Solwezi Mother and Daughter Nabbed for Stealing 299, 376 Worth ARVs

Two (2) people have been arrested in Solwezi District after being found with 21 cartons of Antiretroviral Drugs valued at K 299, 376  the property of the Ministry of Health.

Northwestern Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila confirmed the incident to in Solwezi today.

Namachila identified the two suspects as Jane Kaonga 46, a voluntary community worker at Solwezi Urban Clinic and her daughter Elizabeth Tembo aged 27.

He said the two were arrested after a tip off from concerned members of the public that there were people selling medical drugs in Solwezi’s urban area.

Namachila said the suspects were found with 21 cartons of Atripla containing 108 bottles by 30 tablets.

He said the drugs belong to the Ministry of Health.

Namachila said a docket of theft has been opened and that the duo are in police custody.



    They should face rough of the law because they have almost kill many people.

  2. Coll han

    That is bad but the gvt should consider also the volunteers in all sector where voluntary work is concerned. Otherwise such issues will continue

  3. Jeff colby@

    Let the law take it’s course, because these are the people who are turnishing the effort of the Government.

  4. Dexter

    It’s a good move by the commissioner of police to arrest the duo they want to take privallage of the affected pipo

  5. Kay2 Pack M

    Thts bad, why is such things happening in Zambia,,,,, its like theft has become a Zambian culture from an individual up to national level,,,, even international bcoz funds from donors which is international are being stollen…. BA zed*******why!!!!!!!!!?, eeeeh!! Mama Jane kaonga with your daughter….. Why!!!!!?.
    I think theft should be included on player points list of national prayer and fasting of 18th October,,,,,,,bcoz its like stilling especially especially where government resources are concerned it has become a habit of every one,,,, I don’t know if its bcoz all in leadership are thieves that’s why everyone now has squared the same spirit I don’t know**”.

  6. Joezman

    kuwayawayafye like mother like daughter. ..boma isebeze

  7. Pamatako

    Abacikulile at I suspension but aba ati ijele ecoruption tulandapo iyi bakamba aba ngalijele nabalya nabena

  8. Margret Folowisa

    May God forgive you mama

  9. Watch Watch

    Where are we hearding in Zambia?

  10. Watch Zambia!!!

    We need Jehovah God to intervene in this high corruptive nation called Zambia. “Jehovah help us, for we are drowning under the waters.”

  11. Watch Zambia!!!

    We need Jehovah God to intervene in this high corruptive nation called Zambia. “Jehovah help us, for we are drowning under the waters.” AMEN!!

  12. Edgar lungu

    2021 please vote me again because my target is to teach the whole nation to steal.

  13. Marvellous Nyirenda

    Pipo plz its a christian national why do yhu make our leaders look bad

  14. peter mambwe

    This is total poverty.

  15. Hop kido

    Bwafya sana pa zed napena ! i wonder where we are going as a nation, i really wonder but te bufi cishinka.

  16. Simayani Hitras

    Poverty in the country

  17. banx

    but some people awe

  18. medardo

    foward pa kwanja cabe kaili ni jobles pipo

  19. Emmanuel

    that’s really bad

  20. yina


  21. Anthobalachio


  22. Henry Lukole

    If a community health worker can have access to that number,let us ask ourselves where was the person in charge,why didn’t she/he report the missing drugs,please dig deeper in this case TWANAKA LYONSE NIPA ZAMBIA IFYABUPUBA?

  23. Arv 21 boxes

    very foolish family

  24. Benson Kalaba

    But kwenaee,l thnk all of them they need to be given a lesson

  25. Jane Kaonga

    My fellow country men and women, l was fulfilling the words from my PRESDO “UBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA”

  26. Simon Kabimbe


  27. kalusha bwalya

    Our country its a animal farm whoever wants can still bushe fyaba wiso its our money for tht matter we all pay tax am a tax payer sela tubombeko.

  28. Chanda Dylan

    U re failing to arrest the chines people who are committing crime in Zambia

  29. Agogo

    Zambia Police dig dipper, that case is more than what the eyes can see.The stolen drugs are prescription drugs and are supposed to be stored under lock and key at the pharmacy , therefore some people at the pharmacy are involved. We hear of perpetual shortages of drugs in hospitals and even drugs for mentally sick people,this is shameful.



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