Pres. Lungu Canes Doomsayers

President Edgar Lungu used his time in launching the new Total Zambia headquarters by warning doomsayers against maligning the country’s image.

The Head of State advised prospective investors to ignore the doomsayers whose sentiments were aimed at undermining Zambia’s economic progress.

He said that there was a systematic campaign by sponsored online publications to discredit Zambia in the international community.

President Lungu Zambia said that there sustained innuendos about Zambia and blatant lies that had reached alarming levels.

He however urged investors not to waver in their support for Zambia.



  1. Mr. K

    They are very a shamed to see that where their cattle were sleeping schools hospitals clinics roads and many other infrastructures are being constructed electricity in thatched houses provided in just 7yrs Zambia has changed for the better these idiots don’t because of tribalisma

    • Concerned Zambian

      Though economic growth is central to development, it is important to note that growth alone does not guarantee that all people benefit and have access to social amenities. In Zambia 76.6% of the population are poor despite all the infrastructure development dotted in urban and selected rural areas, most of which are stalled (as seen from the program ‘My District’). As discovered by the First Lady in her go round Zambia program, the poorest people are in remote rural areas, having little or no education and assets, little or no access to medical services ,water and sanitation, social amenities, and belong to socially excluded groups. Economic growth of the country happens when you invest more in sectors where poor people earn their livelihood, such as manufacturing, industry,production, agricultural productivity as a central component of pro poor growth and protect them from excessive risk and externalization of the benefits accrued from the Zambian resources.Remember, investment in roads especially in towns using borrowed funds is not sustainable because their life span is about 5 yrs before we even start paying back the loan and then we shall ask for another loan for maintenance. Better to invest more in project that have pro poor multiplier effect to reduce poverty.

      • Jah rules

        Well said, and articulated… Concerned Zambian… U r a true son of the soil

      • florence

        I like yo way of thinking, its simply good.

      • Vincent


    • Hardon

      Useless….racking isukulu

  2. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Don’t worry my president. All the well meaning Zambians will vote for PF because of the good works.

  3. Wongani

    Social media has cause more harm than good bcoz international community blieve in it. Socal media follows are not votes but economic is affectd but if upnd comes in2 power economic comments wil continue and kwacha stil wil b on a weak party against a dollar. Come 2021 pf again and pipo blieve it and has seen development than durin mmd just in 7year well done pf.

  4. Emmanuel Zulu

    Dont worry my president, we are behind you.

  5. sk

    For the opposition to appreciate the development done by the government is as difficult as a married woman appreciating the good performance of neighbor’s husband in bed in presence of both couples. Real Zambians can see

  6. Grandson

    Don’t worry about doomsayers,these are sponsored by hh and his upnd,come 2021 we shall send them to the grave forever, never shall they resurrect!

  7. Zambia FK

    Just continue doing the good job that you are doing.
    Ignore those doom Sayers my president.
    You have my vote in 2021.

  8. Tuli Bantu

    Iwe Mr k, where do you stay by the way? in town or village, and let me tell you, you are a bad patent, I don’t know if you have children, ndiwe wasanko maningi, ungasunge mwana wa munzaki iwe, development sifunika fee my town but also in rural area coz Kubota simunavote mweka mu town even some villagers voted for your so called President, you go and ask lung hung if he has visited chipangali constituency after he came to power to see if his Vincent mwale is working or not, from chipata to mfuwe there is only one tuared road one boarding school Eastern girls all these constructed by mmd, the other school is st Margret, just image the hole constituency having two schools how do they feel in that constituency, so if you see bakumangilani ka mail mu town don’t think na kuminzi in same, chipangali constituency is a big constituency but has got only 4 small clinics, Mzeyi clinic is for the Catholic, what do you think is that development the hole Zambia at large, osaona iwe ukadyela nyama nishi bonse badyelela nyama, I have just talk little of it and what about sanitation and good water, you should mind your tongue.

  9. Emmanuel

    We need employment.. Not fake sentiments.

  10. Lethal Weapon

    Unless something is very wrong with Zambians or the electoral system,this government should not be allowed to continue after 2021.Infrastructure development using irresponsibly borrowed money is more harm to the country than good.Basic commodity prices are sky rocketing,fuel prices keep going up,hospitals have no drugs,donors have lost confidence in our government because of corruption..those that keep supporting this government are either somehow benefiting from the corrupt deals involved or have a serious levels of non patriotism..Kenneth Kaunda and Levy Mwanawasa meant well for this country and it’s people,their actions and governance styles speak volumes.

  11. Pat

    ATI developments come to chipangali constituency at chiziye look at the roads from mugubundu turn off

  12. Mzee

    Analyse issues critically. Zambia has no oilfields. So you can’t blame anyone for price hikes.

  13. Razor

    Very soon those working at this new total headquarters will be laid off since there will be no fuel to sell as we won’t even have enough money to import the commodity.

  14. Bk

    Its a. pity that people who are supposed to be patriotic to their country are busy scandalising their own country for their self gain. And political maliage.People are seeing this are able to judge. hh my friend even if you are scandalizing the country Forget about being a President for our Great Nation

  15. leon

    Doomsayers some how are giving good checks for people in the system to work had congratulations both sides

  16. Trevor Pambwe

    Mau yajomba pamukosi

  17. mr life

    Iwe kalungu after voting you and you started call us doomsayers because that stupid white man investor you are you going to see 2021. Dollar is very high and fuel price is very high so check yourself and your followers and too much amasapo so you what sale samething to the whiteman investor.

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