Seamless Input Distribution Elates Chipata Farmers

The seamless manner input distribution for the 2018/19 season has gone has enthused farmers in Eastern Province who are gearing for another bumper harvest.

Neria Investments has been busy at work shipping 112, 126 metric tonnes of 60 kilograms Compound D fertilizer for Chipata District with 75, 108 by 50 kilograms of Urea distributed for the same area.

District Agricultural Officer, Kapembwa Sikazwe said farmers were very happy with the inputs that had been distributed ahead of schedule.

“We have received 75, 108 by 50 KGs bags of Urea that is just Chipata. When we talk of Chipangali and Kasenengwa overall it gives us 357, 000 bags of fertilizer,” Sikazwe said.

NERIA Investment is supplying fertilizer under the direct input supply system in Lundazi, Chasefu, Lumezi, Chadiza, Katete and Petauke Districts.

“It is good that inputs have come early when roads are still passable because in the past in January when inputs come, the roads would be impassable,” said an elated farmer.

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  1. Misozi Tembo

    You see guys farmers need Poultry, Timber, Livestock,both place’s with nice Climate and favourable climate and they need a place with plenty of rainfall, a good water treatment plant and good transport and communication and to start Treding foods.And at the end of the month or year they will make and have more income. Thank you that is what I wanted to say.🐓🐐🐏🐑🐦

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