OPINION: M’membe’s Socialist Party-Capitalists in Socialist Skin

Fred M’membe provides one of the greatest contradictions of our time. After years of breaking bread as a newspaperman, he has somehow reinvented himself as a politician. It may be an experiment that is turning out disastrously, but he is trying hard to find his way in the very rough political terrain. Inevitably he has suddenly gained respect for some of the political players he worked hard to bring down. He has learnt how hard and unforgiving the political field is. It is not his standing as a politician that concerns us but barely the falsity of his political identity.

M’membe has over the years managed to pass himself for a Marxist to the extent that the garb he embraces is that of a Fidel Castro mould. Other than being an ideologue Marxist, everything about M’membe has always been capitalist. There is not one single aspect of his life rather than dressing that embodies socialism. He lives and breathes capitalism. He is a champion of neo-liberalism, even his political orientation is capitalist. Never forget he started in the MMD stable in 1991 that fomented capitalism and was part of the MMD nucleus in its formative years. His Weekly Post was part of the vehicle that helped propel the MMD to power.

Fast forward to the empire that he came to run as The Post Newspapers. While it accorded acres of space to leftist leaning voices, it always retained its capitalistic fervour. He was always running to the United States for funding and even recognition given the bulk of the international awards he raked were from that side of the world. For an ideology that propagates workers’ rights, M’membe may have come heavily short by the manner he ran his empire that even denied its workers the right to belong to a union.

That was one rule that was cast in stone. So much for workers’ rights! We would not belabour at this stage to highlight the opulent capitalist lifestyle he embraces but rather invite his blind disciples in this socialist fantasy to deeply reflect on the hypocrisy of their leader. Not surprisingly he is today in the front seat of those praising the capitalist-driven Fitch Ratings’. So much for contradictions. M’membe is certainly a capitalist cloaked in socialist garb, a hard-nosed one at that.


  1. Wise man

    It’s very unfortunate that every rich person in Zambia wants to become a president.My advice to you Mr Membe is that stop waisting your time thinking 2021 you can form a government look for other alternatives like joining Kambwili nd the group or Hurry Kalaba plz your reputation is not good to the nation over ZRA scandle including unpaid salaries to your workers how can we trust you to handle national assets.I rest my case.Bt ba PF stop harrasing oppositions it’s a sighn of cowardness.

  2. Mpundu kalangwa

    Go go comrade we are behind you

  3. True Zambian

    I worked for Fred Mweembe for three years and resigned when I realised what a hypocrite he is. He always wants to be the king maker by cutting corrupt deals in the dark but pretends to speak against corruption

  4. Akumawa

    U ar beta Dan kachema n we ar red to vote for u in 2021 sir

  5. Kapijimpanga

    Zambians are awer of you bcz u are corrupt to the extent that you evaded zra your post is under liquidation for failure to pay zra to day u are talking s bout debt foolish u did not contribute to the welfare of this great nation you formed the party bcz of hate for president lung

  6. FUCK

    atase you think we have forgotten how you mistreated us at the post kambolo kako


    Iwe mmembe wukhuta nsima ya vinkhubala?

  8. Years to Centuries

    Very truthful article. Mmembe wasn’t even a journalist but a politician. Check the original copies of the post Mmembe is nowhere listed as a journalist.
    When Chiluba refused to include him in the cabinet that’s when he moved from being the post accountant and he became a journalist. He became a journalist to use his newspaper to attack his political enemies

  9. samora macheal

    It very unfortunate that in Zambia we can bot except new and fresh ideas to save us all ..we are bussy attacking individuals.

  10. parley

    His a Zambia and his entitled to whatever his doing… This is a democracy if you don’t like him don’t vote for him! As simple as that.

  11. Leader of all Zambians

    2021 I can foresee PF winning regardless of any candidate they will put… The opposition is very disorganized despite having much better material than PF which is full of MMD which you refused my people open your eyes….. 2021 nimailo

  12. Leader of all Zambians

    2021 I can foresee PF winning regardless of any candidate they will put… The opposition is very disorganized despite having much better material than PF which is full of finished MMD politicians who were rejected in 2011. my people open your eyes….. 2021 nimailo

  13. Daniel Banda

    The problem is that reach people want to assume that we share with them worries about their dwindling fortunes, when our problems have nothing to do with their going to. State House. Show us how you are using your money to help the poor.

  14. Nguni II

    I would love to see a non lumpen-poritariate country with liberism

  15. Zambiavic

    Just miss post no tym for your politics wala!!!!!

  16. Haggar Mann

    In life,whatever u do good or bad,are opposition! If the Holy One Jesus Christ can have enemies,who is M’membe not to have enemies? You will be insulted and harrassed but,i believe that u will never shaken for what u believe in! You’re the only one who will change and convince the mindset of the pipo. Take heed pilgrim,u’re on the right path Man!

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