National Prayers on Thursday

The Government has set the tempo under which Thursday’s National Day of Prayer will be commemorated by decreeing that bars will be closed until 18:00 hours.

According to a circular by Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale bar owners have been advised to open their outlets after 18:00 hours on Thursday instead of 10:00 hours as prescribed in the Liquor Licensing law since the day is prescribed as a National Day of Prayer and Fasting.

The theme for this year’s event is facing the Future as a Reconciled United and Prosperous Nation under God’s Guidance.

President Edgar Lungu is expected to grace the occasion that will be staged at Kabwe’s Godfrey Chitalu Stadium.


  1. Osie



    I swear upon my ass don’t touch my beer please fuck somewhere else not with my booze panyo panu

  3. leon

    HH should also follow the President in kabwe so they can start the reconciliation process from the then Brocken hill town(KABWE)

  4. Lucky Shamalenge


  5. Chibolya.com

    @bars wil b closed until 18 hrs!Ise kwatu ni 05 hrs nish tauyamba.Maybe kwanu ku ma state lodge,not kwatu ku makomboni.Stop decieving yoselvz.Bars might be closd but u wil find us drunk mind u!

  6. htc

    True the two should worship in a common church how do you reconcile when the two are in different places lusaka and kabwe is there any element of fear news people interview them before then

  7. HH

    ahhh guys I will start drinking brown chibuku from the dirty drums around 03 hrs kikikiki


    ahh I have bought five boxes of ICE TUJILIJILI simunazigwila machende yanu

  9. TOP G

    Only using the church when it suits you. When it comes to national dialogue church is not important but zcid. Shame on you fuckers. Fuck you!!

  10. Menomeno

    National prayers for donor funded money to b given back.to b included

  11. Bk

    God you are the Holder of our days.Thank you that you are our Maker.Its you a lone Who determines the days of every man.You can never be questioned for doing Your wish. Father I thank you Amen

  12. homohabilis

    Bachakolwa so tabakakolwe tabakanashenasheko kumukoshi

  13. Steve's

    Chapwa twakolwa apoooooooo

  14. HH

    So abt nation day n prayer wt abt my cows will also on pray $ fasting?0r can I take it to church also?

  15. Augprina

    I wonder why our country was declared a christian nation! Is it not blasphemy to pretend to be what you are not? If this is not insulting the holy spirit then what is it? You even know that by insulting the holy spirit, you can never be pardoned by the almighty through your reckless dealings. In addition, redemption does not rely on leaders forcing their citizens to be what they don’t want to be in terms of belonging to a particular religion. I will not belong to a particular religion simply because somebody has decreed. Each individual knows where they want to belong in terms of knowing God. That is why you may not know where some problems facing this country are coming from. You might have unknowingly cursed this country through the careless and unfounded declaration of this country being a christian nation contrary to what happens on the ground. If you are sensible remove this useless declaration and save Zambia from being cursed forever!!

  16. mc Leslie

    thank God for our leader who thought of this day

  17. ba vicky baboss

    for some of us who dont find a chance to fast this here is our so long u r worshiping the living God.your personal hatred for the president shouldn’t let you insult God,because ur main man isn’t the one ruling te…these are lst days beware dont be fooled

  18. Mr dundumwenze

    People of Zambia please wake up from your dreams.me and my family I will continue to worship My living God who is in heaven not in Italy pope or Maria the dead one whom the catholic churches busy praising and singing the rubbish songs. I am now advising the SDA members to stand still until the end comes.dont tolerate in that nonsense holiday,even the road accident are few in those places where they don’t participate in that day,only those who want to die early leave them because they don’t know that lungu he is the Satanist president.and in that day lungu after his holy day he will drink beer carelessly manje what is the meaning of that?

  19. Chishima kambwili

    Mr dundumwenze kikikikikikiii yaba wanipangila day long time where hard you been?

  20. Sakala

    From today I will not go to katolika because there is nothing, well advice Mr dundumwenze.

  21. Big brain

    Better to drink kachasu na gemason the whole day nakuzitundila mutulauzi than to go to that nonsense holiday.

  22. Watch! Watch!

    We should not be hypocrists!! God loves genuine worshiping, but he hates “people pleasers” Zambians, lets open our eyes and see whats from God and whats from Lucifer Satan the Devil.
    Remember, 666 is operating indirectly around the world. Watch! Watch!

  23. no weapon against me shall prosper

    6+6+6=18, mukalapepa 666

  24. Bombwe

    Pray for fuel

  25. North Central

    You cannot force people to pray. Those who want to go to the bars should be left alone. Don’t interfere with people so rights in the name of national prayer. Which God will listen to prayers from people who are forced to pray to him? How shallow a decision!

  26. North Central

    You cannot force people to pray. Those who want to go to the bars should be left alone. Don’t interfere with people’s rights in the name of national prayer. Which God will listen to prayers from people who are forced to pray to him? How shallow a decision!

  27. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Nivanu vanu ivo.I will not arase me i aways play but not on this chi day aawweeee

  28. Agm

    Amen! Tomorow natinal prayer please cement prayer for economy is bad espatialy kwacha fallen other major currency! Every thing have gone up~~^~^^+ money Kwacha must gain in Jesus Mighty Name !!!

  29. edgar chakolwa

    nalashitila limo chibuku 100 litres pakuti nkakolwe saana mailo ..

  30. BEN 10

    Mailo ni choo zuba kushoka madimoni!When satanists pray,christians shud pray hardr!

  31. mengmoreler

    so u mean to day we hav to b lik dogs? going bak to da vomit again.wat kind of Christians will b sure?knwng dat this z sin then u say today u jst comit sin pangono jst bcoz ni day of prayer,bt ngatiyapita kutichalila again!ma!ma!Christian nation kuti uko to hell.

  32. HOMMIE 24

    Fuck it will open my own pub at exactly 8.30 come one come all

  33. Man G

    Dont forst to pray okay


    Ahh ine sinufuna masebela don’t stop me from drinking tujilijili is in my blood don’t fuck around with KAJILIJILI ask Chishimba Kambwili ahh


    atase me I have 100 drums of chibuku brown in my yard and 1000 drums of kachasu simuzanikwanisa kikikiki


    im in nakonde I will cross into Tanzania to drink from 05 then cross back to continue after 18 kikikikikiki

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